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  1. Very nice George. I’ve built the Jeep it’s a lovely little kit.
  2. CA mixed with MIG metal pigments actually works well for fine gaps. My favourite filkers ( well it was Squadron green stuff until they stopped making it) are Tamiya putty, milliput and perfect plastic putty I do also like liquid green stuff. I keep all my fillers in a very large plastic screw top jar to keep them from drying out.
  3. Welcome again Enzo. As happens I’m focusing on finishing two academy kits (as well as my thunderbolts of course) they’re not the worst And also in a somewhat ironic twist SWMBO and junior are both at work and I’ve got some kind of bug so don’t feel at all like making models…
  4. Welcome Dave. I’m building the big brother of your kit and it’s extremely good, so long as you remember to fit the wing spars before closing up the fuselage…
  5. Yes er of course really easy ahem, oh look what’s that over there… oh and welcome to the GB.
  6. I think that would be a great idea, or even specific battles or campaigns.
  7. I’d agree we should definitely have a special GB but I think we should have some specific themes eg the fall of Berlin or Iwo Jima or even dioramas otherwise it may just devolve into just build stuff.
  8. If this one goes and I’m thinking it’ll be my excuse to scratch a 1/48 Saunders-Roe SR.A/1
  9. And this is half of build number two. It’ll be about 12 inches tall but I won’t use it as a rule…
  10. Welcome to the GB Adrian. I’m building two of the revell kits but I’m well past the point where your method would be feasible and I’m not up for the only alternate to cut and shut the belly…hmmm
  11. You might be able to revive them with microscale liquid decals. Alternatively if you can scan them and then reprint them in decal paper.
  12. Well I suppose my F100 might be getting lonely. But I’m definitely getting a better kit for this one if it happens…
  13. We did do De Havilland this year and there were many mosquitoes (including my now KUTA entry ) but not mosquitoes on their own. So yes sign me up.
  14. My part built aquatic panzer 38(t) got me thinking. What about a GB for amphibious machines. The likes of the Sherman DD the DUKW, the Amphicar or any aeroplane that lands on water. My Sablatnig My almost completed amphibious panzer 38(t) So that’s the proposal build in any scale anything that can go on land and or water. I suppose that does include toads, frogs and newts too 1. Me 2. @psdavidson 3. @Toryu 4. @2996 Victor 5. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 6. @Courageous 7. @zebra 8. @JOCKNEY
  15. Simple proposal while printing my Imperial probe droid it occurred to me that it would be nice to do a purely Star Wars themed GB. My Revell ARC170 So the proposal is for any vehicle or figure from any of the films, the many TV series or the books and comics in any scale. 1. me 2. @Trevor L 3. @psdavidson 4. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 5. @R T Fishall 6. @Thom216 7. @FG2Si
  16. First print. If I can find my memo card I’ll start the body print today.
  17. Welcome Rod, your very own blitzbuild looking great.
  18. Ah well another KUTA entry but I’m still chipping away on my Blackburn. Next year I will only enter one build per GB except for the tiger STGB.
  19. I’d class a paper project as ok and we can include those as long as there’s some evidence of design work. What we’re ruling out is the pure what ifs.
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