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  1. Got a lil fed up of the cutting and trimming and just general annoyance of revell plastic with ejector pins in all the wrong places and flash everywhere (still suffering after the GR4 I think) so I decided to do some prep work on my next project by knocking up some Eduard 250 pounders for my Kittyhawks...working out best way of installing anti personnel detonator rods on the end?
  2. I'll repost those links as not worked for some reason?
  3. https://flic.kr/p/2irJwKr https://flic.kr/p/2irJwK6 So major grinding and gouging and dry fitting to get this air brake to fit but it's lined up ok, just bit of filling round edge to tidy up marks from the blades
  4. Wheel wells came out looking passable I hope? and the fit around the intake looks good, minor filler work but after recently building the GR4 this is a blessing much patience and major dry fitting lessons have been learned!
  5. All closed up with no major fit issues. Was pleasantly surprised considering the horror stories surrounding the intake area?
  6. Where can you get future these days or its equivelant??
  7. Tamiya gloss I really can't understand how the I.P was fine yet the control panels bubbled? Reacted within seconds like something was on it?
  8. Re-painted cockpit panel washed and flat coated....best I could manage under the circumstances. Never had issues with photo etch before so this has really stumped me? IMG_20200207_082217 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  9. Everything was primed and painted up when I had a problem with the photo etch. The side panels bubbled and reacted and the print just peeled off after I put a gloss coat on? the instrument panel didn't though weirdly? Any ideas out there or similar problems encountered? was on the verge of getting in touch with eduard to complain but the photoetch has a weird violet tone to it that just didn't match the cockpit colours so I am going to paint the cockpit and just do the best I can now all the detail has been removed IMG_20200129_200137 by Rob Jones, on Flickr IMG_20200129_200554 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  10. wiring of bays done and ready for priming. cockpit about to be started! IMG_20200126_100019 by Rob Jones, on Flickr IMG_20200126_103538 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  11. HI, made a start on the FGR4 at last. Bit of a catch up again as well down the line with this build but I am building seek and destroy from xtradecals with eduard cockpit. Was going to be doing my Hasegawa Kittyhawk mk I diorama but im a sucker for punishment so my 3rd revell build on the bounce it is IMG_20200125_182603 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  12. Cheers very much for the comments much appreciated
  13. How many issues I had and it still turns out nice says something about the kit....a pig to build but looks cracking if you persevere
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