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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments. Looking forward to the new Airfix RAF version in the autumn!
  2. I thought someone here might be interested to see three different Buccaneer kits made up. The early Frog, 80's and recent Airfix models together in "flight" over the garden. Even with my lowly skills, you can see the massive jump in detail provided by the new Airfix version. The Frog decals were surprisingly mostly OK, wheras the early Airfix were just a struggle from start to end, leaving an odd waxy substance on top after drying.
  3. Fantastic! Than you for taking the time to do this. As soon as I hit the spacebar the photo appeared.
  4. Thanks! Like every other Hobby Boss kit I've built, the parts are well made and fit together well. I find the trickiest bit of the build (this is the third now, including the RSOV) is getting the wings and bulkhead to meet correctly towards the end. This is linked to the fact that placement of the engine gearbox sub-build in the chassis is done early on (and is a bit vague), and the radiator slam panel locates the wings towards the end. Make sure you test fit the wings and bulkhead before gluing the engine/gearbox in place. Do not leave/forget the radiator slam panel until the end - as I have done in the past!
  5. Hello all, my first RFI after lurking here for a year or two. I returned to modelling a few years back - to discover that my eyesight has declined sharply, and my fingers have turned into thumbs! I've made a couple of other versions of the Hobby Boss wolf - the fit of parts etc is excellent. I need to try a bit of wash weathering on the Landy, it still looks too new. I'm a bit divided on the colour for the SA80s, there are so many different photos out there of all black or part green.
  6. What a co-incidence! here she is flying over my desk after a near miss https://flic.kr/p/2gA5vZz
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