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  1. More progress started on the sponsons. .5mm sheet. The side panels were stuck together with double sided tape then cut in my scroll saw so are identical. Next step us to check the spares box to see if I have anything that can be used as road wheels.
  2. Funnily enough I’ve never worked in automotive but I have worked on inkjet and had fairly extensive training on colour science, I also worked on medical devices and was involved in a project to standardise the colours used in the sheet metal covers of the devices.
  3. Back bits. Again I’m waiting for my beads before adding the rivet detail.
  4. A quick coat of silver. Later in the build I’ll spray hairspray then red oxide and the camo colours so I can then weather back to bare metal in high wear areas.
  5. Tbh so long as you’re happy. There are so many factors relating to colour and colour perception that we may never know what a factory fresh 1917 PC10 looks like. There is no such thing as accurate colour, I prefer the term plausible colour. You can match a colour to a colour you have in hand, and the automotive industry does it but it takes a lot of technology and cost to do it. And if you think PC10 is difficult try figuring out what colour a MK IV heavy tank should be……
  6. Engine and cowling on the TF1. Decals, props and tail rigging on both and a rudder for the TF2 and we’re there.
  7. Personally I’d intersperse the old crappy kits with the more modern ones. There’s a great sense of achievement to be had in making a good model from a poor kit. Glencoe 1 Glencoe 2.
  8. Thanks, the suspension will be the difficult slow bit
  9. A bit more panelling. I’ll wait till my nail caviar arrives before tackling the rivets. A quick coat of neutral grey to see where any work is needed.
  10. PC10 was initially specified as a mix of yellow ochre and lamp black, so as you can imagine it must have varied from factory to factory and from batch to batch, add to that the variation possible in application and the result would probably be infinite variation on a green brown. In practice I just use the AK interactive PC10 early and PC10 Late over a coat of Tamiya khaki drab. Which I think generally gives pleasing results.
  11. A bit more work in the hull.
  12. Some cleanup and a coat of PC10 on the TF1 Which means both are pretty close to finished.
  13. Surprised I missed this one, you can count me in.
  14. after a quick cleanup and a coat of black, this will help with the final cleanup. Couldn’t resist adding some axles and dry fitting the wheels.
  15. I don’t think so, but I just have to build it For this GB I think I’ll build the Revell 1:72 tornado in the 25 year scheme.
  16. went on the interweb looking for that scheme and found this. One of the Tornados is definitely ending up in this scheme. Found it. Now I like that.
  17. Well if that qualifies I have a 1/72 and a 1/144 tornado in the stash.
  18. Various bits and pieces accomplished today but the most notable is the progress on the Salamander.
  19. TF1 rigging now completed. The TF2 now sports an engine and a cowling as well as cabane struts and cleaned up paintwork. Now where did I leave that rudder…
  20. Resin casting done, enough detail to do the job, although I may have to do a bit of engraving, still pleased with the results. Next some wheel cleanup and time to add the trans axles
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