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    Primer decisions

    Well I decide to try grey Green Stuff World primer and as a backup also ordered some Stynylrez in olive green, the only useable shade I could get at a reasonable price. Hopefully one or both will do the trick. Considering I’ve gotten about three years out of my bottle of Ultimate primer that should keep me going for a while. Thanks for all the input. Well appreciated.
  2. Most definitely, they are drying quite brittle and are fairly subject to handling damage so I’ve had to do a quite a bit of patching. I’ll be glad when they’re done.
  3. Scribed. And just a last little bit of filler.
  4. Tipping away at the lozenge patterns. I have most of the decals done but I’m having to revisit a lot of areas to get them to sit down fully. The masking tape is to make a template for the fuselage lozenge sections btw.
  5. Camo on looking good. not so good on the cowling. I managed to partially melt one side while flashing off layers of pink undercoat. Still nothing a bit of filler won’t fix.
  6. Not going too well I have about a 1mm layer of paint and it’s not fully cured. So going to strip it back and start again.
  7. Ooh I like. Now would a 1/35 Panzer Maus qualify. Then again I might just stick with Wallace and grommet and some 1/24 P38(t) derivatives.
  8. Tipping along nicely, I’m quite enjoying the build so far.
  9. Some assembly completed. I find Roden kits a bit weird with great engineering side by side with terrible engineering. E.g. the fuselage is really finely detailed but there are no location pins and either the fuselage is about 1mm too wide or the lower wing cutout is too narrow ( I went for the latter as it’s easier to fix) The engine and nose assembly again lovely fine detail no locating features. I’ve sanded the sides flush as the louvres on the Canadian machine are totally different from the kit. Overall the models coming together nicely, I think the biggest surprise being that the lozenge decals are going on well.
  10. Trying to figure out how to mask the diamond pattern. Did I say I hate yellow…. invasion stripes masked off properly.
  11. Nice work on the hornet. I very nearly built a 1/72 version for the recent Gb except the only kit I could get hold of was the Revell 1/72 version which had the wrong intakes no undercarriage and was €32 in my local hobby store ouch. It’s a well known fact that Guiness doesn’t travel well, a less well known one that most export Guiness isn’t brewed in Ireland ( afaik Jamaica has one of the biggest Guiness breweries) You can always use your phone to post updates. I haven’t used my desktop PC since my late lamented Cat ( my avatar btw) Pip and my daughters ex did a number on it. ( one of them piddled on my power squid, and it hasn’t been the same since )
  12. Looks good so far. I build mostly modern jets in 1/144 as they’re a nice size but still not so small you can’t get a bit of detail in the model. At this stage I nearly have a full shelf of them ( hope you don’t mind me posting a pic in your thread) except for the Horsa they’re all modern jets. The only thing I’ll say is that kit quality varies wildly in this scale with some kits being like mini versions of larger scale kits ( like thr Revell strike eagle I’m currently building) and some plastic blobs not entirely unlike the subject ( I’m looking at you Airfix 1/144 F20)
  13. Both looking very good so far, I think The green camo one has a slight edge over the silver one. I’ll definitely borrow that one if I ever get around to the Nieuport I have in my stash ( funny how I didn’t remember that one for the French Fancy GB last year !)
  14. I really do love seeing some old school modelling in progress. Great build so far.
  15. A bit of rough masking and some rattle can white for the invasion stripes. I’ll mask off the white more precisely before I spray the light gray. found this very handy guide in the web.
  16. I’ve had trouble with them in the past but on my current Roden Fokker DVII I found that soaking them in warm water with washing up liquid makes them work fine. The build is looking really good. Makes me want to pull out the SE5a I have lurking in the stash. Might have a go once my GB commits roll off a bit.
  17. Ngantek has a point sometimes a quick off topic mojo restorer can be the thing. Most recently I built the new tool Airfix Firefly and it did the trick they also have a very nice new tool Tiger I just out that might hit the spot.
  18. I remember building the Dornier as a kid and it builds up into a nice model without a lot of work. My second choice would be the Albatross as the Schneider , the baby and the tabloid are probably my least favourite Sopwiths, ( I have a Pup, a Salamander, a Mouse, a TF1, a Snark and a Triplane in the collection and a Swallow and a Dolphin on the bench) think the Snipe or the Dolphin are my favourites. Actually if you’re interested in Sopwiths, ‘Duelling above the trenches’ by Dan Sharp is a very good read. The mosquito could be fun too.
  19. Base coats on all the bits. A bit more detail painting and micro sol. Should be able to assemble the fuselage tomorrow.
  20. Questions for the forum:/ 1. is the undersurface of Butch II nmf or light grey? 2. should there be a Butch II marking on both sides or just the Left?
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