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  1. Nice work Mark. The sliding covers, over the air intake mesh screens, should only be fitted to the right hand side, when the raised crew compartment heater is fitted. Ref Panzer Tracts 5-3. Regards, Tim
  2. Hi, I have been modelling since I was about 8, starting on old Matchbox and Airfix kits, built with just a tube of glue and a knife! I build armour and aircraft kits, but unfortunately I am not able to model as much as I would like, due to health reasons. I use the downtime to research subjects and find reference photos and builds online, ready for when I am able to do some modelling. Looking forward to completing some kits, airbrushing and putting all the techniques I have found into practice! Regards, Tim
  3. Nice work Pappy, your Sea Harrier builds will be useful reference for my FRS.1. No-one online (as far as I am aware) seems to have picked up that the Kinetic main wheel hubs are wrong. They should have 7 holes, the kit has 8! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234913728-hawker-siddeley-bae-sea-harrier/ Armory have released some very nicely detailed 1/48 Harrier wheel sets, but they are expensive. Regards, Tim
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