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  1. At the end of WWI no. 1 were equipped with Sopwith Dolphins but also managed to obtain a number of Fokker DVIIs which they flew side by side with the Sopwiths, indeed several pilots preferred the Fokker. I'll be building the Blue max 1/48 Dolphin and an Eduard 1/48 DVII for the GB. I will of course refrain from all the obvious jokes aboot Canadia(it's a Simpson joke) ehhhhy. Right I've gotten that out of my system, modelling next
  2. Sprue shot, notice anything? yes my favourite; raised panel lines, which will have to go….
  3. It was started in 1936 as a test bed for a number of technologies and intended to be a high speed reconnaissance bomber. It’s actually a twin engine with a pair of DB601s driving a common drive shaft. Interestingly there were eight prototypes built, two of which were sold to Japan. I think I’ll build it as one of these as I generally try to avoid models with swastikas on them.
  4. How many times have we all promised that. I already have more kits than I’ll probably ever build but I still can’t resist something unusual or cheap. e.g.
  5. You’re nuts, but in good company. looking forward to the builds. Much as I love the technology of 3D printing ( I’ve used it extensively on a professional capacity) and arguably the actual 3D modelling aspect of it does involve skill, I don’t think I’ll ever adopt it for my modelling as I like all the handcrafting aspects of the hobby.
  6. Thinking about this, as almost all WWI two seaters were used for artillery spotting and army cooperation, would they count for the GB? If so I have several kits in the stash that would serve and a nice Halberstadt in the post. Also I don’t think you’ve added me to the list.
  7. My main reference published in 1982 No excuse for lack of detail At the moment I’m between scheme 1,2 and 3.
  8. Actually I have a very old Scale models special edition ( remember when there was no internet and reference material had to come in print form ) which includes the Fokker DR1 and I was thinking of one of those schemes. Must post an image when I get a chance. I wanted to do a mostly factory finish build.
  9. Well I will try but maybe not for this GB, that said the two jets will be easy enough and the Aviatik and the Geest have the same fuselage, tail snd undercarriage and the Tornado would just be OOB and little Wilies a fairly simple shape, hmmm
  10. Yes, but I kind of like the white too ( or is it pale grey ?)
  11. I have my Bismarck and my Wallace and grommet sidecar and motorcycle earmarked for that one, if it happens
  12. Yup, in the same vein as the foreign policy maxim, ( and I may be paraphrasing here) ‘speak softly, but carry a big stick’
  13. That’s almost all the resin casting for the running gear. I need to make the masters for the drive sprocket and idler and the track links. I’m running low on resin so I’ll probably wait till I get more before bothering to work on the tracks, but I’d love to get the running gear finished.
  14. Close to the edge. 1. Albatross CIX 2. Sopwith Swallow 3. Sage Type 2 4. Taube 5. Apache 6. Brisfit 7. Olympic - getting there 8. Challenger - is progressing 9. M577 APC 10. Benibato 11. Avro 504k 12. Do 17(?) 13. 1/144 Tornado 14. 1/24 Renault FT 15. 1/48 F100 16. 1/24 Hetzer Coming soon 17. 1/28 Revell Fokker DR1 18. 1/48 Monogram P47 19. 1/121(!) monogram B58 I really should start knocking off 1 to 6, but I am making lots of progress in the Challenger and the Hetzer. Nearly finished casting the resin for the Hetzer. Priorities are the Big and British builds then the Japanese ones.
  15. Ok still dithering over my choices for the build but I’m down to six candidates, depending on how I get in with my WIP over the next while. 1. 1/48 scratch Geest Fighter 2. 1/48 scratch Aviatik DII ( shares a fuselage with the Geest. 3. 1/144 YF22 4. 1/144 YF23 5. 1/72 2018 Tiger meet Tornado 6. 1/24 scratch little Willie the ultimate AFV prototype, well actually the first ( if only for the comedic potential) If it comes down to it I’ll drop the three kits. There a decision of sorts.
  16. Only three, I’ve done worse E.g 16 for the me 109 gb.. which o totally failed to finish on time…
  17. No I wasn’t proposing I’d build one but I remember the reviews in scale models and that it was at the time the biggest kit ever released. If I were to acquire a B36 I’d probably a) need to move to a bigger house and b) not to be able to afford the resultant divorce/GBH case
  18. The GB proper hasn’t started and we’re already on the second page of threads, looks like this one could be another epic Funny thing, while building Match box and Airfix kits was my childhood, Monogram and to a lesser extent Revell was all the kits I saw in the various toy and model shops but almost never built because they were either so big ( B36 peacemaker anyone ?) or so pricey or both. So this GB will be a totally different brand of nostalgia.
  19. There’s also an option to do the SEA scheme with black undersides. Hmm I’m not a big fan of NMF but I love the look of SEA camo hmmmm.., Heres one I prepared earlier
  20. Of course I had to go and find this, now I’m totally conflicted, my Dad built toe kit OOB in the box art NMF scheme, but it looks so good in the SEA camo….
  21. I’ve wanted to add a bubble top P47 to the collection for a long time. Bought from the Kingkit scrapyard for £8.99 but missing the wing lower section, so I’ll have to make a replacement, no biggie. At the moment this is my preferred camo scheme.
  22. This one’s especially significant for me as it’s the last kit I that my Dad built. Odd scale but 1/121! Still in the post but according to the tracking info it’s out for delivery. I can’t wait… Just found the copyright notice on the instructions and it’s actually 1958!!!
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