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  1. Due to the ongoing lurgy Bloxham Steam Fair was again cancelled One of the organisers lives by Broughton Castle so decided to have a mini steam fair Not many vehicles but quite an interesting mix Photos not brilliant because some numpty decided to put his fingers on the lens at some point
  2. Jumblies have a sale It's a limited edition so it must be bought but when it gets to the bench I have no idea Unless somebody is going to do a fire engine group build
  3. Whilst scrumming around in my stash I came across a resin Canberra fuselage which was supposed to be mated with an Airfix B57 wings to make a B2. Also supplied a vacform canopy. Can't for life of me remember what make it was but I remember googling it not long ago and nothing came up. Must go and have a reminder of what make it was. Must be at least 25 years old .
  4. Sure I've said it once but I will say it again just in case Absolutely stunning
  5. Thanks for both replies, that will teach me to presume. I have just reread the section in Craig Bulman's book and will have to read the rest. No fun having an old memory or lack of it
  6. I would have thought the pods would use the same mounting points as the pylons.
  7. Oh bother, it's not on Amazon Prime in England, only America by the looks of it
  8. I think I have a picture of 602 that looks exactly like that, I'll try and post it later, black and white unfortunately Thanks for all the details, your level of research is brilliant
  9. I have just read an article about a young American from Pennsylvania, called Royal Stratton, who joined the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron during the WW2. A lady called Mariana Tosca met Christopher Johnson who was the great nephew ( I think) of Royal and they have researched and produced a documentary/narrative film ( her description ) about him. It is called Journey to Royal and the details are under this site. https://www.journeytoroyal.com/' I haven't had time to watch it yet but thought I would post it whilst I had access to the article Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere
  10. They do have open days when the cockpit is accessible, think probably once or twice a year. They open the conservation hangar as well which is amazing. If you go you will have to get there very early, when I went the Valiant was booked up for the day. You get time slots to go in. We went on the Nimrod which was fascinating.
  11. Absolutely stunning, I look forward to when it's restored!
  12. Can't be in England, pot holes aren't big enough Lovely building and base, looking forward to see one of your models on it
  13. I have this kit in the stash, if you want any photos of missing bits let me know and I can post them Well of course if they are in my kit, I haven't looked at it for years!!
  14. Stunning build made to look even better with a stunning pose. Fantastic
  15. As a purchaser and supplier of agricultural and horticultural spare parts I have to deal with delivery dates being promised and put back all the time so I am fully aware of the situation in the world. Took me 4 months to get an air cleaner cover for a quad bike and we still can't get a certain battery for one. What I said was not a complaint just a cold fact that at the moment every promised delivery date invariably gets altered and was in response to Adam Poultney's remark about cancelling preorder as he was going to university.
  16. If it is like all the other dates they have quoted you won't get it til Christmas I am not going to hold my breath Airfix still say this spring, well that went out the window Monday, it's now summer
  17. Jumblies now have this having a release date of 31/08/21
  18. I would say white but depending on what camouflage any particular aircraft is wearing as to how far the exterior colour goes in. XH558's goes in quite far Best to check pictures of whatever Vulcan you are modelling
  19. Just finished "Vulcan on the line" by Brian Carlin Great insight into working on early B1's Next one is " My target was Leningrad" by Philip Goodhall
  20. That is a lovely little model, so unusual to see, shame that sort of thing is not made in a larger scale Well done you've made a cracking job of making it
  21. That is a lovely model. You are able to come up with some cracking colour schemes
  22. using plenty of filler
  23. with port to follow
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