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  1. 31 minutes ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Wait, this is magic!  How did you clean up the wing/fuselage seam after painting it and assembling it with the fuselage?  It looks very well smoothed over.  Thanks for sharing!

    That’s Vallejo water based putty, smoothed out with a damp finger and a quick blast of Tamiya acrylic gloss white


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  2. 2 hours ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Nice!  This is hardly "mundane" fare amidst all the other models of military aircraft.  It's really striking!  But oh, that yellow plastic!  I understand Heller's "rationale," but still--I can see images of it even after I close my eyes.  Excellent job in covering that over.

    True, before I primed and painted the model i could see the yellow plastic glowing in the dark across the hall from the bedroom at night.

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  3. I have added most of the decals I'm going to use, to be honest the Revell kit decals are junk! they're out of register and made of... cardboard. I struggled my way through getting some in place but the multi colored ones failed me and almost got the whole project pitched into the garbage. A walk away and a cup of coffee sorted out the mood and I pulled off the Revell decals, masked and painted the important ones (others will be left off) the Heller Saskatchewan decals given me by a friend who wasn't using them worked perfectly.






    Rant over back to building

    Thanks for looking

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  4. Good progress! Well done.
    Will be nice to see it come together

    when I worked at the local airport here there were about 20 F 28’s next door for many years, the last few years there’s been a loader and digger destroying them all (“Canadian Regional” surplus I guess) I doubt any of them were still airworthy by their appearance.

    pulling up a chair for the build.

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  5. It's a bit of a mundane topic compared to the fighters and jets on here...but it's progressing.

    I used a ton of masking tape and had a devil of a time getting that tape to stay down with all the rivets (A smarter man would have sanded them off)






    Thanks for looking

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  6. I sprayed the model with Tamiya fine white surface primer (rattle can) then acrylic white and finally with Tamiya lacquer gloss white, much masking to do yet to get the green stripes on the engines etc. as well as remove a seam on the nose before the flat black goes on.


    Thanks for looking

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  7. Thanks very much guys!

    23 minutes ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Beautifully done!  Did you already clear-coat it?  If you dare, you might consider masking the green hull areas where you got a tiny bit of green seepage onto the white along the line of demarcation, and use a cotton rag and plastic polish to gentry remove the green paint.  Or just leave it the way it is, as it's most striking!  I especially enjoy the contrast between the flat, exhaust-stained areas, and the gloss white / green of the aircraft.

    oddly enough I didn’t see the paint creep until after I posted the pics! Since it’s acrylic green over lacquer white I buffed it away with Tamiya polishing compound on a Qtip, sharp eye there! Thanks!!

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Moa said:

    That's a truly beautiful model! And in record time! And of a plane that does wonderful things and renders a very useful service!

    Excellent job and ably dealt with the tricky parts.

    Now I REALLY want one of those 😁

    Thanks! Coming from a true master of civil aviation I’ll definitely accept that!!


    6 minutes ago, dnl42 said:

    That looks outstanding! :thumbsup:

    thank you very much!

    4 minutes ago, dogsbody said:

    Wow! That came out great, even with those Saskatchewan markings! ( sorry, as I've been in Alberta for 40 years, I couldn't pass up a dig at our eastern neighbour ).





    Ill take that , thank you, at least you didn’t say from the province you can watch your dog run away from home for 4 days, 5 if you stand up!

    Maybe the 415 now...

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  9. well...wait no longer, the masking just came off (overspray mostly polished out where it happened) and beginning to move ahead with assembly again.

    I painted the nacelle's two tone blue (both dark blue, one metallic) and mixed the blue with equal parts black






    The tape on the bottom is to protect the finish until the wheels can be attached

    Thanks for looking

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  10. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words!

    A marathon of masking and the overall green is on, I'll let this set up (dry) a bit before allowing my usually impatient self from handling it too much and ending up with a thumb print in the fresh paint.




    That's all I've got for now

    Thanks for looking


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