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  1. I saw They Shall Not Grow Old on a flight last week. The movie isn't suitable for a 13 year old, but the trailers are OK. They show some simpler trenches, a lot less structure, literally a dug trench, some bits of wood structure, and water, a lot of water, at the bottom. Perhaps some paper figures standing ankle deep.
  2. Thanks for moving this!!! As for progress, I'm still working on getting the decals to snug down. I usually use Microscale Industries Micro Set and Micro Sol, but the Blackbird Models' decals weren't impressed. Solvaset appears to be working, but I'm trying to go light on it as I've suffered catastrophic decal failure with the stuff... I found a Part PE canopy frames set in the stash. It replaces the side, upper, and rear panels. A nice feature is the ability to position the upper canopy over the pilot open. I also noticed that the Gavia spinner isn't quite correct for JR-P. The photo shows a more conventional spinner that appears to completely surrounds the blades. The Gavia part sits entirely in front of the propeller, which is correct for the Shuttleworth aircraft as well as many others.
  3. This work is so outstanding, yet superlatives seem trite. How did you make the lifebuoy? On my effort in this scale, I used a kit's plastic ring, paper, and thread.
  4. Just to be clear, this is for former USSR "republics", not other countries in the Warsaw Pact. For example, Polish and Czech subjects wouldn't fit. Is that correct?
  5. Perhaps one of the mods could move this to the Aircraft WIP section? TIA -- dnl
  6. Completely agree! I have learned to only use aftermarket decals with Japanese kits.
  7. @Stephen, did you use setting solution on those Blackbird decals? My usual setting solutions Microscale Industries Micro Set and Micro Sol aren't causing the decals to settle into the stringer areas. I also have Solvaset and Mr Softer, and am wondering if they're safe on Blackbird Decals.
  8. Yes, the buffer is used to polish parts. Use your eyeballs with grazing light and your fingers to figure out when any plastic or putty shaping exercise is fair and smooth.
  9. Apparently, not in England and Wales. It is in the US. Worse still, resisting an obviously illegal arrest can result in this charge. Good times...
  10. Wow! I guess nail polish remover was ok. Mr Color Thinner is a safe solvent for Tamiya putty and Mr Surfacer in this application. I've also used it with cotton swabs and "cotton rounds" to strip paint from a model. Don't try regular hardware store lacquer thinner for these purposes as it will likely damage the plastic--the stuff I find locally surely does. In any event, Tamiya putty is a fine choice for that situation. You may need additional applications as it does shrink. Expect to need multiple applications of putty (either Tamiya putty or @Doom3r's homemade putty) to fully fill the area. BTW, cotton rounds, nail file sticks, and nail buffing sticks are good makeup aisle additions to your modeling supplies. Avoid the coarser file sticks. You can find modeling-oriented versions of file and buffing sticks in you local hobby shop (also known as an LHS) or Hobby Lobby.
  11. Criminy, they're killing me with these delays. I suppose we're getting a modern version of the aircraft rather than as it would have appeared in its working lifetime.
  12. That's the joy of working for a company early on. You get to attribute policies to specific incidents and individuals. Such as the guy who wore an anatomically correct bull costume to work one Halloween Day...
  13. Reno Nevada is farther west than Los Angeles California. Lake Tahoe, on California's eastern border is farther west than Los Angeles, on California's western border (the Pacific Ocean). Alaska is the northernmost, westernmost, and easternmost state is the USA.
  14. As @dogsbody showed, tools can be fashioned as needed. I use those sandwich picks for a variety of purposes. Along with PPP as recommended by @Space Ranger, you might look for Vallejo Plastic Putty in a tube. It includes an applicator nozzle, a miniature version of what you might get with tube caulking, that is useful for getting into tight spots. Combine that with water as solvent and it's quite easy to use this for tight spots. BTW, Deluxe Materials also has other useful products. I really like their Liquid Gravity for tricycle gear aircraft to avoid a tail-heavy model. Obviously not needed in a B-17 or USS CONSTITUTION.
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