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  1. Well I too am hoping HB does a good job. Put the same crew that designed the A-6 and I would be a happy modeller. I have several Italeri kits and Cobra Company issued an update set to fix some of the issues. Lone Star has those moulds now so all is not lost. Hasegawa has several releases in 1/72nd and I was hoping to see that upscaled to 1/48th but the cost would be up there.
  2. Looks like a great start. I have several of the Italeri kits as they are way better than the old Revell kits. I have seen many builds on line so one more is always good to get other builder's perspectives. Cheers Chris
  3. What a great job on a difficult kit. The metal work looks wonderful and the scheme should be great. I had the EC-121 started many years ago but I just stalled with all of the trouble it was giving me. Maybe I should just pull it out and start over using your build a s a guide. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers Chris
  4. Maybe I missed it but when I saw the sprue shots did Airfix miss the window for the other double light in the starboard wing? We have a Sea Fury here in Alberta at the museum in Calgary so that is a good thing if I need to go get some detail shots. It has the two light feature.
  5. Thanks for the sprue shots, looks like a wonderful kit. So it looks like the clear parts are interesting. I assume the circular clear part is for the under wing lights but I believe there should be two, one on each side. I wonder if it depends on which Sea Fury version? I know the RCAF Sea Fury has two lights, one under each wing. I have actually been under the wing of the one here at our naval museum. As an aside there are two lights in one and a single light in the other. Cheers Chris
  6. So true . I did my Frankenfury thing and used the HC kit and the wings from the Trumpeter kit. As we all know the Trumpeter cockpit sucks. I got lucky and had a Cooper Details set to use so I was all fine there. Cheers Chris
  7. Oh that is some interesting info on Arms Corps Models. I was putting off picking up his set so now I may be out of luck? Hope not. I will have to keep an eye out for when they return, I hope. I have seen his resin set used on a Dragon Abrams and it looks great. Also, I recall seeing that Voyager is releasing an Australian Abrams update set? Maybe I am wrong and now I should go do a search. Cheers Chris
  8. Wow, nice. Looks like something out of a Sci-fi movie. I wonder if there are some camo schemes I could use on that? Probably out there but have to go looking. My local store is pretty good about getting in Takom kits so I will have to go there soon. I cannot believe all the stuff Takom is releasing. It is an armour modeller's dream.
  9. This is great news. I have been waiting on DEF Model to re-release their resin conversion of this exact vehicle but now I don't have to if this is on the way. Have not seen too much on the Rye Field Model Abrams kits so will have to go find some reviews. The Def Model kit would still need an Abrams kit so this new kit will probably save me some cash. Cheers Chris
  10. Wow very very nice. I get to see the real thing when I visit the Canadian Forces bases here at home so it sure looks like something I would see on the tarmac. Just one quick question please. Can you tell me what were the aftermarket products you mentioned? Thanks Cheers Chris
  11. I love this truck and I think Skunk Models for releasing it. I have done a Google search and the only schemes I can find are the boring olive drab ones. I did find some desert tank ones and even a mix with the cab olive drab and the tank in desert tan. The Taiwanese army also uses these trucks but they are green too. Personally I think these schemes are pretty blah so I am going to do mine in NATO tri camo. The only other think that bugs me about the kit are the tires with the lack of thread. I am even thinking of somehow doing a 3D drawing and get it done by 3D printing it. Have not started that as yet though. Cheers Chris
  12. AMK version is a D model. I will probably get both. Already have Tamiya version on previous order. Cheers Chris
  13. Dave I have Aeroguide no. 25 which is specific to the RAF Tiger Squadron Phantom. Lots of photos in both black and white and colour. As for stencils on the wing walk area there does not seem to be any and no walkway lines either. In fact the only stenciling I can see from the photos is around the cockpit with the typical ejection seat triangles and other small stencils. I was only able to see one set of crew names. On serial ZE351 "India" the crew is CAPT PARK and FL/LT. MARKS. Also on the other photos it seem that the crew names are only on the port side. I will send you message. Cheers Chris
  14. I am sure I have seen somewhere that there is an M1 Abrams in 1/48 but I think it is resin. I am looking forward to this kit when it comes into my local shop although there is the 1/35th version. Decisions, decisions. Cheers Chris
  15. Okay that is cool. Love that helicopter and I have even done some commission work for MBB but it was on their fibreglass and resin display models. Nice but not for me. I had completely forgotten that Revell issued this and neat to see a military scheme. Is that a real shot or fake (photoshopped) for the Iraqi scheme? Would certainly like to do something military. Cheers Chris
  16. Ok I am a little late to the party. I had actually seen this build when it had started and got busy so not able to come back during the build. Now I see it is over but I also noticed that most of the pictures in the posts here are gone. Is it something on my end maybe? The thread is really not that old, only a couple of months rally. Just sad that I missed a lot of the under construction stuff. Cheers Chris
  17. Really cool idea. I love what-ifs and for some reason my recent idea for my what-ifs have all been CAF or RCAF so your idea of the Mirage 2000 wearing some sort of RCAF scheme is a great one. As Giorgio has said the D or N version of the 2000 wore that grey/gren scheme. I think that if you go that way it wouldbe no different than the French aircraft and people might not veen notice until they look close and the roundels are different. Personally you could use the old CF-104 scheme with the natural metal fuselage with white wings. Now that would be different!! In a what if I think you need to really catch people's eyes and have they do a double take. Another idea might be an agressor CF-5 in one of the camo schemes they wore before going the tone downed route. Cheers Chris
  18. Well this is great news if true (from Hasegawa that is). As others have said I am in no rush to have Hobby Boss do it after seeing what they did to the P-80. However having said that, look at the wonderful job Hobby Boss did with the 1/48th A-6A. A team on that one. Getting back to Hasegawa doing it, they do have one in 1/72nd that has been around for years but I know nothing about it in regards to accuracy. I think they have been pumping that out in multiple markings for years. Hmm, Caracal Decals has several 1/48 T-33 sheets coming out. I wonder if a birdie told him something too. Whatever the final vertdict, it will be nice to have a new T-33 from Hasegawa.
  19. Thanks for the link John. I will go have a look. Managed to pick up the kit on the weekend so it's a start anyway. Cheers Chris
  20. Nice work so far. I built the Monogram kit (I think it was Monogram, it was so long ago) and I loved it. It looks like Aoshima did a fairly decent job of this kit. I really like the work you have done on the seats, nice clean work there. Cheers Chris
  21. Hey James I had that kit when it first came out and to be honest I gave it away when the Monogram kit was released. Personally it was no where as nice as the Monogram version even with all of the Monogram's kits faults. I find that the Airfix kits of that era had very soft moulding but that is just my opinion. I have seen some nice build ups of the model but mostly on line and nothing in person. As for aftermarket parts, I believe that non of the manufacturers make anything for it although I am not sure about Eduard. None of the resin cockpits are for that kit but they may fit. With Hobbyboss making a very very nice A-6A maybe we will see a nice Prowler? Cheers Chris
  22. Wow, am I ever late to the party. Joh, what a great tutorial on the B-57G. Thank goodness your pictures are still there. I will have to save this for when I start my B-57G. I don't even have any of the two kits available but I am leaning towards the Airix one since it does not cost an arm and a leg like the CA one. Plus there is one on the shelf at my LHS right now. Hmmm, better go get it before it disappears. The end result sure looks wonderful and here's hoping mine comes out half as nice. Thanks again Cheers Chris
  23. I have been collecting info on doing this conversion in 1/48 for a bit now. I forgot about the MDC set and I was going to use the Belcher Bits set since I had it for the RCN conversion. But then I noticed it was different in the rear end of the canopy. I will have to go get the MDC conversion now I think. I also bought the 1/72nd Hasegawa kit to see how they did it and to maybe scale up their parts into 1/48th. the kit was pricey since it contained resin. I have already had custom decals made for the numbers but not the flashes on the tail. Cheers Chris
  24. Graeme looks great and as you say, you can still make out the Centurion heritage. Good to see you picking this up again. DI you not have this out ot one of our meetings when you were here? Look familiar. Cheers Chris
  25. Skyhawk174

    Italeri Kifir

    In the June 2010 issue of Military Airplane International, Cyrus Tan has part 1 of an article on building an IAF Kfir C7. He used the Eagle Designs cockpit but also scratchbuilt many details. He even replaced the seat with one from True Details which is really the ex-Black Box seat. He used the Mb. Mk.10. He started with the ESCI Mirage IIIE kit. Pretty good article as it shows you what can be done with the ESCI Mirage IIIE kit and some hard work. That Italeri Kfir kit is a rebox of the original ESCI kit and I think is not worth the money if nothing was done to the original moulds. You would think that all of ESCI's Mirage kits were made by the same team but it certainly does not look so. Cheers Chris
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