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  1. Thanks for info. I use your previous brand and I completley on the curling--it's quite maddening at times! I ordered the white and clear and will give it a shot. BTW, how is the opacity?
  2. You make an in-flight model of this incident! BTW, not sure how I missed this, but I'm glad I caught up!
  3. Pat, This continues to be an outstanding build. A true testament to what this kit can be!
  4. I too whole-heartedly recommend that book. It's very well written and is an excellent source of ship operations. I'm so very sad to hear John passed. He was a treasure. I "met" John on the SMML email list lo those years ago, where he was quite kind and eager to provide authoritative info. I used to spend more of my time in that modeling genre than I do now.
  5. Indeed, very nice work on the boats and the cannons!
  6. Bravo! Excellent fit and finish! The C-47 is my favorite aircraft!
  7. For the NOT chronically lazy, Tamiya makes nifty stainless steel paint stirring sticks. I stir paint until I'm convinced it's homogenized. Usually just a few seconds, but sometimes up to a minute or so...
  8. Bravo! Well built and well finished. There is nothing wrong with your brush work.
  9. Excellent work! Looking forward to more beauty shots!
  10. Impressive work and speed! Being a Grumman Iron Works bird is all the better! I might be able to get a six-part kit completed in 24h. Or not.
  11. Outstanding work! You're doing quite well with resin kits!
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