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  1. Picked up Monogram's 1/48 Devastator TBD-1 for $5 at IPMSOC. While this boxing is from the previous millennium, the decals look pretty good.
  2. Dude! That's some seriously nice work. Either you're an amazing researcher or you've built these in full scale!
  3. Sorry, but no advice on carbon fibre decals, other than my concern about their application on a BMW Sauber F1 in the stash.
  4. For your research purposes, Cheetos are here. As noted above, orange fingers are a key part of the Cheetos experience.
  5. It's the Accurate Miniatures kit. Excellent basis, but not without well documented issues. There's also substantial AM if you partake. It is also released by Academy (they mark it as an AccMin kit).
  6. The document linked up there claims they're going to rerelease their 1/72 Gato!
  7. Paul, sadly, that's my experience too. But he did, finally, deliver after my sharply worded email. BTW, if anybody wants the Coors Light decal sheet, send me a PM with your address and I'll mail it to you.
  8. Very nice work! There's a good reason that era was called the Golden Age of Aviation.
  9. Outstanding work Old hacksaw blades are also an excellent source for making molding cutters. File the shape just as you did with the single-edge blade.
  10. I'm ready. I've got the GWH 1/144 Vulcan B.2 and fundekals markings.
  11. I'll join! Likely candidates from the previous millennium include 1/48 F9F-5P, various AT-6 boxings, C-47, F-105D, TBF, 1/110 Mercury Capsule & Atlas Booster, and 1/72 PT-109 (for which I have some cool shark mouth markings).
  12. Truly outstanding work! Those are animations. Open the image in a new tab and they shown fine!
  13. Nice work! I see that it actually has cockpit detail! Certainly a big step up from those Hawk 1/48 racers, which provide no cockpit detail beyond an amorphous pilot blob.
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