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  1. Haha...my build Sorry, late to the party but yeah fs36118 and Mr colour is what I used with varying shades of grey on base coat which will give you that mottled look a worn bird will get. Don't forget that yes lenses and white balance and other various conditions can give a false sense of shade but Mudhens are in high demand and on constant rotation and deployment. 36118 will lighten considerably.
  2. enroute to donna nook I believe for bombing practise before leaving for deployment in Eastern Europe.
  3. Sorry for a late heads up on this post but I literally finished the build and went on holiday in Wales where who should show up but _C2A5361jpgedit by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5368LN2003 jpgedit1 by Rob Jones, on Flickr couldn't believe it but there she was LN 01-2003 low level in the Loop. Chuffed cannot describe it!
  4. Ha, yeah....I was so torn. Ordnance and no crew names on the boards or crew names and being post operations. I painted the gbu's and jdams up but held back.
  5. Cheers, they're fairly clean well looked after airframes so I kept weathering to a minimum but I'm pleased with outcome!
  6. Cheers very much
  7. If you look closely the only problem I had was with the clear parts in that there was so much flash and the canopy was split in the box which I couldn't get a replacement for.....other than that I was really impressed
  8. Hi all. My Revell 1/48 build using Hypersonic models Operation Odyssey Dawn Decals and painted using Mr colour and Tamiya gloss and flat coats. Hope you enjoy. _C2A5183 by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5184 by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5166 by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5173 by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5182 by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5171 by Rob Jones, on Flickr _C2A5172 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  9. _C2A5183 by Rob Jones, on Flickr Finished F15 E LN2003 which is now going up on completed builds
  10. Finished hope to get some proper pics up soon of completed build! Gotta Say, I loved this revell kit. Apart from dropping it on its wing early on, the only trouble I have had has been the pesky clear parts which I feel lets this kit down due to so much flash on mine and the split canopy in the box. Not sure if all kits are same but I feel this one slipped the quality control on that front.
  11. https://www.flickr.com/gp/161876810@N02/SD8rTb Sorry bout camera phone pics but camera shots coming soon. RBF tags going on now
  12. https://www.flickr.com/gp/161876810@N02/Wnq921
  13. https://www.flickr.com/gp/161876810@N02/j7Q3dJ Thanks guys Still work to do but pleased with outcome
  14. https://www.flickr.com/gp/161876810@N02/dEL2bV Should have this nailed in no time now
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