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Bear Hobbies Online Shop

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    model fanatic ! Aircraft, Cars, Diorama + ARMOUR

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  1. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    TAKOM SALE NOW ON ! big bargains on these kits...

    Hi Tony Most kits will stay on these reduced prices.. only a few will go back to original pricing.
  2. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    TAKOM SALE NOW ON ! big bargains on these kits...

    15% Slashed off prices for these TAKOM kits... 1/35 Skoda 30.5cm M1916 Siege Howitzer 1/35 Bundeswehr T3 Transporter Bus (with figure) 1/35 Bundeswehr T3 Transporter Trucks/ Double Cab 1/35 Škoda 42cm M.1917 Heavy Siege Howitzer with Erich von Manstein 1/35 U.S Armored Combat Earthmover M9 ACE 1/35 Bundeswehr Feldumschlaggerät FUG 2,5 1/35 WWII German 12.8 cm FlaK 40 Zwilling 1/35 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.I Male 2 in 1 (with crane and flat trailer) 1/35 German Empire 420mm Big Bertha Siege Howitzer 1/35 I.D.F Light Tank AMX-13/75 2 in 1 1/35 French Light Tank AMX-13/90 1/35 French Light Tank AMX-13/75 with SS-11 ATGM 2 in 1 1/35 Russian Medium Tank T-55 AM 1/35 Bundeswehr Flackpanzer1 Gepard SPAAG A1/A2 2 in 1 1/35 WWII German King Tiger Henschel w/Zimmerit and interior [Pz.Abt.505 special edition] 1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V1 1/35 French Light Tank AMX-13/105 2 in 1 1/35 U.S. Heavy Tank T29E3 1/35 U.S. Heavy Tank T30/34 2 in 1 1/35 Chinese Medium Tank Type 59/69 2 in 1 Limited Edition 1/35 US Medium Tank M47 1/35 US Medium Tank M47 E/M 2 in 1 1/35 WWII German King Tiger Henschel Turret w/interior [without Zimmerit] 1/35 WWII German King Tiger Porsche Turret w/interior [without Zimmerit] 1/35 Israeli Main Battle Tank Merkava 1 1/35 French Light Armoured Car AML-60 1/35 US MEDIUM TANK M3 LEE EARLY
  3. Bear Hobbies Online Shop


    Prices have been reduced on all remaining airbrushes and airbrush compressor kits. Most of the stock is aimed at beginners who would be interested in purchasing a first airbrush. However we do carry one "high end" brush the IWATA - HP C plus ! Any questions on any of this range just drop me a line ! All neo for iwata / iwata range is covered by a full 5 year guarantee by the Airbrush company Ltd ! https://bearhobbies.com/airbrush/
  4. Guys - Bear Hobbies are offering a special sales price on the entire Takom Chieftain range... The mk 2,5,10 and 11 --- at 39.99 the SPAAG --- 37.99 SPAAG Mk 11
  5. fantastic review ! tempted to keep one for myself now !!
  6. Bear Hobbies Online Shop


    We have the 4 blade Haweyes back in stock ! https://bearhobbies.com/kinetic-1-48-e-2c-usn-4-blades-kin48013/
  7. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    Hello from Mark at Bear Hobbies

    Hi Dennis ! that is fantastic ! I will be working on some discounts very shortly ! So i will keep you posted best Mark
  8. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    Hello from Mark at Bear Hobbies

    Tony you are awesome (how much do i owe you again? )
  9. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    Hello from Mark at Bear Hobbies

    big thanks Mike ! hope to actually do some builds on here --- if time permits !
  10. Bear Hobbies Online Shop


    Nice selection of the latest kits from Thunder Models - just back in stock today https://bearhobbies.com/brands/Thunder-Models.html
  11. Bear Hobbies Online Shop


    Hi Kitty lovers !! full detail panthers as reviewed by Mike here Pleased to announce the brand new tool Takom Panthers are all in stock and available for purchase ! on site now - and on ebay later tonight. Grab the bargains at the website. AMAZING ONE OFF PRICE 44.99 (RRP 60.99) !!!! https://bearhobbies.com/takom-1-35-wwii-german-tank-sd-kfz-171-panther-a-early-production-w-full-interior-kit-tako2097/ https://bearhobbies.com/takom-1-35-wwii-german-tank-sd-kfz-171-panther-a-late-production-w-full-interior-kit-tako2099/ https://bearhobbies.com/takom-1-35-wwii-german-tank-sd-kfz-171-panther-a-mid-early-production-w-full-interior-kit-tako2098/4
  12. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    Hello from Mark at Bear Hobbies

    Hi Dennis ! big thanks for warm welcome ! best Mark
  13. Bear Hobbies Online Shop


    Hello I just posted a little bit about me in the intro section. Obviously we are here as a brand new Vendor. We have 2 outlets ebay shop - opened January 2018 https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/bearhobbies or web shop - opened March 2018 - THE SHOP HAS MUCH MORE STOCK - MUCH BETTER PRICES!! https://bearhobbies.com/ We specialise in the brands TAKOM, AMMO of MIG, THUNDER MODELS, TIGER MODELS, MODEL COLLECT, RYE FIELD, GREAT WALL HOBBY. Hope to bring you an update VERY SOON as pre-order stock is arriving any day ! big thanks Mark at Bear Hobbies
  14. Bear Hobbies Online Shop

    Hello from Mark at Bear Hobbies

    Hello Friends I just say thank you to Mike and his team for allowing me to join the Britmodeller forums ! You will find me mostly in the Vendor part of the site ! But I just take this opportunity to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Mark, I worked many years overseas in the Oil and Gas Industry - I have recently returned to Sandhurst in Berkshire. I am keen (no fanatic level) scale modeler. I was a "returnee to boyhood hobby" about 10 years ago. I have nearly built all genres - Sci-Fi, Figures, Diorama, Cars, Aircraft and ARMOUR... yes in reality If I need to call out the one I love and live for - it is really tanks and afv models - in 1/35 ! AND if you were to ask in particular which AFVs .. I have done nearly all historical contexts.. WW2 etc.. but now I really settle on Modern armour. I have visited a lot of the shows over the years, not been to Telford for a while - but mainly have been going to the big European shows - Moson, SMC in Holland etc. I have just recently been able to return to my old club IPMS Farnborough... I really have a lot of friends and colleagues in the Model community - and hope to have many more here ! I have been lucky enough to be published in Magazines over the last 7 years - Air Modeller, Military Modelling, MMI, SMMI, Migs "The Weathering Magazine" and also Abrams Squad - Abrams Squad is run by Pere who is one of my best amigos ! I have been copy editing for him for about 2 years - basically taking articles and translating them into the English version of the magazine. It is very interesting work ! https://www.plaeditions.com/es/pla-editions-books/227-abrams-squad-11-english.html OK - so most recently - We started Bear Hobbies. The first outlet is ebay shop which opened January Ebay link removed - no ebay links allowed on BM. and the main outlet (more stock and much better prices)..opened only 3 weeks ago ! https://bearhobbies.com/ I will talk more about them in the Vendors introduction! But the main reason to start a Hobby Shop was to provide the kits that I have enjoyed building at a really good price for fellow modellers - to have fun - and to learn ! We are very small company operating out of Sandhurst but we are expanding stock and suppliers to more "hard to find" items very soon ! I really wont have much time to comment on all the wonderful builds you guys are doing ! I have been lurking here many years ! However, I am really here to help and try to answer any questions if I can - in particular about the paints and weathering products that we stock "Ammo of Mig". To this extent I am trying to create a youtube model channel demonstrating model builds and techniques. all the best and happy modelling ! from Mark
  15. Bear Hobbies Online Shop


    awesome your welcome at anytime ! Have a good leave !