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  1. Thanks! like Moa...but not as good, I like a lot civil aviation stuff, possibly because of the great range of color schemes...? I’ll have to try building something with a lav. In it now I guess...
  2. Thanks a lot! The tape method was far easier than making "panoramic windows" for my turbo single Otter projects (since you mentioned "Otter") I wondered if you would like to see them (2 of 3) in 1/48 conversions of the old Hobbycraf Canada kits; this is all done with paint by the way, no decals...well, OK. a couple of decals ..the registrations. Thanks for looking
  3. Just completed; Thanks for looking Constructive comments welcome but remember, I strive for mediocrity.
  4. Hi all Calling the twin Otter completed, I dropped the ball with the decals in the end with them being the wrong font, color, out of register and not settling in place (I tried 3 different decal solvents, finally settling on Mr Mark Setter) Ok, the font and color were my fault because I didn't have the right decals and didn't notice till too late. Thank you for looking and to all those who offered suggestions and help along the way!
  5. The kit’s windows fit is good, no trouble with the fit at all they’re just thick and the newer parts (Revell?) have sink marks in the centers of them.
  6. Thanks! I use a kit clear part or scriber guide if possible to cut the tape to size. The tape goes on the outside of the model and I burnish it down once placed with a wood stir stick. I use the backing sheet for Bare Metal Foil to lay the tape on to cut, the tape comes off the foil backing cleanly and easily with no marks or lines. I add the Future (if and where I can) only to seal in the sticky side of the tape so it doesnt collect dust and crud....clear?...as tape?? The model finds itself up on floats at the end of work tonight. fiddling with the fit of the struts etc. conti
  7. Thank you very much! I went in to this build all pumped up from seeing @thorfinn 's Twin Otter build hoping I could finally get one finished and on the shelf. It looks like this may be the one...after failing to complete the last 2 and just throwing one away (and using one for a mule on this build) I am finally happy (ish) with the build... My mediocrity standard being maintained. I've fitted wings windows and have begun working on getting some floats under it. Some pics; the windows were made from single sided self adhesive transparent acetate sheet... (Scotch Tape) once
  8. Thanks! im in Saskatoon...Regina got a skiff of it, Skyped my daughter in Calgary...nothing, my sister in Edmonton cold but no snow. I guess just Saskatoon got the dump! And what a dump it was! Looking across the street at my neighbors house I see a pile of snow over 5 feet high. My wife videoed me disappearing into a drift when I was snow blowing!
  9. I've spent the day with a shovel a snow blower and helping stuck neighbors (got about 3 feet of snow overnight) but my gas guzzling 2002 4X4 Dodge Ram (with studded winter tires saw me through my daily tasks) Back in the hobby room with a coffee and some Netflix to relax (don't say chilling!!) I've got a bunch of color on the Otter, you can now see the direction I'm going with this build. There's definitly going to be some touch up work required but the Tamiya lacquers make gloss paint a breeze. Making masks: gloss green: and the light and da
  10. My personal opinion, leave it gloss. From the pictures it looks just right. but again...just an opinion
  11. Thanks! I appreciate the positive support!! Gloss white paint on finally, white, especially shiny white is hard for me to do. I primed the model with Tamiya acrylic flat white (fixed a few issues) then shot Tamiya lacquer gloss white for the shine. The kit supplies decals for C-GJAW overall white with an all blue vertical stab and rudder with a seagull outline in yellow but, my plan is to make a mask (no silhouette cutter here) for the newer paint scheme with the slightly different outline of the gull in two tone white and gray and green 2 tone blue and white... (obviously)
  12. Thanks, you are quite correct, the PVA is currently only being used to mask the openings, all of it will eventually be removed and replaced with more suitable window material
  13. like I thought...it took me a few tries to get a windshield fitted into the model but, now that I have and I'm fairly happy with the fit and the master, maybe I can use it to make a better one even...? the rest of the openings filled with PVA, I'll clean up when it dries and be able to begin priming the model. Thanks for looking
  14. Great to see another project on the go, you are relentless with turning clumps of plastic into amazing little jewels! oh yes....congratulations on joining the democratic free world...it’s amazing being free!
  15. Hi Ash I’ve built 110’s in 1/32 and the canopy is tough to mask! I can only imagine the task in 1/72 scale! If you can, check Eduard and see if they make a die cut canopy mask set, there are others that do custom fit masks that are easily the best way of doing such a job. otherwise, if trying to do it yourself, I’d suggest cutting strips of tape to mask only the horizontal strips, paint those, remove the tape masks, then cut new strips mask the vertical lines and paint those, but still....a lot of work
  16. Thanks I agree, the resin part looks like a real improvement on the kit...about time this kit got some loving! Now we need a new tool in 1/48...or even 1/35 (I'd suggest 1/32 but this aircraft lends itself nicely to the military and military figures) I'd buy at least 6 of them (if decently accurate and with floats) in 1/48 for sure! I'm hoping to use acetate for the windows
  17. Thanks! A bit more tinkering done today, this is where I'm at at the end of the day. Quilting added to the flight deck; seats all built painted and glued in; next step is closing up the fuselage halves I hope... Thanks for looking
  18. Hahaha! you’ve set the bar! I’m only trying to reach it, (I’ve raised my level of mediocrity) no bathroom in this one...the Beech 200 Kingair just finished should have had one stbd side aft. Just across from the entry door...if I’d put an interior in it.
  19. Thanks. Indeed, I slid off the tops of those as a young apprentice way back in long lost youth. The good thing about it was that the aircraft was in a hangar, the bad thing about it was the hangar floor was concrete. I learned to step carefully after that! A couple more hours at the bench have seen me tinker with getting the 100 series nose shape to my liking and after getting tired of that I began making interior items. If you read above (somewhere back a bit) I mentioned the nose being too flat (viewed from the front) the next couple of images show my trying to figure out the
  20. I’ve had to move the decimal point for awesomeness 3 places to the right for this one! “Well done” is an understatement but being otherwise speechless it’s all I could come up with...
  21. like Wiley Coyote's sign outside his cave? "Wiley Coyote Jeenus at work" ?
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