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  1. 1/35 was going to be 1/24 but the model would have been just a bit big for my shelf space.
  2. Lower wing trimmed, shaped and scribed and attached along with the horizontal tail surfaces. Nose area next I think. More amarach
  3. Undercarriage on. Just the tail pipes and a few decals left. Not sure if I’ll fit any stores, for some reason I generally prefer not to.
  4. lower fuselage mouldings trimmed and inner liners attached. I was going to put these on the outside but by doing that they create a hip that isn’t there on the real thing. I’ll add some cross members as I’d start on the interiors next.
  5. Starting to skin Willie. Still sounds wrong…..
  6. Lower wing skinned and clamped. And set. I need to trim the ends and chord width, then set the diehedral and attach them to the fuselage.
  7. Beating the main parts of the F5B into submission.
  8. Which also means the Cromwell tank (meteor, a down rated Merlin) and M4A3(Ford V8) versions of the Sherman tank would qualify.
  9. Well both the RE8 and the BE2/12( I have one I the stash) had V engines so count me in. Both the Merlin and the DB600s were inverted V’s so I’m assuming they count.
  10. No, but now I need to go shopping…. Well at least I have a Foxbat or two.
  11. So what’s this I hear you ask. It’s a new wing bending/clamping jig wide enough to take the upper wing. My brass rod also arrived in the post yesterday, so should get the two sets of wings rolled and skinned tomorrow. More to follow.
  12. Personally I think that the, while there probably should be some flexibility in the 25% rule on a GB by GB basis eg the prototypes GB will probably get a lot more difficult and/or intricate builds than say an STGB where most of the builds will be completely kit based. So I suppose my two cents would be to have the Host choose wether to invoke the 25% rule or not.
  13. Might be a bit confusing as, if you think of it most of the subjects are designed for that purpose, just not to kill the owner/occupants.
  14. I make a punch list with good old pen and paper every so often. As you can see the Taube that was in the last KUTA will probably be in the next one
  15. Working my way through the posts I now have 19 of the 27 who either reconfirmed or said they’d build a 38(t) in their first reply.
  16. May I throw in a wildcard. What about SMER or PM both have been going since the seventies.…. Or even Mistercraft who are going since 2001 so scrape the technical definition of classic I.e. more than 20 years old.
  17. 6 down and 1 new signup. I’ve updated the first post to put an asterisk after the member names who’ve agreed to the new proposal.
  18. Well I’m up to help out, assuming I don’t have multiple GBs to run simultaneously and pending my health/employment/marital/sanity status for 2023.
  19. Owing to a dearth of STGB proposals for 2023 if we can get to 26 before the bunfight then we are a shoe in, so c’mon everyone let’s go build a few Juggernauts!!!! Now I have to figure out if I took my medication or not
  20. For me Italeiri and or Esci were right up there with Airfix and matchbox as a kid. So yes I’d vote for Italian classics.
  21. So we find ourselves at a strange crossroads. Owing to the inclusion of the 35(t) and the 38(t) we are officially a GB and need 30 signups and will get murdered (mardered ) in the bunfight… Due to the dearth of STGBs if we can redefine the GB as an STGB we are a shoe in. So I’m proposing we lose the less popular 35(t) and make this into a 38(t) STGB. Pita as it is could anyone who signed up confirm they’re ok with the change. Thanks for patience.
  22. No that’s fine ‘rules is rules’ so to speak I wasn’t sure myself. I’d say most builders would be going for the 38(t) so might not miss the other types and tbh the GB is unlikely to make it out of the bunfight as a regular GB Can we keep the 38(t) derivatives like the Marder and the Hetzer and still be an STGB?
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