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  1. Thanks mates! last few pics went to RFI. thanks for looking in on me here!
  2. finished in 3 days, my first attempt at a stick and tissue plane. It almost built itself; As usual, I strive for mediocrity Thank you for looking.
  3. So, the model is rigged and the paint is drying on the "wires" the next few pics should be in the RFI section....I really thought the model would be a lot harder and take much more time than...2 days, 3 if you count letting paint dry overnight. stringing the rigging and tensioning them; Thank you for looking
  4. It is an enduring kit! As far as I could see the only new parts would (could?) be the 48 piece jigsaw puzzle, a small manufacturers sticker and a decal. I believe the casting is (in my opinion) sharper and cleaner than some new tool releases.
  5. I have to think I'm doing something wrong or missed something...this is going too fast (so far) little pilot dude all painted up; He's looking over the work so far; the wash is a little too stark, I'll clean that up, or off. Thanks for looking
  6. Beautiful job on the floats, struts and spreader bars! Will you have to add....Or did they have cross bracing rigging as well? That would be as close as I’ve gotten to biplane rigging, doing the cross brace rigging on float planes (and only a few of those) in the way of Beavers Otters and Cessna’s
  7. I agree! I got barrelling along and couldn’t stop. To be honest it’s a fairly simple kit compared to my usual fair of 1/32 air superiority fighters (or civil airliners) Also the fit, once the misaligned alignment pins were sanded off, is very good. I’ll be back at it in a hour or so today
  8. Thanks for coming along on my adventure! I should have (probably) looked to see how others had done the kit but...it's an adventure right! Assembly is progressing very quickly, it helps that its a simple kit with very few parts and is amazingly well cast. The parts are quite sharp and clean. A couple of images of the work as of quitting time tonight; the pilot suggested a back rest might be nice so, I cut a oval from .010" and cut it in half and glued that to the fuselage top. Nice pilot figure by the way, all cleaned up glued together and awaiting his ride being finished
  9. This is uncharted territory for me, having never built a pre war...(Jurassic?) aircraft model before. The kit was given to me buy a local club member who in turn had received it as a gift from a family member from years ago. The kit immediately hit my "that's an interesting model" button and had to be tackled. I searched for some spokes for the wheels but gave up finding anything then viewed some videos on making spoke wheels for models. Mine are crude but may look better with grass and dirt applied to them. Here's some images of the kit as of today;
  10. beautiful gloss shine! Sunset aint too shabby either!! Here in central Saskatchewan the sun rises in the southeast in the morning (morning being a relative term) if you still call 9:00 ish AM. morning and sets (also in the south) at about 4-4:30 CST great for spending time in the model room (the lair as my wife calls it) building models.
  11. Hmmmmm...ya ok, maybe that'll light a fire under me to do that DHC-8 to a 300 project I've been thinking (procrastinating) about
  12. Hahaha I am looking at a Hobbycraft Canada DHC-8 100 thinking of making a conversion to a -8 300...I've managed to talk myself out of it previously so here's hoping I can do it again.
  13. Them's some loud colors hey?! I'm out but, I wish you all the best
  14. Exactly Ray! Just trim it slightly wider than the window opening and your good to go. but....no clear coat, the tape seam actually just kind of disappears quite nicely all by itself still looking at the Broplan Dassault Falcon 900 but waiting hopefully and patiently (a bit) from Amodel
  15. Thanks very much mates! I was too late to get the resin “Liberty Quality Kits” ATR models and pre-ordering the “Scratch Aeronautics” kit left me spending my money but getting no kits (I think the term is ripped off) so this was my only route available. A tough go but I really wanted an ATR Kit in 1/72 scale.
  16. Beautiful work as always! reading though some of the posts and about the perfection of modelling horizon reminds me, wasn't it you who came up with the term "the sanding event horizon" where you check fit, (too tight), sand a bit, check fit, (still too tight), sand a bit, check fit ...too loose?
  17. Thanks! I imagine it could have been better (by someone better at vacs) but, for me I’m fairly happy with it
  18. Thanks for the encouragement along the way as well!!
  19. Quite a job for a mediocre modeller such as myself Broplan ATR 72 with much scratch building and cobbling; and wit the 42 (built from this same kit, just sawed off) Comments welcome but keep in mind, I strive for mediocrity
  20. Thanks a lot! I'm certain the positive comments helped carry on through the build! final details have been added, all the ones I could think of, I'm sure I missed things but for now... The gear doors came in for a bit of work, they are a complicated set of doors and bi-fold doors and flaps etc. new (folded) doors wing walkways marked out (decal stripe) Aaannnndd...ibidee ibidee ibidee that's all folks Thanks for helping out with comments and encouragement along the way
  21. Thanks, very much!! A while back...on another build (Twin Otter) I mentioned making my cabin windows from "Scotch Tape" by first laying a strip of tape on a easy release backing (Bare Metal Foil backing sheet in this case) So I took some pictures as I was making cabin windows for this model. Here's the BMF backing sheet, with most of the bare metal foil used look carefully, a strip of Scotch Tape is on the left side of the BMF backing here, most of the tape has been cut and used on the model, using this sheet doesn't mark the glue on the tape and leaves it very
  22. I'll take that as a compliment coming from the scratch master!
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