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  1. Yeah, I feel this idea is more a "When-If" then a "What-if" Right?! More retirement money It's the Kitty Hawk 1/48 pig of a kit Good eye Thanks again everybody! Steven
  2. To solve US Navy‘s Super Hornet/tanker problem, Lockheed Martin offered a new purpose-built F-35 to fill the role of carrier-based tanker. The new F-35s are dubbed E’s and doesn’t have weapon bays nor have the targeting sensor below the nose. Along with stealthy metallic paint was not applied. In January of 2022, the first batch of E’s reached the Fleet. Each F-35 squadron was assigned 4 aircraft. My 1/48 scale F-35E represents one from VFA-31 “Tomcatters” while onboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, callsign “Douche Nozzle One-One”. Stay safe and keep busy! Steven
  3. Thanks SkyKeg Here's a couple of in progress shots of her nose job Thanks again and take care, Steven
  4. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and kind words. You can find more images of her on my website. Thanks again, Steven
  5. Oh yeah, I embrace my insanity Thanks Thanks Mike. I don't know what discourages me more, doing a natural metal finish or Swedish lozenge camouflage? One day.... Thanks Steve My biggest worry with all the stenciling was so many chances for silvering. How I manage to avoid it was, I applied a healthy brush stoke of Future where the decal was going to be placed. I only had two or three decals that didn't want to play nicely. With them, I brush on 50/50 Future/rubbing Alcohol mix and stabbed the decal with a fresh no#11 blade. To allow the future/alcohol mix to get behind the decal to get rid of the silvering. Once dry, I respray the flat coat. Thanks again everyone! Steven
  6. I can't confirm nor deny if I have them. "Totally plausible" is my thinking behind most of my builds. About the splinter camo, yeah but I paid for it with all her stenciling. Thanks. That really means a lot to me. And thank you everybody. I'm glad you all like her. Steven
  7. This has been my “Secret project” for the past two years. She started life as Special Hobby 1/48 scale Saab AJ37 Viggen and then I added a bunch custom parts. Mainly stretching her nose to give it more of a F-4G look. This project has the most decals I’ve ever put on a model. Her stenciling was a daunting task. I broke it up to different sections and it took about a week or so. I’m really excited about how she turned out. [/img] Thanks for looking, Steven
  8. Deleted - Link
  9. Deleted - Link
  10. Your pressure is too high and try using Mr. Leveling Thinner. Take care, Steven L
  11. I'm outraged! How dare you build such a thing of beauty! Steven L
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