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  1. This is a very nice kit, you just have to remove some ejector marks on the hatches in case you show their inner side. Was really fun to build. Thank you.
  2. This is the Austro-Hungarian Romfell Panzerwagen from WW1. It might have looked like this in late autumn 1915 (nobody knows the real colours). It is airbrushed with Vallejo acrylics with a Colani 0.4 mm and weathered with oil paints The kit is from CSM (Copper State Models) in 1/35 and built oob except some small scratched details. Thx for looking.
  3. I did some weathering using different thinned oil colours, re-glued the open doors everytime they fell of thus finishing the Romfell. I will soon post some more pictures in the rfi section.
  4. I killed a lot of rivets when sanding, so I had to replace hundreds of them. After some trials I finally found "3D-decals" from Austria in the correct size and used these: The following steps included a preshading and the first layers of acrylic colours (Vallejo in this case) with a 0.4 airbrush: This is the current state, still some detailing and weathering to be done:
  5. I also asked (myself) this question but I have no real answer. Probably you are right, at least this is a possibility.
  6. Changed the approach. As the hatches overlap a little bit with the body from the outside, I "masked" with thin sheet from the inside. The wheels are not glued yet.
  7. The latest pictures from the build (sry I am slow). For now I glued all hatches and doors in closed position with easy to remove wood glue, even though I will show most of them opened in the end. This will make the painting easier (I hope). The instrument panel is (a bit) scratched. The body parts really fit extremely well. Big prais for copperstate.
  8. This is the MG-mount, molded from one piece. Excellent injection moulding!
  9. Now you can already see the unique "styling" of the Romfell. I used an ivory colour for the inner surfaces. Nobody knows the real colours of the full scale vehicle as there are only few black & white pictures available.
  10. That is what I wanted to express, thanks Silenoz. In the last phase of the war the Romfell WAS a rat car. It looked very worn then.
  11. Your wish is my command - thx for your kind words.
  12. I started a new building thread for the Romfell here:
  13. I started building the new Copperstate kit, the Romfell Panzerwagen from WW1. For a start this is the chassis (a big single part) with the lower segment of the steering column and the basic engine not glued yet and still without paint. The other picture show the engine, which is still wip. What I can say up to now is that everything fits very well, but there is some flash, and many injector pin marks (no idea if this is English ) on the inner side of parts. These are not nice in case you want to show doors an hatches in "open" positition.
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