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  1. Such attention to detail and watch making skills, inspires me to try to strive to a higher level in my own work...I’ll never do it but it does inspire! seat belt and life vest on...
  2. I got the ugly seams dealt with and the gloss white paint touched up, I began getting the gloss dark green on where I could (no masking) I will leave the fresh gloss white another day before masking to put apply the green hull bottom, wing tips etc. The engines with .020" solder for push rod tubes; The fuselage, patched up and re-painted. I really need to start taking pics with my phone, the camera is much better than my Canon DSLR The "Brunswick" green...or at least my version of it. Thanks for looking
  3. Thanks guys! I was looking at reference images, the instructions call for "Brunswick green" for the green areas, and "Marine blue" for the engine nacelles. My reference pics seem to be burnt black on the engine nacelle tops and dark green below...I guess it's not the first time color call-out's have been off. I also noticed I made a mistake in using the recommended fold away underwing landing lights, the plane I'm building is supposed to have rectangular lenses in the wing leading edge with two landing lights per side (drat!) also, the plane has spinners (not included in the kit, but than
  4. Thanks guys! It is an awesome little kit!! and great fun to build.
  5. Thanks the decals offer an option for a white with green trim Saskatchewan C-FAFO (where I live) so it’s going to be that one.
  6. Maybe we'll end up with a CL-215-415 mini group build eh? Be advised, the model takes a lot of primer to cover the nuclear powered glow in the dark neon yellow molded color. I used 4 coats of Tamiya fine white surface primer on the model and almost got it to a grayish color. I put on 3 more coats of Tamiya lacquer flat white then 3 coats of gloss white...it's almost white now! This is my home made metal landing gear with a coat of Vallejo aluminum (aluminium here I guess?) and the model (dry fitted together here Thanks for looking
  7. Back again, after having removed the main gear leg parts from the parts tree and bending one of them during clean up I realized they are probably (possibly?) too weak to handle the weight of the model. Not wanting to stop long enough to get replacement metal landing gear I undertook to build my own, Here (so far) is the result of that effort. I still have to make scissor links but the gear itself should be strong enough to support the model. I made the gear legs from salvaged spring steel from automotive windshield wiper blades brass tube and brass sheet cut to shapes. Crude but hopefully
  8. I was innocently browsing topics wondering if Moa had started another build thread somewhere...when I came upon the subject of a aircraft I hadn’t heard of with a name I couldn’t pronounce and new it had to be him! a day late getting here and the model is already moving along at a pace! With a humorous master at the helm building muscles as he goes! Beware the sanding event horizon (Beware the sanding Jaberwoke!) I will admit to looking like the guy in the pile of plastic sanding dust after building the ATR 72
  9. Thanks!! A brief interlude; working on a "back burner" project came up with an idea of how to (possibly) obtain a Dash 8 200/ 300 from a 100... make a mold "in place" of the shapes I need and make my own fuselage plugs. back on the back burner now and off to work on the 215 Thanks for looking
  10. Thanks for the information, I may not bother too much about inaccuracies on the 415 when I get to it (although you never know) I was planning for these two to be out of the box builds... A couple of shots of all the seam work I had to do; Ok, so no filler needed on the wing yet A couple of spots on the upper fuselage the nose plug took a bit but, most of it came off in feathering the edge A gap at the cabin roof to fuselage was noted A shim of .020" filled it in nicely (so far) enough goofing off at the
  11. Appreciate the comments!! I ran into a bit of a fit issue with the engine to wing assembly, the airfoil shape of the top wing surface being lower mid chord than the undercut of the engine resulting in a gap. This may be dur to my assembly method and with the CL-415 I will check the fit before gluing the upper wing half to the lower because a simple push up in the mid chord area would solve the problem. Not that it was all that tough to remedy here, I just shimmed the bottoms of the engines with a sliver of .010" sheet...with the plus that I also raised the nacelle above the flap which loo
  12. How true! Good thing my hobby is indoors! back to work...a quick test fit showed a simple butt type joint between the inner and outer upper wing sections. It was flimsy and uncertain, it would be covered by the engine nacelle but I figured it should be helped a bit. I made a fishplate for the joint; and closed up the fuselage halves (seam lines under construction at this time) Thanks for looking
  13. Thanks! Awesome video as well...Damn he's low!! I made a slight improvement on a couple of kit parts and painted some of the cabin spaces...All of the cabin spaces actually. My "improvement", wing stall fences; automotive wheel balancing sticky weights for a total of 28 grams up front (1 oz to my Southern neighbors) painted and dirtied: Thanks for looking
  14. Thanks to the folks posting info to clear up the differences, agreed they're subtle enough for me to have missed any... To my eye the aircraft reminds me of the flying Winnebago from Spaceballs!! Ludicrous speed, Barf as second mate and "Just what we need...a Druish princess!" I wondered off there for a second (and now I'l looking for Spaceballs on Netflix) but I'm back now...maybe Thanks for comments.
  15. Saskatoon, freezing my nuts off in -30 today! hows Fort Mac treating you?
  16. Nice but waaay too much work to get the graphics, plus the radial engine one has Sask. decals and I'm in Sask. so that's a no brain. What separates the 215 turbine from the 415? Looks identical to me. I asked a guy who worked on them he said there were big differences...not seeing it here.
  17. I opened this kit yesterday, shook the box and some of the parts were built...well, not really but it is going together quite quickly. I had this 215 in my stash as well as a 415, I had thought I could build them concurrently but common sense (I know, it isn't common) suggested that was a really stupid idea (I sometimes have the attention span of a beagle) so I may try building them consecutively. Having looked in both the boxes it appears the parts are nearly all the same in both kits other than turbine engines, extra stabilizers on the empennage, and winglets on the 415. It is a fa
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