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  1. Some progress, looking more like some deep water squid! Cockpit is basic, Yuri will be happy when I get him in.
  2. Very basic cockpit completed, wont see anything with that canopy on anyway! I will sit Pilot 'Yuri' into his seat when hes ready as no pilot came with the kit 'Yuri' will be looking very much like a British Spitfire pilot. The two fuselage half's are now together and the concave air intake fitted to the top of the front fuselage. Rear tail plane to attach next and those Props (short shot) again Spitfires to the rescue, although they are a little short at the moment. Erecting a Log cabin this next week so their will not be much progress for a while.
  3. A bit more filing and sanding and I think those canopy slides look a lot better being thinner.
  4. Here she is finished, made the mistake of spraying with a Matt finishing varnish so the fuselage has lost its gloss. One of the outer diagonal struts will not stay put when attached to the underside of the top wing, so it can stay like that! as I tend to detach other pieces each time I try to re-secure it. I was eyeing up doing the rigging on her but ill leave that to another day. As i mentioned before i have very carefully put her on the shelf and so far nothing has dropped off. Thank you all for your encouragement and advice, it helps a lot to get praise, on wards to the
  5. Progress today revolves around sorting the canopy out, im going for a IL-2 so no rear gunner, however as you can see the canopy is cast flat with no step. The other canopy is 2-3mm too short in length, I have damage to the side of the IL-2 canopy (see previous post) which has to be sorted, so what did I do? I cut the IL-2 canopy and the sanded down the rear thereby removing the damaged area, looks a lot better and I am sure after some fetling will look good. I will have to attack those canopy slides on the side body of the fuselage, they are far too fat/big for the scale.
  6. Oh I do like a challenge! I am just coming to the end of the Tiger Moth build so started digging around in the stash for my next project, i previously completed 2 Airfix IL-3 so though that I would add another to the shelf. The Skala boxing is very bright as is the plastic inside which looks like bright green marble! Two Sprue with various defects, main problem is the props (see photo) which is the result of a 'short shot', those undercarriage supports are deformed as well. Two canopy's of clear plastic contained in a separate clear bag both canopy's have damage to the side, w
  7. All manner of clamps required to keep them struts in place! I am sure that when finished this will sit on the shelf and bits will drop off over time. She is very fragile. one under carriage brace the tail fin/prop and transfers to finish, maybe by the weekend.
  8. Stuck with the recommended colour H20 still looks a little dark. Lower wing and rear wing added, the painting of the wings worked out very well, im pleased with the colour and finish. Next step is to add the undercarriage and all the struts, followed by the upper wing, remembering to fit the front screen before hand, and the doors. I added the transfers to the lower wing for ease of access.
  9. Im stalled at the moment, your ahead of me know. I have colour problems, as I am doing red and silver I have the fuselage to finish before I attach any wings, just need to sort the red out. Advice from some 'Black Knight' is to fit the front screen before attaching the upper wings. My fat fingers are going to be a hindrance with those struts when it comes to fitting them. This is the recommended colour on the box! 'Humbrol 20' I think im going to go with 'Revell 30'
  10. A quick coat of 'Revell 31' certainly looks better.
  11. Need some help with colour's here. The recommended 'Humbrol' colour is 'Crimson Red H20' but it just looks wrong. Anyone any ideas? should i continue with second coating or use another lighter red which might because of a crimson undercoat look wrong again? I could always put a coat of undercoat and start again? For now ill go do some FIAT twin cam Cylinder head work and come back to this after your thoughts. Steve
  12. I am currently building the same model at the moment OOB and I am at a similar stage see WIP , although I have gone for open doors, I also noticed that you have managed to break of the upright on the very rear of the fuselage! mine is hanging on by a thread! a very fragile piece of this build.
  13. Belts in, and clam shell half's glued together. Next time I would fit the Etch parts directly into the cockpit, I think ive made a big mistake by gluing them to the Airfix instrument panel, by doing so the instrument panel is far to forward in both cockpits. I have put a light coat of undercoat so as to identify my seams for the next attention.
  14. I decide to finally put screwdriver to spanner and build this one of a kind Lancaster. Lacks a bit of detail! but overall the proportions seem about right. Enjoy.
  15. As you might understand ive not been in doors doing much during this last glorious week of weather here in the North of England. I have managed some progress on the cockpit, i have filled those holes i drilled! and constructed the cockpit using a pair of Yahu Instrument panels, im not very good with some of the 'Mico' Etch parts so I didn't construct the compass as described in the Yuha instructions, i simply cut the airfix base down and added the Yahu compass etch on top of the stub of plastic remaining,I envy those that can fabricate such small detail, my fat fingers get in the way! I
  16. Its good of you to offer them and thank you however its going to be a while before I get round to this model I have 187 in my Stash and the Belevedere is not one I'm keen to do, maybe in 10Y time!
  17. I well remember one Christmas in Singapore 1965 -66 (RAF Seleter) I was 6 years old, Santa Clause arrived at the children's Christmas's party in a Belvedere im sure, ill try to get my father to sort his photos out he has one or two somewhere of the arrival, the party was literally adjacent to its landing (100' say) I have this model to construct myself, I bought it with others when I purchased someones Stash! Reading this thread I thought I would have a look inside the box, their really are a lot of rivets! Also looks like some one has checked all the parts of against what can only be des
  18. Today's progress has been a one step forwards two steps back sort of day I had planned to get the two fuselage half internals painted and start on the cockpit area construction, however as soon as I sat down I could see the Elephant in the room, or should I say the Elephant in the cockpit, 'the holes I drilled for locating the open doors!' Airfix spent some time detailing the inner sides, thought clearly went in to where the ejecting pins were going to be located so as not to interfere with the details, however 4 x 1mm holes spoil the whole appearance, opening up a cockpit to see detail t
  19. Thanks for the advice, im dreading removing the temporary strut supports.
  20. This is my very first WIP. Decided on an OOB (with the exception of a set of 'Yahu' instruments) Airfix DE Havilland DH.82a Tiger Moth. I have plenty to learn, and a long way to go with my modelling skills but I'm sure ill improve as I go along, Now to this Kit. As you can see from the photos ive made a start. The cockpit is fairly basic (not as basic as revell 1/72 FW 190 ive just built which had a simple rectangular hole as a cockpit) with two seats two sticks, ill add some masking tape seat belts at a later stage. I was surprised to find that a certain amount of Surgery
  21. Stormovik, Shturmovik or Sturmovik? Ive come across three different spellings on the www. Stalin, In a telegram to the directors of one of the troubled Sturmovik Il-2 plants ‘Our Red Army now needs Il-2 aircraft like the air it breathes, like the bread it eats.’ Over the course of the war, a total of between 31,000 and about 36,000 Il-2s were produced. The Il-2 was anything but advanced in its mixed wood-and-metal construction, which was relatively easy to manufacture in significant numbers using relatively unskilled workers. But for an aircraft, it was a
  22. Wood glue, I may remove the really bad one and have another go.
  23. Its been 45 years since I spent any time modelling so I thought I would start with a couple of the latest Airfix 1/72 Spitfires after all they should be quite easy, shouldn't they? I decided on a One up one Down for each of the Marks, and attempted my first open cockpit, All four are brush painted and finished with a Matte lacquer, I also used some Decal fix for the first time. I am sure I will look back on this post in many years to come and realise just how many mistakes and poor detailing I have made with these Spitfires and where I could have spent more time getting thing
  24. I have masked and painted, lets see how they turn out, im using Brush's but lets ee, i have only my phone camera at the moment, not the best, ill post pictures when i can. Steve
  25. Hi Chris, I do have Tamiya tape just looks too thick on 1/72. ill give the Klear a try tomorrow Thanks
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