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  1. mikey builder

    Airfix A20440 Bentley 4.5 Litre Blower kit

    I've always used bleach, usually strips chrome off plastic in minutes, but this Airfix stuff won't budge. I'll give the cola a try, the main grille looks awful as it was held to the sprues in really visible points, so I've got a crappy looking chrome part with big bits of grey plastic in full view. This model cost a lot of money, no wonder Airfix stopped making it...give me Tamiya stuff any day!
  2. Hi, I've restarted this old kit, had it for a few years, I struggled with the kit and left it! I'm getting on with the build now, its a nightmare finding parts as they are simply numbered from say 1 to 300...no sprue refence, and often parts have wrong numbers. The Chrome parts are terrible, and its rock hard, I cannot find anything to strip it, added to lots of flash (on many other parts) its no fun. So...I'm getting on with it now, but need to find upgrades to do the model any justice. Has anyone found an engine upgrade kit? I am looking for distributor and plug leads, plus any other parts to make it look real! I'm making steel mesh from a sheet of mesh I found in a glass fibre repair kit, the mesh size is pretty much spot on, made a grille, headlamp covers and now making a carb cover that's not in the kit. This kit was a lot of money, and its a big let down!
  3. mikey builder

    Mixing washes, filters and other settling liquids

    Update to this old post: I always remove the glass ball from aerosol 'rattle cans' once they are used up, just pop a hole in the can whilst over some rag or paper as theres always paint left! No rusting issues and much lighter...probably why the paint firms use glass...
  4. mikey builder

    Auto acrylic spray

    Thanks everyone! Plenty to think about now, I think I'll try the Hycote clear gloss over airbrushed Tamiya paint, on some scrap parts, and see what happens over the next few weeks. I will continue trying Tamiya clear gloss 10ml in my airbrush, but with genuine Tamiya thinners, so far I've just ended up with bloomed/matt finish
  5. mikey builder

    Auto acrylic spray

    Hi. I've been looking for a clear gloss paint, either to airbrush, or spray cans. I'm staggered at the prices for small rattle can/aerosols from Tamiya and other dedicated model suppliers, and after a lifetime of spraying motorbike pars with rattle cans, wonder if its ok on model plastics? I use 'Hycote Double Acrylic' concentrated paint most of the time, says suitable for use on Rigid plastics, metal and ceramics, and cellulose (although I've had it react when applied over cellulose rattle can base, up to a month after spraying!), hence my concerns on compatibility Anyone else tried these 'auto' products ? Its acrylic and extremely flammable, much like Tamiya and Humbrol. I bought 2 cans of Humbrol acrylic paint for my Bentley Blower and the cans are 100% identical to Hycote, down to the codes and fire labels etc. Hycote is made about 3 miles from me, but they won't tell me who else they package paint for! Any thoughts or suggestions welcome!
  6. mikey builder

    Tirpitz advice for a new model shipbuilder

    Thanks for the replies, its really helpful to get the views of experienced modellers!
  7. mikey builder

    Tirpitz advice for a new model shipbuilder

    Looking at the WEM deck kit, for £24, I assume this is supplied 'finished' and just needs applying to the standard deck?
  8. mikey builder

    Tirpitz advice for a new model shipbuilder

    I've just got the Tamiya 78015 Tirpitz 1/350 kit. I'm looking at the comments re. errors as its based on Bismark, can anyone highlight the differences please? I once found a video of a build to put this right but just cannot find it again! The next thing I need advice on is the paint ref for the lower hull 'dull red' TS33, and for the deck TS68 'wooden deck tan'. Has anyone got the paint colour X refs? Don't want to pay £10 for a can of spray when I've got hundreds of tubs of paint from 5 makers, and 3 airbrushes.... Would go for a deck timber kit, again any recommendations? Thanks in advance, this is a great site for us 'born again' model makers
  9. mikey builder

    1/32 HK Lancaster

    Does anyone have any updates on the Hong Kong Models 1/32 Lancaster? Really want to get this kit! Lots of info online, its supposed to out by now, after big delays, but I cannot find one
  10. mikey builder

    1/48 Tamiya Lanc landing gear

    I was planning to use the standard decals, but if there's better ones available I'll get them: some tiny details on the standard decals are incorrect, I am looking for stencils or suchlike to mask up the fuselage and wings etc. to make painting easier! Also still looking for the kits to mount the correct bomb layouts: Ideally I'd like to keep the Cookie cutter but anything that matches one of the original ones will be great
  11. mikey builder

    1/48 Tamiya Lanc landing gear

    Thanks...I'm going to use the standard parts: the metal parts are slightly different size, and very bendy, as you found! I won't be buying any more soon, this kit for the Lanc cost over £20, waste of money Has anyone got a link to the kits to make the bomb bay true? I want the Cookie red brackets, 11x 500lb bombs and slips. if possible, thanks
  12. mikey builder

    RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    Thanks Graham! That's a big help, I need to repaint the RAF Blue equipment, that's for sure. I'm also adding an ambulance and hopefully a Tank that had a RR engine (forget the name right now!) and its this that would be painted in the Tamiya TS-2 spray I bought. I've got a large shelf set aside in my bookcase, which will hold the diorama, complete with LED lighting, it will just hold all the models, I hope!
  13. mikey builder

    RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    Tamiya AS-9 is the rattle can specified for the Tamiya 1/48 lanc 61105, which I'm building...for some reason I bought TS-2 Dark Green...which is correct? Might as well use them, even though I've now got airbrushes I'm building an Airfix 1/48 Albion AM463 3 point fueller, this states the body is camo'd in 30 Matt Dark Green, and 86 Matt Light Olive, these are both the same green! I'm building a diorama of a WW2 airbase, with other vehicles, the Lanc, Mk1 Spit, a Hurricane, and Mosquito. Sjould I paint all the planes the same colours? Also, some of the ancillary stuff is green/olive, and some is RAF Blue...its confusing!
  14. mikey builder

    1/48 Tamiya Lanc landing gear

    Hi, I bought a set of 'white metal' struts to replace the plastic, as I heard the latter collapsed after standing for some time. its a #48043 kit. I'm really struggling getting the damn things to line up! Has anyone used these before? Should I stay with the standard plastic parts? I'm building a Mk1 'Piccadilly Princess, is it possible to buy painting masks/stencils for the main upper body & wings? I've blown up the images to correct scale but its a nightmare trying to join up the sheets of A4 paper! Thanks, Mike
  15. mikey builder

    Hi all. Get ready for loads of daft questions...!

    Hi Jim, Just joined myself, same as yourself, after a long break...like 40 years I have several models on the go now, and will be searching for advice very soon! This site is superb, caters for people like us, right through to experts, I've no need to search online any more