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  1. Lovely models Without doubt the best looking car ever made and you have done them justice
  2. These are lovely models and you have done it justice in your usual way I didn't realise that they seem to have re-released them I have done the breakdown truck, very enjoyable
  3. This is a lovely model very realistic, that livery brings back memories, our local ones were lightish blue
  4. What i don't understand is that as soon as the new releases are out then retailers like Jadlam and Jumblies are advertising them with 10% discount. I never buy from Airfix, OK I don't get the first ones but I can wait if it saves me money These firms still must make a profit on the kits so Airfix's profit margin must be quite high.
  5. Yes thanks, that explains it well although I was hoping you had found a decal sheet with the curves on I'll have to have a go when I do mine
  6. Very nice build, these Bandai kits are very good lookers How did you do the pin striping? My kit has no decals in it and according to instructions you have to paint them on
  7. Lovely job, and very realistic weathering I did mine in the Heller GB year before last but wasn't brave enough to weather it It's a nice little simple kit, I enjoyed mine
  8. Just popped into Banbury and saw a orange MGB driving along the road Went to Texaco Garage and at back being washed was a Maroon Jaguar either a 420G or a Mk10 in cracking nick by the look of
  9. Only went after the sister, not the son and daughter To be truthful I've looked for the support van but couldn't find so have convinced myself i don't need it and the car is not my interest at all
  10. And of course abiding by the rule that if you have a kit you must buy any sister ones ( See post above ) Especially as this one from Kingkit seems to be the only one that was easily findable
  11. My better insisted I find something to give me for Christmas so I ended up with this On the list for 2036 I think at my speed
  12. This is a picture of a RC truck set up ,is that any good
  13. Ah! You are looking for an 8 wheel drive set up I presume, sorry didn't think of that Never came across one of those so it is a bit beyond me, not used on road trucks But thinking about it, it would be the same as rear set up, second diff axle will have a straight through diff the same as the third axle I would think Not going to have separate shafts to both axles, never be room
  14. This diagram shows the steering set up http://cntrucktech.com/ProductView.asp?ID=417
  15. This is a picture of what I think is a modern air suspension set up is which looks to me as air assisted. I suspect it gives a more positive location of the axle Perhaps this may help you https://www.hendrickson-intl.com/products/airtek/airtek For an 8 x 4 the second axle would be the same
  16. Lovely model, you must be very pleased with it, only two more Vs to go!!
  17. Just ordered the Airfix Jaguar but it will be snatched out of my hand and returned at Christmas
  18. Not sure how they are set up now but going back 15 years when I worked on them they just had two front axles one behind the other. Both steerable but the second axle was set up to turn in same turning circle as front. Same spring set up as any old style front axle with a swinging shackle at back and fixed front but no doubt it is air suspension now.
  19. Went to Swindon yesterday and somewhere between Burford and Lechlade had a U2 overfly. Expect it was going into Fairford or Brize. Also saw a C17, I think it was doing circuits out of Brize. Used to see VC10s doing it
  20. Trouble for somebody in Saudi Arabia Someone overheard a very angry sheik shouting "No you fool I said I wanted a new castle"
  21. Your imagination creates some of the best subjects on this forum Fantastic build. well done Keep them coming
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