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  1. Anything for dash 8.....? as he “borrows” the thread
  2. Nicely done! looks like a lot of work went into these models I have to say, I was wondering what kind of Honda’s you get in EU when they’re rear wheel drive, till I read the text about a generic chassis
  3. That! is an absolute jewel of a work of art! A rainbow unicorn couldn’t be more amazing!
  4. Hahaha too many options can be a bad thing! ultimately it’s your model and you can paint it any way you choose, who can say you’re wrong? High time carbs were dirty greasy things Rebuilt/ remanufactured carbs were often shot peened and looked like polished aluminum so there’s another option.
  5. Looking really good! my experience (I may be wrong it’s just for memory) is the carburetors were cast aluminum alloy (aluminium for some?) which were a greyish silver with gold anodized moving parts (butterfly valves, shafts levers etc) to prevent corrosion/rust I have seen whole carburetor castings gold anodized as well but the coating was thin and still showed greyish in places. The only carbs I’ve seen with a really good strong gold color were were Holley competition carbs and the GM Rochester quadrajets. generators were always black
  6. The journey continues. Early test fitting of the interior module looked promising. Following the instructions, I assembled the sidewalls to the floor then the dash to the sidewalls. Sliding the assembled interior assembly into the shell revealed the test fit was lying. The sidewalls had a gap between the interior and exterior obvious at the window sill area...not truly unexpected. I removed the interior assembly and broke the glue joint at the dash to sidewalls and added shims to the joint, this caused a twist in the sidewalls from front to back...back to the drawing board. I re-remo
  7. A real quagmire....I know my buddies were miffed at me for painting a 440 6 pack "stock blue" A couple of friends toying with their rides did some wild paint work as well, One friend painted his engine to match the body colour of his (1969 convertible Impala) metallic black. A 1972 Chevy nova, gloss black on top white underneath, by underneath I mean the bottom of the car, chassis springs axle etc. (this looked kinda odd to me) not something I'd recommend. Another with a candy apple red 72 Firebird also with a candy apple red driveline (engine, trans, driveshaft and rear axle).
  8. The original had a Key in buzzer and seat belt starter interlock, Chrysler’s way of saying if you don’t buckle up you don’t drive! The starter would not turn if the seat belts were not fastened...a safety device that was easily and quickly defeated.
  9. still tinkering on the interior, I've added seatbelts to many dozens of model aircraft but, never to a model car. Well, to be honest I only have 5 model cars in my collection, this will be the 3rd one built...Since I was a teenager that is. I've cobbled together inertia lock seatbelts and latches from left over P.E. from a 1/32 Ju 88 Thanks for looking
  10. Thanks for looking and helping out with the information! I've got some interior work underway today, while I had the red out for the interior I added the "over-spray" to the under-body/ inner wheel tubs a couple of images of progress; flocking added to the floor, a friend told me it looks more like carpet and how to apply it. I have to say, I do like it. Although, the floor of my car wasn't usually this clean. Some of the tape left over from the seat painting;
  11. Greetings and welcome from another Canadian...named chris From the flat bald prairies of Saskatchewan Canada (so flat you can watch your dog run away from home for 4 days, 5 if you stand up)
  12. I knew a fellow who restored a 4 door 300, his story goes; the 300 was parked on his garage apron in front of his house, he picked up his motor home from storage, drove it home and parked beside the 300, tried to open the drivers door but it was too close to the 300 to open without door dinging the car so, he walked through the length of his motor home to the side rear exit door, opened that and still couldn’t exit due to the 300 blocking that door as well... 20 feet between doors, that’s some car!
  13. Thanks! feel free to nick anything here you may like! I spent a few hours looking for decals for the upholstery, the seats in the car were vinyl with plaid cloth inlay for the cushion (bum) area, I managed to find black and white plaid decals, but mine was blue and red. So...out at the ragged edge of what (I) can do with Tamiya masking tape, I cut lengths of tape into 1mm and .5mm strips, spent about 4 hours (off and on) masking the seats and then spraying them. They aren't exactly plaid (accurate) but as close as I can get to a representation of plaid. All painting done with Tamiya acryl
  14. Continuing my method (There's a method?) of jumping around in construction I've gotten back to the final drive and suspension system. Having finally determined the shape and mounting of the ralley bar on the rear suspension I've been able to cobble together a rough representation of that assembly. Here's the ralley bar bent to shape and fitted with bits of brass to simulate the mounting bushings The brass tabs on the axle are left over Luftwaffe seatbelt parts, now standing in as ralley bar mounts under construction now, the U bolts add a bit of detail fi
  15. Hi again Moving right along, the bottom of my car was, well, to be honest it was filthy but, in my defense this was a daily driver go to work and race on the weekends type of thing. The engine wasn't dressed in chrome and only mechanical issues were dealt with. I washed the car fairly often but didn't worry about the undercarriage. To that end, I've tried to make the bottom of my car as real as I remember. The rear axle misted (sweat) oil/grease which the spinning parts would deposit in a axial line on everything in sight, the transmission was the same. The black discs are
  16. Thank you very kindly! The front bulkhead...we used to call it a firewall until upgrade training said we need to be more professional and auto repair terminology needs to be more technical. So, Firewall became bulkhead because people don't want to hear the word fire used to describe an automotive component, and with that...we don't have an under-hood fire we have an under-hood, undesirable thermal event... Anyway, the front firew... bulkhead I have to give AMT full marks for details here! from the right, (as viewed) Bendix Hydrovac brake booster, master cylinder with 2 lin
  17. Thank you very much! I wasn't happy with the spark plug leads so, I picked up some tailored orange wire and replaced the home made stuff I had made, this also gave me an opportunity to add the valve cover plug wire clips...don't ask how many of these tiny little buggers "poinked" out of the tweezers never to be found! I've started or, re-started work on the interior as well (still jumping around) as well, some detail work on the console Thanks for looking PS. I buggered up the firing order, I got cylinders #4 and #3 crossed at the distri
  18. Hahahaha thanks! I may yet re-wire the ignition system...see how enthusiastic I am. The engine still needs a throttle return spring and other details as well. I added the brownish colored varnish to the alternator stator, it always seemed quite apparent to me. charcoal return canister, it was present as an early evaporative emissions control...didn't work well with the engine in use though, but covers the pin/hole nicely AMT did a pretty nice job on the brake master, I've pinched my fingers under the lid retaining cl
  19. Thanks! I'm happy to be amongst such great modellers! I've added a few more details to the engine, the accessory drive isn't glued on yet and I need to do some paint touch up's here n there... Thanks for looking
  20. Hi John the engine that went into my charger was a 1969 HP 440, originally from a Charger, it’s biggest difference was a drop forged steel crankshaft, instead of a cast iron crank. When I got hold of it, it was orange/red. I repainted it after it’s overhaul “stock blue” (because I like blue)...but you’re correct, I’ve seen older “original” Mopar engines painted orange/red, also, this “Chrysler blue”, Ford blue, turquoise, gloss black and red...may depend on who did a rebuild?? I’m not exactly sure when Chryco. went from orange/red to blue engines, possibly very early 70’s to be
  21. Thank you very kindly!! the encouragement is appreciated!! I was puttering away here working on the engine, the tires, the wheels...ok. you get the idea. The look of the carbs bothered me, just something odd (even after adding details) Then I figured out the problem, I could see right down into them, there should be boost venturi in the throats of the carbs...well, all but the primary which has a choke plate and is hard to see into. Here's the assembly with a small piece of .045" brass tube soon to be cut into 1mm lengths and simulate boost venturi in the carbs;
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