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  1. I shall be building PK-652 : North American FJ-4B Fury (1980/1981) And the Revell boxing of PK-176 : CHAR B1 bis and Renault FT17 (1983) You’re in good company then
  2. Since I’ve missed the gb deadline on the two phantoms I’m moving them to KUTA.
  3. Wheels attached to the jeep and trailer. Working on the cowling for the swallow.
  4. Just realised the Phantom GB ended yesterday so these two are now in KUTA. Both have the first camo colour on. The one in the right needs feral grey and the one on the left will be sea camo although I’m not sure on they green. I’ll see if I can get the phantom thread moved.
  5. Ouch just realised this ended yesterday. Oh well shall still finish my two phantoms.
  6. As far as I know Mozambique has bought a few although America has eliminated them from the contest for a new COIN aircraft.
  7. Molded a new cowl for the swallow, having lost the previous one, but this one’s much better. Painted the wheels on the jeep. Nearly finished the fuselage of the Albatros, which had its own KUTA thread. Waiting on EZ line in the post to be able to finish the HP and the Taube.
  8. 1. to 4. me109s 90% 5. 1/48 Roden Bristol Fighter 6. & 7. two 1/144 phantoms 8. & 9. two 1/244 F14s Down to single digits notwithstanding the KUTA Builds…
  9. I'd agree this could be a fantastic GB if it wter to get through to 2023.
  10. 1/48 scale scratch built Graham White type 20 Side by side with a more conventional contemporary biplane for comparison.
  11. finished, more photos in the gallery.
  12. Finished the AHRLAC and the Graham White. More photos in the high wing gb gallery
  13. 1/48 Scratch built South African AHRLAC finished as. Bronco II
  14. Interior items added. Not exactly super detailed but enough to look the part.
  15. Don’t worry I see where you’re coming from. I try very hard to be accurate but don’t necessarily stress myself out by it. I must admit that usually the colour I lay down is the nearest Tamiya equivalent (although I do have some Hataka, AK and mr colour paints too) which will then be adjusted in the airbrush cup according to wether it matches the hue in my head Now I do try to find reference samples and I mention the 4BO because I did do a bit of research prior to painting my T34. Likewise for my Mk IV tank ( tank brown btw which is apparently the same colour as Cadburys milk chocolate) which is an exercise in frustration. PC10 is another one I’ve researched a bit and have had to bite my tongue over some builds that have a dark tan as PC10 I must admit I use the AK PC10 early and PC10 late with Tamiya Khaki undercoat, both of which work for me. But I do niggle at the fact that the Germans nicknamed the RFC ‘the Sparrows’ which would suggest a more brown hue And yes I do agree the overall hue of a colour can be matched but things like saturation and batch variations can make the real world colours vary considerably. Apologies if I’m hijacking the thread . @Troy Smith I do find the debate fascinating, I just rew all the years of thinking that every airplane with a specific colour applied had to exactly match a specific metheun reference and spending a fortune on authentic camo paint to try to achieve this. I’ll put my soapbox away now These days I think I have more fun with camo colours.
  16. Although photoless. The rigging is done and the holes filled. Just need to sand down the filler, touch up the paint. Paint the cockpit combing and find snd fit a propellor and it’s done.
  17. Don’t get me started on accurate colour, there is no such thing. As a modeller you can achieve pleasing colour or plausible colour. But seeing as colour perception is based on the lighting, the observer, the environment and the state of the object. Trust me I’ve been trained in colour science. If you really want your head wrecked go check out the 4BO website, yes a whole website devoted to Russian vehicle green! I’ll stop pontificating now
  18. Decals the Bronco is in white film as it tends to behave better. The rest are on clear which sometimes just curls up and dies both sets have need sprayed with clear lacquer and left overnight. Getting the decals trimmed and on puts me at at least 95% done What’s left: 1. finish the interior 2. struts for the canopy 3. blades and antennae 4. those wing lights 5. one or two small cleanup jobs
  19. Tought I was losing it till I realised there are now two Gannet wips on the forum. Great build so far. Now even more I want a Gannet for my collection I just don’t want to pay silly money for it.
  20. There’s a certain ungainly charm about the Gannet that I love. Should be an interesting build.
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