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  1. Well done. Bravo! A beautifully done tribute.
  2. Woohoo! Both mounts are done! Here's my reference shot again. The boat number is white. As near as I can tell, the mounts are Haze Gray. I used some hex nuts & bolts. For most of them, I used the smallest examples with the bolt portion cut off, leaving just the hex nuts. I used the largest nut and bolt for the center column.
  3. dnl42

    You know you’re getting old when.....

    Visiting the cockpit in a longer flight. Smoking sections on aircraft. One flight I took, from Oslo to Amsterdam, had a smoking side. Making sure on Friday that you had cash to last the weekend because your bank didn't have ATMs (they've been around since '67). Being just fine walking out of the house without a cellphone. It would have been on your belt if you could afford it or the cellular plan. Getting your first cell phone, as an adult. And it was truly only a cellular phone. Disk sizes were measured in MB. Low numbers of MB. Memory sizes were measured in kB. Getting your first color monitor. It was a CRT. It was heavy.
  4. Here are 2 equalling files with my JLC saw. Bottom file: 4 inch overall length, 2 inch cut length, 0.14 inch width. Top file: 5.5 inch overall length, 2.75 inch cut length, 0.2 inch width. length HTH -- dnl
  5. Then I recommend these files without reservation. If you want to start with just a few, perhaps focus on 2-cut and 4-cut files. Equalling file is most important. I find the crossing, round, and square files the next most important shapes, more or less in that order. The pillar file definition is odd, as it should have a safe edge--well, both short edges--and they don't appear to show that...
  6. You can get high quality Swiss-pattern needle files that are relatively small. I have mostly 5.5 in overall length (0-, 2-, & 4-cut), some 4 inch (0- and 2-cut), and 6 in (6-cut) files. The 0-cut files will aggressively remove plastic while 6-cut files will produce an extremely smooth surface--ready for Alclad paint. The US-based MSC has examples. You probably want to find a local source since the files are Swiss and Italian made (Vallorbe is the manufacturer, Grobet is the US brand) and likely expensive shipping from the US. These are excellent files, not cheap, but they are oh-so-much-better than the cheap sets you can readily find. And, if you take care of them, you'll never need to replace them. After my JLC saw, they're my most-used tools. And here's a good overview on needle files.
  7. Thanks @Courageous and @longshanks! Kev, the manual and the photos of the actual mounts you provided were key to this effort.
  8. That is truly stunning! There's a tremendous attention to detail, to the last detail, across the entire build.
  9. dnl42

    TBF-1 Avenger

    Here are some contemporaneous photos at Alamy of the Avenger. I think what you're asking about are observation windows for the radioman/bombardier/ventral gunner, which apparently have various shapes.
  10. @robgizlu, thanks! One of the things I'm really happy with is the resting position of the mount, which is pretty close to that photo. Right now, the mount slews and elevates, but I'll glue it into position lest it gets damaged.
  11. I think I figured out the Mark 21-1 mount. I imported a bitmap image of a sectional view of the mount into Inkscape. I was able to trace the drawings to create a vector drawing of the parts I'd make from sheet. I was then able to score some 0.01 Evergreen sheet in my Silhouette Portrait. I tried to cut the sheet in the cutter, but the device isn't strong enough. With the scored sheet, I was able to cut out the parts. I used drills and reamers to cut the holes. Here's an enlarged screen shot of the vector drawing. I have 2 copies of this in the SVG file so I could cut both sets of parts in one pass through the cutter. Various parts are in different layers so I can selectively parts as needed. I also needed various sizes of Evergreen tubing, rod, 0.06 angle, and some Albion tubing. Now to make the other one. At least most of the parts are cut and ready to assemble.
  12. Nice work! This shot shows a pretty beat-up F4F on Espiritu Santo in Feb '42.
  13. dnl42

    GPS Week Number Rollover Day (Apr 6, 2019)

    In all likelihood, nothing happened and your GPS still knows the correct time. If not, you really do need to replace that thing as it's likely from the previous millennium. Whether your GPS actually knows where your are is another issue.
  14. dnl42

    Hobby Boss 1/48 A-6A

  15. Today is the day when the GPS week number, which is transmitted as a 10-bit value, i.e., 0 to 1023, "rolls over." This means the current week number is 1023 and the next week (tonight at 23:59:42 UTC) is week 0, because as we all know, the lower 10 bits of 1023 + 1 is 0. Tomorrow will be the 3rd GPS week epoch. The previous roll-over was in August 1999. This will apparently be the last such event anyone reading is likely to experience, as the Modernized GPS system (MNAV and CNAV) uses a 13-bit week number, kicking this particular can down the road by 157 years and 28 weeks. I was told by a British colleague that the British tax year also starts on April 6. As our employer is geek central, he also mentioned the history of the British tax year, which included a discussion of older notions of the first day of the year as well as the Julian and Gregorian calendars.