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  1. I've got one of these in similar condition after my parents' cat knocked it down a few years ago. I never quite get around to working on it because I read a tutorial in the January 1992 Fine Scale Modeler on how to make it more authentic, which seems like a lot of work, so I never get started. Plus I think I've lost one of the window inserts. The tutorial I read has you fill in the minor panel lines, and then provides templates to paint the "Aztek" tile pattern instead. I've recently found masks for the "Aztek" pattern for the 1:1000 polar lights version of this ship, so I'll bet they're available for the 1:537 AMT Enterprise. Well, whatever route you take, I'll be interested to follow along. It's a big, beautiful model and will probably look great when you're finished!
  2. You did nice work on those exhaust bumps. It is irritating that they have to be added. Testors molded them right in to the cowling (back in the day) and just provided extra cowls for different versions. I assume that making you add the exhausts is a way for Airfix to save a buck by not molding different cowls.
  3. That is really nice looking. I like the unusual camo colors. Can't wait to see this one finished.
  4. That is really sharp looking! Can't even tell it had been through so much during the build. Nice save on all the surprises thrown your way!
  5. Man, that is a terrible shame! Maybe you can't fix it, but perhaps there's something else you could do with it (like a diorama)? It took me almost a year to calm down about my Enterprise to get back to it.
  6. Thank you sir! I have to agree with you about the "JJ-prise". Not my favorite. I was just a little jealous when I gave this to my friend... it looked so good sitting on my shelf! Over the last 5 or 6 years I've collected all the after market parts and decals to make my own accurate-as-possible 1:650 AMT Enterprise (the "Lexington", actually). When this was done, I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump right into it or swear I'd never do another AMT kit again...
  7. I love that camouflage! The mods are brilliant too. Nice work.
  8. Well, it may not be authentic to the movie, but it still looks great!
  9. That looks nice in green! I really like the engine pod that's a different color.
  10. Thank you! I think I managed to pull it from the jaws of defeat...
  11. USS Enterprise | Constitution Class | 1:650 I built this as a Christmas present for my closest friend. We watched Star Trek together throughout college and I figured he'd like a nice presentation model of the original Enterprise. I was building it to give it to him last Christmas, but ran out of time. Then had a cat knock it off the table after the decals were finished and bust it up pretty good. I dug it out around Thanksgiving time to finish for this Christmas, which included a lot of repair work. WIP (with the whole sordid story) is here. The old AMT kit is not the best. It is not accurate, and so I made some changes, and fabricated some of my own parts, notably the bridge and the connector pieces on the bottom of the nacelles behind the Bussard collectors. I also bought some after market parts (navigation lights and planetary sensor). The AMT kit is also bad for fit, and there was a lot of sanding and filling to get it to look right. The decals that came with this particular kit (a 2 in 1 kit along with the Polar Lights 1:1000 Enterprise) were accurate, unlike the old boxings of AMT's Enterprise. They were, however, terrible: stiff, easily broken and tons of silvering despite a glossy finish. Paints: (applied from base coat to surface): Mr Surfacer 1500 black as a primer > Testors Enamel FS36440 (Flat Gull Gray) marble coat > Testors Enamel Black preshading > Testors Enamel FS36440 top coat > Testors Enamel Dark Ghost Gray (FS36320) / Testors Enamel Gunship Gray (FS36118) / Testors Enamel Chrome Silver for details > Alclad Aqua Gloss (3 coats) > Decals > Testors Spray Lacquer Semi-Gloss clear coat (decanted) Some paint colors were modified at the end after I read the Cult TV Man painting guide, which is an article well worth reading. The pictures are not the best; I'm set up for 1/72 scale WWII fighters, not large starships, so I don't have enough lights to take the pictures I want to of this model. It will have to do. Thanks for looking! Comments, questions or constructive criticism always welcome!
  12. Dennis, this is really great! I didn't realize you did Sci Fi models too. This is a beauty. Pretty good size too.
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