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  1. Fantastic job! novel idea. beats hanging it from ceiling and risk banging your head on it! would love one of these in JUST JANE livery. but my modelling skills are in the minuses lol.
  2. thanks for info WV908. their website says under construction! and looks like they are in Canada? either way, no rush I can wait for kitsworld ones in July. model looks ok to me. but I a, not an expert!! cheers. Rj.
  3. only ones on ebay are WARBIRDS from u.s.a at £30 with post!!! but I can get from kitsworld via mobile. thanks for your help! oops, just checked OUT OF STOCK!
  4. thanks Mutley. checked there about a week ago and only had 1/48 scale. same with hannants. also tried since and kept getting this message. Cannot connect to database. Too many connections>> -even with different browsers. but it appears to work on my mobile. strange.
  5. bit late to this thread as fairly newish member. great result! anybody know where I can get 1/72 just jane decals. can only find in u.s atm. used to hsave the die cast version of this. but had to sell it. so a kit one will be lot cheaper! thanks.
  6. For me its the PHANTOM. then V-BOMBERS and some WW11 HEAVIES!!
  7. OK. I use Flickr or photobucket. So shouldn't overload server.
  8. virtually filled this cabinet below with my collection. but where do you post whole collection pictures?? thanks.
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