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  1. Duckwizard

    Beriev Be-12 1\72 ModelSvit

    Very convincing, I feel with Darby. Excellent work again, Max.
  2. Duckwizard

    Zveno A-1 "Vakhmistrov's Circus" Amodel 1\72

    Wow, I learn a lot here. Beautiful work!
  3. Thank you very much John, I think I found it. The 1914 version ist about 45 Euros here in Germany And I found a kit für 120 Euros, made in resin. But I stay with injection moulding. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you all a lot for your kind words. John is that RR still available? Did not run over it so far.
  5. This is my interpretation of the CSM-Lanchester, built OOB except the wooden parts. This is the Persia version according to the building instructions. All colours and clear coats are airbrushed vallejo acrylics, the weathering was done with oil paint, pigments and (insert correct english expression here - in german it would be something like "pastel crayon"). The "unditching boards" as well as the load floor are made from real wood. I hope you like it a bit.
  6. Duckwizard

    Spitfire Mk1a

    You are totally right and I would do same if there wasn't the "not turning prop problem". I know there are some solutions, but none did convince me so far. I am very curious about the lancaster. Have fun!
  7. Winter ín Brisbane? Is that less than 40°C? If yes pls bring it here. Very nice Spitfires, I like them!
  8. Duckwizard

    Spitfire Mk1a

    Really very nice. Did you build gear up or is this photoshop on the pictures? Yes, every Spitfire is a beautiful airplane.
  9. Duckwizard

    RAAF Beaufighter MkIc A19-54

    One of my alltime favorites perfectly done. I am totally flashed.
  10. Duckwizard

    Hasegawa Ki-44 Tojo 1:72

    Very nice weathering. Not too much, just right.
  11. Duckwizard

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Your Tiger looks very nice and "lively" regarding the colors. Sry for the poor English, hope you get me. Anyway I like it a lot and I am jealous of your talent.
  12. Duckwizard

    "It's The Bishop!"

    Where did you get the very large knife blade on the first picture? Good you put it there because otherwise I would be sure it is 1/35. You must be a real artist.
  13. Very realistic, very well done, particularly a nice weathering. And it's so small.
  14. Duckwizard

    Il-2, Tamiya, 1/48

    Thank you very much for your kind comments,
  15. I built this Il-2 last year. It is on a small base together with a refueler truck. All color is Vallejo. This is supposed to be on an airfield close to Berlin in spring 1945. Hope you like it a bit, this was my second model after some 30 years doing no (static) models.