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  1. It was X32049 that they had in stock and not X32050 unfortunately. Graham
  2. Thanks David. Can't see it on the Squdron website though. I had located one on an Australian website but the sheet never turned up after I bought it! Regards Graham
  3. Hi David, Is there any chance that this sheet will be re-printed? I'm after one for my 1/32 Tonka and it's as rare as hens teeth currently!! Regards. Graham
  4. Looks like the replacement sprues are available as my wife have just received some for the batch of Tonkas she has in stock in her shop. Graham
  5. Julian, we have one of those 'pods' at Bentwaters. It was planned to fit it to our GA.11 but we won't be using it now. Graham
  6. If you are after comments then you don't need the formation strip lights. Apart from that the decals look ok. Graham
  7. ghaynes

    meteor U15

    Ours is/was a U.16/D.16 based on a F.8. As with the U.15, ours was capable of manned as well as remote piloted flight. Graham
  8. ghaynes

    F-4J (UK) Phantom

    This one is also in the original colours (although it has a replacement radome in standard RAF colour). The tell tale sign is the lack of full colour ejection seat warning triangles and other full colour stencilling. The only ones I saw repainted when I was based at Wattisham were ZE354/R, ZE361/P and ZE364/Z. Graham
  9. ghaynes

    F-4J (UK) Phantom

    Finally finished my Tamiya 1/32 F-4J(UK) after nearly 18 years in progress! The list of extras is as follows: Avionics/Black Box F-4J Cockpit Set AMS Baggage Pods Eduard F-4 Phantom Placards Eduard F-4J Detail Set Eduard Brassin F-4 Ejection Seats Eduard Brassin F-4 Wheels Master F-4 Pitot/AOA Probes Nautilus Models F-4 Reinforcing Plates Quickboost F-4 Intake Blanks Yellowhammer F-4J(UK) decals Painted with Xtracolor enamels and weathered with Promodeller and Humbrol washes and powders. Graham
  10. ghaynes

    V-22 Osprey

    That's interesting Spike. I was expecting the one in my kit to be smoked but it was clear. I would have preferred a tinted one but should be easy to do when I eventually start builing it. Regards. Graham
  11. ghaynes

    V-22 Osprey

    The Italeri kit is 1/48. I bought the kit last week after seeing Tony's build here. Regards. Graham
  12. The rear fin recesses are wells Jennings....hollowed out, fin shaped fibre glass fairings that attach to the inside of the respective panels. The forward fin recesses are part of the launcher and I think they are covered with a spring loaded door. Will have to check. We have a real FGR.2 in bits at Bentwaters at the moment! Regards. Graham
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