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  1. The PE comes with the kit. I've never built a base because I've only just got back into model making 3 years ago after a 50 year break. Very kind comments.
  2. Awesome build. Nice and clean, just how I ike them. It must be huge.
  3. Second ever chopper, not a bad kit,lots of superbly fitting PE. The orange took several coats but I'm pleased wither the result. The Cartograph decals were the best i've ever used. I detailed the inside but it's difficult to see in these pics. Tamiya acrylics used over Ultimate primer and finished with Humbrol gloss varnish. Constructive criticism always welcome.
  4. First Kinetic build for me. It is a stunning kit and includes a small PE fret for seatbelts and other details. Had a bit of fun with the radio compartment and managed to make some ejector seat handles ( a bit oversized). Picture of original as a gate guardian at the end. .
  5. I found it quite easy but I think I went a bit far when experimenting. Primer first,then rust colour, then hairspray and finally top coat. Brush on water and rub away.
  6. Yeah I know mate. Just experimenting really. Thanks for your kind comment.
  7. Got back into modelling a couple of years ago and only done planes. I thought I would give a tank a go. Lovely ,easy kit and my first time using hair spray weathering. Feel free to constructively criticise.
  8. Excellent build. Nice to see something different.
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