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  1. Superb looking Harrier, I reckon the 1st generation two-seaters were good looking machines. You've inspired me to move my one up the build list but I can't achieve anything like your results.
  2. That's a cracker, and so nicely posed on the mounting. I've had the pleasure of seeing the replica from the film flying at Classic Fighters Omaka.
  3. Very cool, the colours look pretty good to my old eyes as well.
  4. I'm watching this one closely and getting a few ideas for my Whirlwind build. Thanks for sharing, I might try and emulate your changes to the radiators, it makes a big difference I reckon. As for the rest... amazing and well out of my league!
  5. No problem - there's a better thread here: Aims obviously knows a lot more about Ju-88's than I ever will - and I'll be taking some of his advice if I build another.
  6. That's very unusual and extremely cool! In fact I'm shivering just looking at it. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  7. Really cool, especially the aerial, pitot head, and mirror. I hope mine turns out half as well. What's the consensus on Vallejo Dark Green?
  8. Oh, I agree with the Scimitar, too! I know it was a bit of a pig to land on Carriers but what a pretty aeroplane. Can't wait for the injection moulded 1/48 model.... anyone? I just masked the canopy and painted it carefully with a brush. The white's way to thick, but I thought it was razor thin when I masked it. Old eyes and hands... And while I'm asking for models, a 1/350 HMS Victorious from this era would be nice too.
  9. I've always liked the Sea Vixen, ever since buying the Airfix HMS Victorious when I was a kid. I'm sure it was because it looked like a fast Thunderbird 2! I'm forever grateful to Airfix for their beautiful kit, and to Alley Cat for giving us a cool FAW.1 conversion. Which I must get around to one day. Here for your entertainment is my take on the Airfix kit, straight from the box. The canopies and seats are not glued in, one day I might shout it some aftermarket versions. Although the photos don't show it, this is probably my best attempt at pre-shading. I have much more success pre-shading Tamiya acrylics than Vallejo, but that's probably just my fault. I think I have the pressure too high, maybe. There's been some stunning Sea Vixen's on BM, hope you don't mind my humble effort. The last two photos are a wee gloat - after two months of not flying, my wee baby should be back in the air tomorrow. The weather doesn't look good! I forgot to take photos of the finished model underneath, but here's one I prepared earlier.
  10. Awesome work! Wouldn't be surprised if you start that Pegasus up.
  11. I'm enjoying this. I have one partially assembled but might use the bits for the Mark 1f instead. I wonder what the Tanmodel Blenheim IV will be like?
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