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  1. I've stopped right where it gets painful! The fin does not match the contours of the fuselage spine, so there will be a lot of fiddling around there. The tailplanes fit OK, but I need to see what the canopy fits like.
  2. I fear I've fallen into an all too common trap with this kit... I commented up thread that I didn't like the natural wing dihedral angle that this kit gives you and indeed I managed to work a bit more of it into my wings. However, I didn't ensure the fuselage joined up tightly round the instrument panel (rushing along too quickly) and that has had big implications for the fit of the canopy. Removing material from the canopy hasn't resulted in a good fit, so I'm going to have to add slivers of plastic to the cockpit coaming to get the fit OK. Blast my own impatience!
  3. Nose ballast added and fuselage all buttoned up...I drilled out the rear fuselage just forward of the exhaust nozzles as it was a solid bulkhead. It won't actually be easy to see anything in there anyway. Wings are on, now trying to make the fin fit nicely to the fuselage spine.
  4. Some big bits nailed together, but a lot of filler used and much plastic has been sanded away. Grudgingly, I tip my hat to the Mbox toolmakers. They were quite correct in the way they laid out the parts for this kit, but there are some areas where things haven't fitted together s seamlessly as they might. Anyway, it will all be sorted out in the end, so why worry? It's all modelling fun!
  5. Not much progress on the Siskin. I knew I had a scale drawing somewhere to help with the rigging, just wasn't sure where I'd put it. After much hunting (and some genuine progress on my other RAF 100 builds) I finally found it in the loft, so I can get going again with my little silver beauty!
  6. And we're away...Some tiny attempts at detail on the very basic seats, straps and ejection cords. Fuselage is now glued up waiting for more work in the morning. Like many jets of this era there's not much to see in there!
  7. Some progress to report: The interior (such as there is on this kit!) is in. I added some suggestion of detail to the seat (ejection cord and some "belts" but not much is going to be seen once the canopy is on anyway...
  8. Plastic has been fettled! I've painted the inside of the cockpit area to try and represent the red oxide dope I've seen on full-size biplanes under restoration at Old Warden. Shoved a couple of masking tape seat belts in as a visual representation of something in the cockpit! And that's it! Fuselage is now zipped up waiting for glue to dry...
  9. So, best place to start is at the beginning and in this case it's the cockpit, seat, floor, bulkheads and instrument panel. Fuselage has now been joined and clamped and glued, ready for more work in the morning.
  10. I'd certainly have been proud to have produced 4 models as good as that. Very neatly done and realistic weathering sets them off. Great job!
  11. Thanks for the kind offer of decals, but I'll go with what I've got. My research shows that X4561 first flew on 27/9/40, so that's good enough for me!
  12. I know this would be too fiddly for me, but I love the look of what you have done so far and am looking forward to watching you progress.
  13. My concern about this kit is that it doesn't look to have enough dihedral in the wings. I've noticed that on quite a few finished models, so it's not just one person's error. We'll wait and see!
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