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  1. This Sabre is turning very well. I like the colors of the camouflage. Lolo
  2. Very nice! This reminds me I have to finish my TT. Bravo Lolo
  3. This duo is such a dream ! Great job! A F-18 proto is one of my projects but the one used by NASA, with gold and blue parts but also with red ones. This scheme is on the Caracal sheet. I have to learn about these specificts Lerx. Well done with interesting details in the cockpit ! The paint is really nice too ! Bravo! Lolo
  4. Sorry, Hans, I have just found your answer to the allready asked question. Lolo
  5. Great build and inspiring scheme, Hans! What kind of paint did you use for your metal finish ? Bravo Lolo
  6. Excellent work of fading on your Su-35. I love the realistic finish of the weathering. Lolo
  7. Excellent build and great idea for this dynamic display ! I love that Bravo Lolo
  8. Very well done in this Brazilian scheme. Lolo
  9. I like when there are good pictures of very well done models. You did a great build ! What a big iranian family ! Bravo! Lolo
  10. Great build with great pictures, that is a very well done Flanker! Lolo
  11. Everything is perfect from the build to the pictures! Great Delta Dart! Lolo
  12. Yes, Keithjs, we can hope as the kit has just been released. Lolo
  13. Great build and interesting scheme! Is there a brand who released some civilian Chipmunk like your's? Lolo
  14. Great paint, especially the metal part on the rear of the fuselage. You did not mention that but, did you engrave the panel lines ? Lolo
  15. Your F-28 is very nice in the Braathens colors ! Great build, Einar. Lolo
  16. A Zlin 526, Iraqi colors, a very good build, I am in love ! If it was my scale, I would buy one! Well done, Dragan. Lolo
  17. Honey, I shrunk the Skyhawk ! Nicely done, it looks good for a so small scale. Lolo
  18. Wow! What a pleasure to see smooth shiny finish on a aircraft build ! So realistic, great job. Lolo
  19. Very good weathering on this paint. I love your Skyhawk. Lolo
  20. Thank you, gentlemen! The Do-335 has a similar wingspan with the Skyraider and, as you say, it wouldn't have been strange to meet them together in VietNam. Lolo
  21. A detailed cockpit and this model looks bery nice. Still a good model, this Italeri MB.326 Very good result, Matthias! Lolo
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