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  1. Not really following what could be called a logical assembly sequence, I've spent a couple of hours on the main gear sponson. I'm keeping the landing gear locator holes as a reference point, may leave them alone for strength. wheel bays cut open and landing lights under construction; some of the behind the scenes stuff; test fitting; I think it looks better. Thanks for looking
  2. Alex, I plan on rough masking the openings either by rolling tape around the inside of the window frames or foam, and then painting the model...if I get that far in the build...
  3. Amazing pace until the proverbial 7/8" combination flat spanner was deposited into the rotating inter-meshing cog wheel assembly resulting in an abrupt halt of all forward momentum and swift parabolic decent to the fascia....(I made a mistake, or Broplan did and I have had to take a few steps backward) I finished adding the details to the flight deck and remembered to add some ballast; cabin internals added and glued in; Fuselage sides joined up...Only to find the rear sections are different lengths, I do remember matching pieces long ago and thinking the mismatch co
  4. WOW! Yes, I forgot about the orange buffoon (baboon?) (grand poohbah?) Sorry you folks have to deal with that issue for another month or two? I'll take snow over that any day!
  5. Great work! and beautiful view!! I’d post pics of my view but who wants to see snow drifts 5 feet deep!?
  6. A bit more work in the office, may be able to close the fuselage...sorry, try, to close the fuselage soon. I added some panels and decals to "busy up" the flight deck Some tabs added to hold the office in place during the coming handling, filling sanding etc. Test fit, looks like eveything still fits, the instrument panel cover is fitted as well (absent from the picture) needs flat black paint and that should be the last piece...? Thanks for looking
  7. Id have to agree with that comment...thin doesn’t begin to describe the parts in some places! Two dimensional may come close. The kit is see through thin at the rear of the front fuselage halves as well as at the flat portion on the belly (soon to be covered or hacked away and replaced with something resembling the corrugated metal of the real plane. I should also mention the 5 pieces making up the wing, once cut out are all different sizes and shapes. I aligned the trailing edges of the tops and bottoms and had to build a ledge to fill a gap at the leading edge as the bottom halves overhung
  8. I searched the hobby room looking for the sponson until I realized I'd built it and re-shaped it to make a master to cast parts for my first ATR model (Doh!) Finally locating it in my box of molds I began cleaning it up for use on this model. It's not vital to upgrade (side grade?) the sponson but the kit part sticks out unrealistically. I have pictures of the real plane, specifically the sponson and it is a smooth aerodynamic fairing, mine isn't perfect either but better than the kit part. I still have to scratch together the trailing arm type main gear, remove the shallow cast in wheel bays
  9. I have worked (my whole working career) as an automotive mechanic, one of my best friends (was) Director Of Maintenance (DOM) at a local regional carrier called WestWind Aviation they had 5 ATR 42's on fleet. (he eventually hired me as the ground equipment mechanic) (GSE technician) but....before all that, I heard about the problems ATR's had keeping A/C working so I sent him an email from the garage I worked at to the tune of "Having A/C problems with your ATR? Here at the Auto Doctor we look after all your A/C needs...even ATR's can be cool in the summer with an A/C checkover by our highly q
  10. Thanks Ray!...don't look to closely though!! I've taken some time to add a bit of an interior, I built a basic floor and risers for the seats...loooots of seats!!; the kit instrument panel is undersized and oddly shaped, I used some algebraic math formulas some geometry, trigonometry, a sliding rule and then gave up and used a piece of fine solder to get a copy bend of the fuselage interior to make my own instrument panel (sure hope it fits) I actually did no math, I'm math handicapped...which is why I made 4 seats too many. there are risers on the flig
  11. Wowsers! Nicely done!! Push button automatic trans. and electric windows!...she was loaded. The Chrysler push button automatic equipped cars could be "push started" due to having a secondary output shaft driven oil pump...little known fact there for ya. (totally useless information,)
  12. No, sorry...no dropped flaps. I'll be happy to complete the model and, Moa....no lavatory.
  13. Thanks for looking in and keeping me company...it's a little lonely in vacland. I sent guys in the local club some pictures and the replies suggested I get help... A few pics of the work done to date, Broplan has very kindly engraved outlines where the cabin windows should be, unfortunately the outlines are nowhere near straight, symmetrical or even the same size. I used another kit in the stash to make a template for new cabin windows, shot flat black through the template and cut out the black painted areas...windows. I will now have to fill and erase the Broplan offerings. an
  14. Thanks I’ll most likely do the same thing with the current build (ATR) and try to remember to take pics as I go, in case you (or anyone) may want to try it
  15. Thanks, I have the added benefit of having tackled one of these previously, not that the build will be any better just that I know there will be problems to work through. I'm filling in the "risers" from the bottom on the wing that the engines would glue to. These will be sanded off for the resin engines to be fitted later; and one of the engines that will be fitted later; beginning to assemble the wing, the steel bar is a spring steel support for an automobile windshield wiper CA'd into the wing Thanks for looking.
  16. May be (if ever finished) in the markings of Summit Air. (a regional Canadian airline) This is the left over (spare) kit I bought in case I buggered up on the first ATR kit I built and converted to the short bus 42-300 with resin molds made for the landing gear sponson, flap tracks and engines I figured it'd be kind of crazy to just leave this one in the stash and feeling kind of happy with myself for finally finishing a Matchbox DHC-6...I figured I'd give it a go. The box top; using solder to copy the cross section and build formers; don't talk
  17. Thanks for correcting that error, no idea what got into me...making that mistake! amended now, thanks again!!
  18. That’s sooooo freakin awesome!! I have this kit...in the box where it maintains all its future artistic potential, once I start working on it, the potential work of art is gone and it’s just another model. I’ll live my dreams through your build now!!
  19. Thanks guys! this means a lot to me! Such accomplished modellers here I’m very happy to get positive feedback!! I first built this (Matchbox) model in the mid 1990’s but it was a horrible job. I tried again with a Revell in the early 2000’s and it beat me again. My most recent failure was about 5 years ago again with the Airfix kit. The model shown here is using Matchbox wings with Revell fuselage and floats. Very happy to finally have a DHC-6 on the shelf...I believe the molds may have deteriorated from the earlier releases with the newer ones having a lot of flash, missing panel
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