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  1. I have to say I am having multiple fit problems with this kit as well. I would agree that if I were to do it again I wouldn't bother with any of the interior other than the visible cockpit as the fuselage just doesn't line up and is under stress, giving major fit issues with the upper and lower inserts as well as the wings. As others have said, nothing a lot of filler can't solve, it just isn't fun to build at the moment ... Given the Mk III is out in June, do you think they will eventually do a dedicated Mk II kit?
  2. I have this kit en-route and was wondering what I need to bear in mind when building it as a MK II? Am building a diorama in memory of my great uncle who flew a MK II for 95 Squadron (sadly crashed in 43), so have done quite a bit of research around it. Have the Italeri kits but am quite disappointed in their fit and general quality, so was wondering that, given there are options for other versions of the plane already on the sprues, if anyone had done a detailed breakdown or anything that might make my life a little easier? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, this (and a few others) will be on display at the Return of Garrison event at Leicester Soace Centre at the end of June, so come along if you can and check it out in all its glory!
  4. Very impressive (to echo the other comments), love the lighting and nice to see one done this way. Great finish all round with it.
  5. Thanks - hadn't noticed that before but you're right!
  6. Hello again, Here is my Civil War era 1/144 Rebel Fighter Squadron. The X-Wing, Y-Wing and A-Wing are Bandai kits (the "Vehicle Model" series) and the B-Wing is from F-Toys. All build straight out of the box with little or no glue, painted with a variety of different paints and some homemade decals for the X-Wing and Y-Wing. The base is a very old resin one I had in the stash from Scale Solutions (they still do some excellent resin parts) that was just perfect for this little display.
  7. Hi everyone, My first post here and I just wanted to post my favourite build from last year (and it took pretty much all of last year to do!). This is the 1/144 Bandai Millennium Falcon that I have modified to be (my favourite) version, the one from Empire Strikes Back. Mostly an out of the box build, it uses a lot of 3D printed parts (the radar dish, cockpit interior and exterior, maintenance pits, sidewalls on the mandibles), some photoetch (the rear circular grills) and is lit (although you can't really see this in the photos). The engines have a blue flickering glow, the headlights are SMDs, there is an interior light for the upper gun well (the lower one is where the support pole is) and the cockpit rear wall is a mix of fibre optic and back lighting. I have some videos of this knocking around online (on Instagram mainly). Painted with DOA paints (hand brush) as well as Citadel ones and various washes, etc until I was happy with it. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. Have been around the modelling community for a good few years now and don’t know why I’ve not found this group before, but here I am. Am an active member of SFM:UK (now a Facebook group) and primarily build Sci-Fi related models. Sometimes I even make them look like they are supposed to! Big fan of Ma.K and loving the Bandai Star Wars range at the moment, will post some examples up shortly. posting this from my phone so I can’t upload a profile pic, but will do as soon as I can.
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