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  1. There were three originals filming models made by Martin Bower, then a fourth (the Command version) that was slightly different built in-house. I think this is the one that Matt Irvine used to take to shows.
  2. Hi all, Finished off this build of the Federation Pursuit Ship resin kit today, so I thought I would share. Lovely kit, although not without its challenges. Now I'm starting to build a studio scale version of the filming model, so watch this space ...
  3. Very crisp finishing and lovely photography! One of my favourite little vehicles - I have a couple in 1/144 and its good to see one of the larger ones.
  4. I've been watching it on a service called BritBox via Amazon (was on special offer for a couple of months) - all 4 series, plus a wealth of others (all the Gerry Anderson stuff, the Prisoner, Hitchhiker's Guide, Tomorrow People, even Catweazle!). Have to say still don't like the last series compared to the first (Blake's 7 that is - still not sure about Catweazle). This is why the episodes that were on YubTub have gone IIRC.
  5. No worries, just bear in mind gloss varnish will darken it considerably, then a satin/matt coat will lighten it up again.
  6. Oh yes, I remember that as well. I found this post online where someone has scanned in the letter that was sent out at the time to certain fans with the full instructions on. https://peteranghelides.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/heres-one-i-saved-earlier/
  7. I have one of those in the stash - still building up the courage to build it after many years ... Will be watching your progress with interest.
  8. Nice, pleasant build on a sunny weekend. Kit by Century Castings, painted with Vauxhall Hazel Brown. Something I have wanted in my possession since I was about nine ... Standard by Six!
  9. I used Vallejo Game Air Sick Green on a grey primer, worked quite well. Here are the other colours I used:
  10. Love it - big fan of MaK and this also has a Simon Stalenhag vibe to it which is excellent.
  11. I've been gradually working my way through old and partially-finished builds. This one was started several months ago, so quite recent for me and is a simple kitbash from the PL 1/1000 Enterprise kit (a great kit, such a shame it is so expensive these days). Everything is taken from the main kit, with the exception of the integrated shuttlebay - I used Blue Stuff to mould the kit part and UV Resin to cast it. Lots of carving, milliput and sanding later and I got it to where I was okay with it. Decals are a mix of the second-pilot design and some custom ones. For those interested in some non-canon lore, this is a Chaucer-class Scout/Science Vessel of which five were built before the design became obsolete: U.S.S. Chaucer NCC-1475 U.S.S. Caxton NCC-1476 (shown here) U.S.S. Langland NCC-1477 U.S.S. Petherton NCC-1478 U.S.S. Canterbury NCC-1479
  12. If you make up your own stuff, nobody can tell you that you are doing it wrong!
  13. Funnily enough I was rewatching the Expanse while I was building it! Thanks all for the kind words, my weathering tends to be overly done as I get eager to finish when I get to that point
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