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  1. Thanks folks! I made up some company names and registrations (the reg's. are spurious because I lost a sheet of transfers.) Did I mention I used old sheets of dry transfer letters to get the names and reg's? Yup...that was tricky. I also borrowed a couple of escape hatch decals from a Amodel 1900 and the Canadian flags behind the office windows form a Matchbox DHC-6. The pimpin out is almost completed and detail work can probably begin soon (antennas, gear doors etc) My references showed spoilers with a cross hatch on the upper wings. That looked like something I'd have to do;
  2. You guys wanna chat on your own time? Kidding. A marathon of masking and painting (a full day of masking) less time to paint but I'm fairly happy so far...decals would've been nice! Here's some images of the work completed today; Some of the masses of tape used here; Thanks for looking
  3. undercarriage fitted (wheels not glued on yet due to still needing flat spots) should be able to set it up on it's pegs tomorrow...
  4. Thanks guys! I spent a bit of time (waiting for paint to dry) working on wheels and props. amongst other things. As I was working on the props I was less and less impressed by them but, I did them up to completion. I may yet saw the blades off (a couple are warping and show seams) and re-do with sheet plastic. Thanks for looking
  5. Thanks! yes airbrushed and, dry to the touch in minutes (that’s why I feel safe leaving it this way) but...DO NOT mask it for at least 24 hours! Experience says it will take on marks from the tape that will need to be sanded out...ask me how I learned that tough lesson. the flat paint can be masked minutes after spraying with no problem but the gloss is a different issue
  6. The fun continues...actually it's not a task (I may make it seem like a hard job but, I'm spoiled) The 2nd coats of Tamiya lacquer gloss white have gone down nicely and the model is parked a while to allow curing before masking for more colors. It should look better with some color on it... Thanks for looking
  7. Thanks very much! I've got the first couple of shots of Tamiya gloss white on tonight, I'll put on a 2nd coat tomorrow and let that cure a day before handling again Thanks for looking
  8. Thanks for encouraging me along mates! I've added a bit of detail to the nose gear (while primer dries) here's the nose gear; clear part cobbled up and installed on the tail stinger; white primer/microfiller on the model and found a couple more problems (nothing more filler and sanding cannot remedy) thanks for looking
  9. finally getting around to adding some details to the main gear, brake lines and the white disc is for a retraction arm (yet to be made) As well, I've cut off the tail cone and re-worked it a bit to use to plunge form a clear tail light cover which will replace the white plastic one. Here's the main gear being worked on again; the tail cone should be clear; work continues Remember, I strive for mediocrity Thanks for looking
  10. Progress made still and knowing I hadn't found all the issues, cracks misfits etc. on the model, I gave it a quick shot of Tamiya XF-19 to reveal any and all problems I couldn't see. To be honest there weren't as many as I was expecting but still more than I was hoping for. back to the putty and sand paper for now. Thanks for looking
  11. Contrary to my better judgement, I'm still progressing on the ATR model, the main gear has come in to some attention and TLC today. After building a main gear leg up and dry fitting it to the model, I turned the model over to check the stance and the gear leg dropped out of place hit the floor and vanished...I searched for quite a while with no joy. I gave up started to scratch build another and dropped it as well! I was getting pretty frustrated looking for tiny little parts on the floor. My wife came to see what the commotion was (It's not often she hears furniture being moved in the hobby r
  12. Thanks! Like the Twotter, I'm masking the cabin windows with PVA glue. I have applied that as we speak...(as I type I guess) Running with an idea that popped into my nogging while painting the black marks for the cabin windows, I shot paint through the flight deck windows onto tape, stuck that tape to clear acetate (packing for a toothbrush) and cut out the window shapes, the result was not too shabby giving me nice clear cockpit windows. here's the clear plastic with the painted tape stuck behind; cockpit windows glued in with PVA; The kit wheels are.....yuc
  13. Thanks! I'd be quite happy to see someone else build one!!
  14. Just spent an hour or so reading and catching up on this build, great job and great progress...decals, love them or, hate them they're always my Kryptonite.
  15. All the airplane shaped parts are all finally in place, the upper rear fairing of the wing to fuselage joint is still taking filler and attention to fair in but I think that may be the last big job. I've begun adding some grills to the sponson and work has started on the main gear and wheels. undefined Thanks for looking
  16. The sponson is faired in and, so far looking ok. and work has commenced on fitting the main wings; almost a full tube of Tamiya putty so far on this model. Thanks for looking
  17. I didn’t think I could build a vacuform kit either... until I did. Not that I’m any good at it... Don’t let them scare you, it’s a good opportunity to build something you may never get in I.M. form. between Broplan and me it funny I’m this far along... Thank you, I wouldn’t consider myself a master...experienced yes, but not a master.
  18. A little more accomplished today. Empennage built up and seams filled. Beware anyone building this kit, the panel lines each side of the vertical stabilizer and top and bottom of the horizontal stabilizers are not symmetrical top to bottom or side to side. Much filling and re-scribing is need required to make the panel lines match from side to side...let alone accurate. Kit flap track/followers on the left, sheet plastic (and resin) copy replacements on the right Sponson painted inside and fitted, filler and sanding (the rule of this build) underway
  19. Ice shields. Since I sanded them off the DHC-6 to better represent the aircraft I was trying to build, I've decided I should add them to this model. The ice shields are offset from side to side relative to how the ice would fly when thrown from the props. Higher up on the port side lower on the stbd. side. I've made mine using a template cut from a roll of post it note type tape (very low tack) transferred that template to .005" sheet styrene cut out and glued that to the model. Here's the paper (tape) templates; test fitting/tweaking the fit; stbd side glued in
  20. Still plugging away...A buddy in the local club suggested I am a glutton for punishment...Based on this example, I'd have to agree. however, moving right along...nav. lights installed; before and after a bit of incentive, what it should look like if I keep at it; Thanks for looking
  21. Soooo what was originally a dissimilar length in fuselage halves has been fixed (ish) and a new problem cropped up during re-assembly, my fault for poor workmanship. During reassembly I misaligned the rear halves to the front halves creating a step in the run of side windows oddly the panel lines are aligned. I have coped with the misalignment by adding a sheet of .005" sheet styrene above the windows on the port side and below the windows on the starboard side, re trimmed the windows square (ish) and am fairing in the scab patches with Tamiya filler. Will this never end?! fitting out the
  22. Thanks, what looks like a dark art is just elbow grease. I cut the tubes with an Imp (short for Imperial tools...not affiliated with Star Wars) mini pipe cutter, glue them in place and sand to profile with coarse to progressively finer sanding sticks. I make my own sanding sticks with tongue depressors and auto body sanding discs. In this case I glued the tubes to the sponson with “loctite” brand CA. Roughed the shape with 80/100 grits then finer and finer until I could polish them with a tri grit Squadron polishing stick. Although I have, in the past used my band saw to cut brass tube to a
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