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  1. Hi Bertie, very kind comments thanks. I'm certainly no modeling expert (an 18inch view distance is ideal ) but I do love the hobby
  2. IanC thanks for that info. As requested have added some more pics.
  3. Ok `ill see what i can do, looking at the weather in the south east this weekend the crew maybe carrying umbrellas
  4. Finished back in the spring (hence the daffodils in the background ) Not sure if this type of camo pattern/Zimmerit and crew uniform are historically accurate but they were all things i wanted to try out. The Zimmerit was Tamiyas self adhesive set which i could have spent more time on and made a neater job of. Paints were from MIG Ammo a set called 1939-44 German standard colours. I`m certainly no expert when it comes to figure painting but I wanted to have a go at painting the dotty type camo uniform (name anyone?) The figures came from a set from Hobby Boss which i can highly recommend. Tank camo pattern courtesy of my imagination.
  5. Great build & finish, love the cleaner look.
  6. Bravo, great model build.
  7. Yeah ,your right i should really. I have to warm up my image editing skills. Thanks for the kind comment Nikola
  8. Thanks chaps very kind comments, shame i couldn`t convince the trees to shed their leaves and look a bit more wintery
  9. I built this a year ago at the start of lockdown and thought i may as well post it, Its nice to have the addition of the figures in such dynamic poses even if my painting of them is a little clumsy.
  10. Buzby061 quite right! plus view these photos on different screens really shows the colours differently. The Poelkapelle tank really is something special though isnt it.
  11. Wow! Now that is something very special. Looks amazing!
  12. Das Abteilung, thanks very much for the info. Steben i had a google on the Poelkapelle tank, very impressive, what a great project. 06/24, got to love that H26 !
  13. Purley for interest i have added some photos of the MKv along side the Meng Whippet (real good) As mentioned before the Whippet`s main colour is Mig Ammo Moss Green.
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