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  1. Liking those a lot. I've got some old a/c kits in for kit swap but I'm not sure they'll sell, so this is quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Yeah, what Houston said. That my friend (if I may) is stunning. Nicely executed and nicely presented. If I could present something like that I'd be very very happy. If you can, try getting over to Scale ModelWorld in Telford next year. You'd be very much in the running for a medal.
  3. Nice mods. It's fair to say you have inspired me. I'm doing some builds/reviews for a magazine and when I finish, I want to get back to doing a little sci fi....you have piqued my imagination
  4. Very nicely done. Good imagination and well executed. Reminds me a little of Star Wars pod racing, but without the pods... Maybe you've started a whole new genre
  5. Thank you. Oddly enough someone else also asked where his legs are. Must be cutbacks I reckon
  6. I have finally completed this bust which I started last year. Nice little diversion from some challenging aircraft models. Markings were painted using masks I made on my vinyl cutter. Very pleased with him.
  7. Not many pics as I want to complete this one as soon as I can....bit of a deadline. Straps from metal foil from wine bottles, clips cut from plastic card. Buckles are etched metal from the Verlinden detail set, as is the resin seat.
  8. Well, it's finally fully completed and on its base. The build thread is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234934724-pacific-coast-models-132-spitfire-ixc/ Other pictures of the Spit, the figure and the work tables on their own are here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234952426-132-pacific-coast-models-spitfire-ixc/ But here are the pics of the final model as handed to the client. Happy days
  9. The final product is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234952426-132-pacific-coast-models-spitfire-ixc/?hl=leadsolo complete with some pics of the trestle table and figure I've made for the base as well. Now I just need to assemble it all....
  10. The figure is now complete as well. It's my first proper figure,a 1/32 ground crewman for a desert Spitfire. Top half is all by Preiser, head, arms and torso from different figures. Bottom half is an Airfix British 8th Army soldier with his socks and puttees carved off. As Preiser figures have the waist as part of the lower body and Airfix have the waist as part of the torso, I had to add the waist in with a layer of thick plasticard, cunningly disguised as a belt. Painted in Vallejo acrylics.
  11. Thanks Mike. Once I get the full thing done, I'll post some more. The figure is proving a little harder than expected...I'm not a figure painter.
  12. Well, I've finally got a trestle table built with a toolboox, tools and a tool roll, Apart from the spanners which are all etch from Tamiya, the rest is all scratchbuilt. I'm rather pleased with the final result. Just hope I can get the figure and the rest of the base to match up.
  13. Thanks Mike. Yes, once I've managed to work out just what I'm doing, I shall do some more pictures. Currently scratchbuilding a trestle table for the base as well. Plans to mash together a Preiser figure and Airfix 8th Army multipose figure to make a ground crew man as well.
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