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  1. Hello I bought Vallejo Matt Varnish in a spray and I am not very happy with the results. The varnish that comes out of the nozzle has more consistency of droplets and the covering of the surface is just not homogeneous. I tried spraying from a distance of at least 20 cm and I also tried to previously warm-up the can a little bit. Also, I have shaken the can properly. However, the results are always too "dusty" and I have some ugly white residue that stays on the surface (something like white chalk). Any idea how to make this work? Thanks. Edit: I just realized the topic is in the wrong forum, please move in to the proper one, sorry.
  2. Hello After trying to built a few models few years ago, I got and two old Italeri models and decided to give it a try. It is basically a test model to see how different things work (primer, base color, wash, mud, dust, oil splashes etc.). The roof is left open, since I want to experiment more with the interior. Since I am an beginner, the model is far away from good, but I already learn to point out the things I could do better next time: 1. I don't have air brush so I paint everything with brush. In this case I would have to do more layers of painting in order to avoid having strokes and uneven painting. 2. I made a mistake putting matt coat before decals, so they silver as hell. 3. Oil pin wash I did is fine, but I had to hide some parts where it didn't turn out very well (weird circles of different colors). I guess I need even less paint and quality oil paints. 4. The KFOR markings I put are funny, since I had to make it by hand. Any ideas how to paint custom decals by hand? Anyway, I would like to have your opinion on things I can do better. https://imgur.com/a/wT4a9lZ
  3. Hello, Thanks for the help. I watched a few tutorials on Youtube and looked up catalogs of different companies. For the beginning, I think this would be appropriate: Brushes: 00, 2, 4 round, 6 flat Wash Filter Enamel thinner Chipping color Fuel Stains Pigments (I got some old Revell pigments, 6 different) Pigment fixer What do you think?
  4. Hello, After a long break, I would like to continue working on some new models and experiment with weathering. I have Revell Aqua Color paint and Revell Weathering Set (6 different pigments). So far, I learned to apply paint correctly (since I don't have airbrush, I work with classic brushes only and few light coats) and do washing, I also experimented a little bit with applying mud. However, I would like to go further and make my future models more realistic (filters, varnish, chipping etc.) and I am mostly interested in armored vehicles. As a start, I would like to have some basic tools, but I not sure what to buy. For example, I need basic brushes but I am not sure which kind and size. The same for filter colors, washing or varnish. I found for example a lot of quite inexpensive MIG products, but I am little bit lost. So, I need some basic information on tools I should buy at the very beginning, as well as some basic tutorials so I can freely experiment further. Any suggests are welcomed. Thanks.
  5. I am using Revell Aqua Colors, which are actually acrylic paints.
  6. Thanks for the comments, guys. I did not gloss coat the model. Since I am on budget, I do not have airbrush, not sure if I can apply it with brush only. For the decals, I tried to cut them as much as possible, to avoid these visible "transparent" parts, and I used water only. On the other hand, I still think that I used too thick layers of colors, so there are visible brush strokes as well.
  7. This is the model I bought pretty cheap and just wanted to learn as much as I can. Since I do not have an airbrush, I had to do everything with brushes (I could paint all layers little bit thinner though). However, feel free to comment, I appreciate it very much. https://imgur.com/a/Qe51Dkf
  8. Thanks, however, I can't get any thumbnails that way.
  9. Thanks. I am indeed happy with the muddy tracks and wheel, but not so much with the connections with the ground (the colors are different). Also, not very happy with the washing process, I guess I put a lot of color (thick color) so instead of highlighting details, I barely painted they and places around them. But, as I said, this first model is more of a experiment to me.
  10. Thanks. When I create a new topic, I go to Link, and Insert into post. This gives me the same link I got in the post. If I go to Insert other media, Insert image from URL, I put in the imgur link, but I can't post it, it is marked red.
  11. Hello, this is my first tank model, I actually assembed it probably two years ago, but didn't do proper weathering until now. I watched some Youtube instructions and played a little bit with mud and dirt. The mud was created in primitive way using wood glue, real dirt, and acrylic paint. I use graphite pencil for highlighting metal parts. I didn't have anything suitable for diorama, so I made a little place out of balsa wood, and filled it with dirt from outside. Feel free to comment. https://imgur.com/a/zKTYY
  12. Hello there, I am a beginner, and I assembled only two plastic models in my life, one airplane and one tank. However, I would like to continue and learn as much as I can, especially when it comes to weathering models. On my model of tank I experimented a little bit and will put it in armory part of forum.
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