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  1. Very goog looking aitplane and modell. How did you treat the surface? Looks very nice metallic.
  2. Duckwizard

    How do I post Pictures?

    Test passed!
  3. Duckwizard

    csm lanchester armoured car 1:35

    I got the kit today. The price here in Germany was 39 Euros - and the injection molded wheels do not look too bad. Michael
  4. Duckwizard

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'

    You are a real artist, I love your MiG.
  5. I thank you all a lot for your kind words. You are very friendly. Michael
  6. Duckwizard

    Citroen 2CV Charleston, Revell 1/24

    Thank you very much for all your kind replies. You are very forgiving. Michael
  7. Duckwizard

    I am Michael and I am new...

    Hi Joe, your German is really perfect. Thank you very much for your kind words. The welcome here is great.
  8. Duckwizard

    Meng Whippet Tank

    I really like your Whippet and the weathering seems very adequate to me. The tracks are perfect. I love how you weathered them. You are an artist.
  9. This is the first and up to now only tank I ever built. I like the original a lot, it's a real monster and a remarkable design from my point of view. I built the model in feb/mar this year and I still have a look at it every day. The tank is not completely oob as I used a corrected resin "canopy" (the one in the kit ist too narrow for the Mark I) and resin weapons and front hatches. The surface is airbrushed with Ammo of Mig acrylics and lots of washes and real mud from the garden. The same applies for the base which is made from foam with acrylic gel, parts of real (dried) trees and bushes, 0.5 mm-plywood, self-made barbed wire and epoxy puddle. Hope you like it a bit. Any hints to do it better the next time are welcome! Greetings Michael
  10. This is the 2CV (called "Ente" = "Duck" in Germany) as my wife drove it in the 80s. Unfortunately we do not remember the reg. number. This is a very nice kit with a desirable detail level and with very good fits of (almost) all parts. I painted it with Vallejo acrylics, except the red which is original car finish from a spray can transferred into an airbrush gun (0.4mm). The finish is far from perfect but for my first civil car built it looks ok for me. This is my first built presentation on this site!
  11. Duckwizard

    How do I post Pictures?

    Thank you very much, Vinnie! So I have a solution.
  12. Duckwizard

    How do I post Pictures?

    Do we see a picture?
  13. Duckwizard

    I am Michael and I am new...

    Thanks a lot for your warm welcome, my friends. I am very glad that I am not the one with the most years on my back. And ... well I think it was too late and I was too tired when I did my starting post. I really apologize for the many mistakes, this is usually not my style. Michael
  14. Duckwizard

    I am Michael and I am new...

    ...not to life but to this wonderful forum. Have been reading and admiring it for a while. I am a '55 model year and during the last decades my hobby were mainly R/C planes. But now that I am getting old and slow so that I cause more crashs than landings I remembered the many plastic kits i built in childhood. About one aircraft per day. See the excelllent building and painting before your eye. Well so buiding plastic kits again since about 2 Years. Would like to show some results but have to look for a foto hoster a I understood. I am living in a smaller City near to Cologne, Germany. So I am German and I hope you willl understand my English. Greetings Michael