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  1. bernard03

    Liberator VI

    hello thanks to all for your help !
  2. bernard03

    Liberator VI

    thanks Graham the only picture I found is this http://www.raf-butterworth-penang-association.org.uk/newsletter/backnumbers/Issue_43_Christmas_2015.pdf
  3. bernard03

    Liberator VI

    hello friends I'm back after a year away from the world of models ! I have a question about Liberators VI of the 358 special duties Sqn SEAC based at Jessore India would anyone have it one or more pictures of the planes KH160 and KH392? have these planes been modified for special operations? have they kept their ventral and dorsal turrets? cordialement ( in french ,my english is always so bad ) Bernard
  4. hello friends here is my universal carrier 1:35 it' s a French craft seen in Indochina in 1946 the real thing http://dienbienphu.soforums.com/t2647-universal-Bren-Carrier.htm 43eme Régiment d' Infanterie Colonial ( 43 regiment of colonial infantry , French Marines )
  5. hello friends big thanks to all two more photos
  6. love it well done ! i remember the model Tri-ang , it was in the sixties , nostalgia ..........................!
  7. hello many thanks here is some shots of ex german véhicules in french colors https://www.docdroid.net/XUuRwMS/materiel-allemand-aux-couleurs-francaisestrucks-tanks-magazine-34.pdf
  8. hello a classic subject in unusual colors this Sdkfz 251 , used by french " groupe Besnier " ex FFI fighters , who fought in the atlantic pockets from August 44 to May 45 this unit was equiped whith material taken back to the Germans and recovered in Normandie : 1Tiger 2 Panther 11 Panzer IV 2 Sturmgeschütz III 1 Jagdpanzer IV 1 Hetzer and some cars and trucks the reference book http://sylvain-figsethistoire1914-1944.blogspot.fr/2009/09/blog-post.html
  9. bonjour a tous Hello everyone here is another of my modest achievements an SDKFZ 69 Krupp Protze captured and reused by the French resistance FFI during the liberation of Lyon or Grenoble this vehicle is armed with a Russian machine gun Degtyarev the truth is 33mn48s in this movie Les
  10. whaooooo ! thank you for this quick and clear answer
  11. hello in this very interesting document, it is specified that the 404 Sqd was equipped at the time of MKXI, aproximately from April 43 to October 43, is it not during this period that the " Beau" wore this particular camouflage? there is a plane whose code R and serial JM174, often piloted by S / L Gatward could not it be the plane on my photo ? http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_reel_c12269/477?r=0&s=2
  12. hello here is one of my achievements, a "Dak" (in french popular language), transport group II / 61 "Franche Conté" in French Indochina 1953 the model is the "old" Monogram built from the box
  13. hello my first model here, it 's a mix of different models of sherman, dragon, tamiya, and others! he is in the colors of a Sherman from "Valencienne", 3rd platoon of combat, 4th squadron of the 2nd regiment of cuirassiers, 1st armored division, 1st French Army, during the liberation of Marseille, August 1944
  14. Hello Thank you all for your warm welcome, I have been a fan of britmodeller for a long time, but I did not dare to participate because of the language barrier, in France, I am a member of several model sites like Master194 or Small-Tacks and more besides ! greetings Bernard
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