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  1. dnl42

    Painting canopies.

    What paint? Applied how? Perhaps the coat is too thick? In any event, lately I've been using a combination of tape and MSI Micro Mask. Maketar's Canopy Survival Kit offers some great bits of tape. I outline the edge with tape and fill in with liquid mask. Also, make sure the plastic is well cleaned; I always clean with 91% IPA before applying tape and painting.
  2. The craftsmanship shown by your models is truly inspiring. That you do this in 1/72 scale is preternatural at least, heading to supernatural.
  3. Absolutely brilliant work!
  4. Very nice work! Nice correlation to the photo of the subject.
  5. Excellent! Another master class. Lesson noted! I've had a couple of "melt downs" where a fully sealed plastic body developed a local soft spot and sagged. Such technique likely would have eliminated this.
  6. No mention of scale, but PJ Production has a variety. So do CMK. My problem was to find a 1/48 James Bond for the Bede BD-5J in Octopussy. HTH -- dnl
  7. And well you should be happy with this result, particularly after 60 years. Seriously. Most of us make mistakes on every build. I would usually write I try not to repeat mistakes, but that's merely an aspiration. As for the name, I've had excellent results making base plates for models by creating images in some graphics software, I use GIMP, taking it to a photo processor to print, and then attaching to a base. The best part is you're not limited to lettering--you can put anything you want on the image. Here is the image used for this model. Here is the image used for this model. HTH -- dnl
  8. That's just a wonderful build! Everything is coming together to produce a whole exceeding the sum of the parts. Great aspiration for my meager skills.
  9. The Lindberg MONITOR & VIRGINIA kits are indeed different scales. MikroMir just released a 1/144 MONITOR. Perhaps they'll do a VIRGINIA. My limited experience with MikroMir is you'll need good modeling skills.
  10. Very well done! Beautiful photography, especially the sunset below the marine layer!
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