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  1. a quick coat of primer to check my repairs and panel lines.....happy with it. Will continue until Revell get back in touch! 20190921_164956 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  2. So after a delay due to getting away, all the filler work and re-scribing is done..small problem with the flaps though. The instruction call out is wrong for the fixing and mounting and then a small piece of plastic broke away from the wing while trying to sort it im now waiting for a reply from revell as to spares for the flaps as I am now positioning flaps up! 20190921_085443 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  3. What are people using as a re-scribing template? Can anyone recommend one?
  4. Now its onto sanding back the worst of the seams and a bit of filler and re-scribe
  5. So I converted up the kit Aim 9L into AIM 132 ASRAAM's and finished up building the aircraft stores, pylons and flaps which I am still persisting with being lowered 20190908_162333 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190908_163319 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190908_153247 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  6. So I think I let my guard down with this kit and the rear area reared up and bit me in the bottom just could not for the life of me to get it aligned and it is now a problem. Other than this headache and the port side air intake being a bit iffy all has gone well though with the fit 20190908_153806 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  7. Hmmmm, I test fitted the rear part over it and it was a disaster the only part I've struggled with lmao......typical!
  8. 20190904_213000 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190904_215609 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190904_222034 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  9. All going well so far, couple of issues with wrong numbered parts but test fitting all parts and constructing fuselage separately has helped. Only snag is the airbrake wells not sitting right even though its flush against the blank plate but still protruding? 20190904_225404 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190904_225344 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  10. decided less is more when it came to the large MFD, not 100% happy but it will do! 20190902_143201 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  11. 20190830_161931 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190830_162044 by Rob Jones, on Flickr 20190830_162101 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  12. Cockpit painting and wheel bays done, not happy with TARDIS main display though....needs more work! 20190830_145110 by Rob Jones, on Flickr
  13. Having trouble with my flickr links for some reason? Will look into it? Why have eduard used a dark sea Grey for the photo etch rather than medium sea grey? There is a definite difference between bang seat and cockpit colour and now I'm in two minds as to what to do? Do I change cockpit colour to same as seats so it all matches or bodge some medium sea grey onto etch to make it look like running repairs and wear and tear? Any advice welcome?
  14. Tubing for bang seats all coiled and ready to go https://www.flickr.com/gp/161876810@N02/A0BrP8
  15. Finally finished a week of nights so back to it. Medium sea Gray cockpit, dark sea Gray bangseats and light grey wheel wells all based up. https://www.flickr.com/gp/161876810@N02/iEh0z6
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