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  1. Muchas Gracias! I've heard very good reviews about the zvezda, so i'll wait for one of those! Thanks for the tip!. Saludos. Nacho.
  2. Buenos dias Ricardo! Now in english for thw whole crowd...jejej... Firstly, great work! Love the paint work in both... Can you reccomend the Gavia kit? How does it build up... I have a friend who wanted to trade one and i really like the La-7. Great stuff!! Saludos!
  3. One of the best 190 i've seen, plus the fact of being a vintage kit brought up to today standards proves the hand of a true great modeler. Very ingenius solutions... The letraset blew my mind, the 22 is outstanding. Cheers!
  4. Amazing paintjob and riveting work on this one!! After seeing that finish I'm seriuoly tempted to finish my current build (Hayate) in a metallic livery. I think it gives the lines of this ki44 a truly stilish touch! Cheers!
  5. That is a truly remarcable model, the numbers are spot on! Love the Dagger!
  6. Awesome build, the kit is great but it's out of production, ive sent an email to the company and they confirmed it... i gotta have one! ... cheers
  7. Fantastic, the overall look is spot on!
  8. Insanely great!!!!! Cheers!
  9. Thats a great build! I think modelling is a therapy to us all and i know for fact that this one means a lot. Specially after an episode such as a stroke. Cheers! And keep em comin!!! The dora is a fine bird always!
  10. If i would look for authenticity i would go with the 61 and there are many pics of it in bad worishafen...of at least 3 i have seen.... But i built the 81 because the decals themselves where great and the groupbuild where coming to an end jeje...sorry fritz!
  11. I've built the D11 by hobbyboss and builds up really nicely, as i read before the main points to solve are the bumps for the cannons and the placing of them which are misplaced. Regarding the decals, they set up surprisingly well, there is no evidence of the 81 ever existed but many pics about the 61... I finally went down with the 81 since the group build was ending. Regarding shape, in general it looks correct, i have compared the model before assembly with the monography by squadron of the D series and it was flawless and putting both kits side by side with the eduard..are pretty
  12. Awesome color work and a real challenge in 72!
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