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  1. Thank you! Steve, I have a sample of H30 acrylic and I noticed that the color differs from the old enamel H30. It is too bright. That's why I found information about H116 and based on it I choose the color from the Vallejo palette. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you Steve! Exactly the same paints I picked myself, but I was not sure if it would be ok (I always painted humbrols, but since I switched to vallejo, I have not painted camouflage in these colors yet).
  3. Hello, I plan to build Spitfire MK Ia from Airfix. The instruction contains Humbrol colors: 29, 30 and 90 Which are Vallejo Model Color (only model color i don't want Air) substitutes?
  4. Thank you! I had a dilemma with it. It's orange color, I decided to do it after seeing this picture: And same here:
  5. Thank you. Now it's time for Avro Shackleton
  6. Thank you. Try e-bay or another classifieds site. I found mine on a Polish portal similar to ebay
  7. Every background makes bf110 look menacing. But you are right, on the black background is the most menancing.
  8. Hello, My recently completed Bf 110 G4 1/72 - OOB with a little of scratchbuilt. Painted without airbrush, only standard brush with acrylic Vallejo paints. Scratchbuilt parts: Seatbelts, some parts in cockpit (hanging cable, etc.), pitot, MG on the front of the fuselage, position lights, moving (spinning) propellers. Work in progress (There is a post in polish but you are wecome to see the gallery „step by step”.): Part1: https://minihangar.online/me-bf-110-g4-kokpit-eduard-172/ Part2: https://minihangar.online/me-bf-110-g4-kadlub-i-malowanie-eduard-172/ Part3: https://minihangar.online/me-bf-110-g4-kalkomania-i-wash-eduard-172/ Part4: https://minihangar.online/me-bf-110-g4-podwozie-smigla-kokpit-eduard-172/ Part5: https://minihangar.online/me-bf-110-g4-owiewka-i-final-eduard-172/ Some cockpit photos: RFI Gallery:
  9. I'm planning to build SM.81 Pipistrello and SM.82 Marsupiale, especially SM.82 in a similar camouflage. Great looking planes.
  10. Hello! This model was accomplished in 2009 –it was last year as a junior modeller (according to modelling contests terms). The model has been entairly covered with Humbrol enamel paints by brush. While visiting my hometown, I decided to go to local modelling club which I used to be a member. That’s how I redeemed my old, dusty plane. This plane got me winning various modelling contests many times, and that’s why it’s a special memento for me. Unfortunately, despite of all great overall reviews, I didn’t feel quite satisfied with the weathering part – it’s was my first time doing that technique. I had built rather clean models before. Now, I decided to give it a little renovation. I improved decals which hadn’t been secured before and they started to fall off. I used decal fix to secure them. Next, with a little help from warm water and cotton ear sticks, I removed ugly wash and weathering. I improved gently few more tiny elements and then I put 2 layers of clear varnish. I made light wash (using oil paints mixed with white spirit) to mark panel lines. All convered with satin varnish. At the end, I mount new antenna wires. This time they were correctly attatched based on online photos (back to those days I relied only on instruction and photo cover of the model box). Here you can see more renovation in progess photos: https://minihangar.online/renowacja-sm-79-sparviero-final/ (I will be grateful for pressing the heart button under the article on the blog!) Full gallery: https://minihangar.online/galeria/savoia-marchetti-sm-79-sparviero-italeri-1-72/ There is a post in polish but you are wecome to see the gallery „step by step”. Before the renovation: After:
  11. Thank you! A beauty plane, my favorite SM right after 79. Splendid work!
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