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  1. ahhhh I remember now. I came and picked it up. thought your name looked familiar after I posted. lol. nice to see you have done another!! you can check out my current phantom collection on Flickr. including 2 camo's done by Alistair Paice on here. just completed a third, and has started the HASAGEWA 1/48 ALCOCK + BROWN. https://www.flickr.com/photos/robertjon5/albums/with/72157661502698660
  2. GREAT job! have this one too. but got it ready made off ebay for just £61! also have a CODE 3 GEMINI FD too. original modelzone release had colours all wrong. 2017-10-30_05-11-46 by robertjon5, on Flickr 2017-10-30_05-11-42 by robertjon5, on Flickr 2017-10-30_05-11-06 by robertjon5, on Flickr
  3. looks great. I picked up this version of XV571 off ebay recently with different markings. any idea which kit it is??
  4. Thanks Alistair. great job. next 2 kits on their way tomorrow!!!
  5. thanks for update Alistair. no rush. picked up another ready built kit off ebay. an AIRFIX TORNADO .
  6. thanks for update Alistair! looks great!!!! mmm wonder if he uses the WINE GLASS more than the TEA MUG!!
  7. these are my 10 1/72 phantom kits. my 3 'V' BOMBER models 1/72. A 1/72 NIMROD. A 1/48 JR PHANTOM. And finally a 1/32 TRUMPETER F-14 TOMCAT. only £88 off fleabay!
  8. that's for ME! hoping to get 3 CAMO ones done. each with the initials of my name RJW! Only have a 1/48 FALKLANDS DEFENDER at the moment, and about 8 1/72 kit phantoms. also have 1/72 VULCAN, VICTOR, VALIANT + NIMROD models too. I collect mostly diecast, but am adding several kits as well now. here is a link to current collection. https://www.flickr.com/photos/robertjon5/albums
  9. WOW. that is Excellent work!! I have the 1/32 BBI ELITE F-4 JR. And BLACK KNIGHTS. But would really love a 1/32 BRITISH CAMO PHANTOM. like below. Could anyone do one for me????????? thanks.
  10. FIRST POST! Any updates on this guys?? Aviationmegastore has phantom on pre-order, but no date or price. will there be a CAMO option on this? as would prefer that for the price. thanks. Also could not see the Phantom on their website via the link above! Robert.
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