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  1. When I bought those decals they were readily available. Haven't seen anything from the company in years though. I still have some of the sheet, but not to do Wicked Wabbit though- the Wog and Hun Hunter options were still there. Fascinating to hear about your grandfather. I built a p-47m for Witold Lanowski's son- he was a pilot with Zemke's Wolfpack. The above link has the set i used in stock- thunderbolts over corsica. I actually still have this model. Still like it even now
  2. Modelling isn't my job, it's my hobby. But when a magazine asks me to build them a specific subject and they will make money from me then it is still only fair they remunerate me. I spend countless hours researching every model I build as I am a detail freak- everything I build has to have the look or feel of the real item. Otherwise I wouldn't finish it, but that's me.
  3. Would you be prepared to go into your work this week and tell the boss- I'm going to work 100+ hours for you, you can make money off me and I'll do it for free. No- thought not. Why would you expect authors to be any different? I am one of these authors- I am an enthusiast also. I get some kits sent to me or different paints, but it is a lot of my own also. I spend hours away from my family, building, taking photos of every step, then sitting to write an article. I love doing it but I also paid for my work which helps ease the burden of the time spent. Are you for one second suggesting that because an author gets paid we don't put the same effort in? Poppycock. These are the only models I have time to build. When I attend shows these have my name next to them- I want them to be the best of my work. I used to post all my work here but I've moved away over the years, more to do with the actual hassle of uploading the photos, and to be honest I won't be in future due to threads like this.
  4. Gunze "acyrilics" are lacquer based in exactly the same way as Tamiya. I have been using either Mr Hobby Gloss Black or Tamiya X-1, thinned with Mr Color SLT for years, as a gloss base for alclad. I have never had an issue with reaction. I have never used it under Mr COlor lacquers, because frankly, unless you are trying to deepen the colour for shading purposes there is no need to thin thos lacquer paints- I find them almost indestructable. I use their cockpit colours a lot. Alan
  5. Wow- built this a long time ago now- almost 5 years ago. To be honest I was never happy with it- the post shading on the panel lines was far too heavy. Much happier with the 1/32 Tamiya I did after that. Really looking forward to the new Airfix kit- handled the sprues at Telford and it looks fantastic, much better than the Jeng in my opinion.
  6. Hi guys- I have just built the kit. Not bad. Instructions are terrible. There are no AGM-88 markings included. There are AGM-65 markings included but no missiles. When putting sidewinders on the wing tips there is no mention in the instructions to add the launch rails. It does build up well- the nose join is quite awkward to get done.
  7. All 4 of them are excellent. Plenty of techniques that I already use, but many more, new ones and the CORRECT way to use those techniques. Alan
  8. Just waiting for mine to arrive. Really looking forward to it. Hope mine turns out as good as this.
  9. I am not sure if you still need help on this. I had Lanny's son Krys help me with reference on my build. The upper surfaces were gloss black. Alan.
  10. Don't forget this kit is about 35 years old, Scott. One thing I do wish I had done with mine was open up the access door- my skills have become a bit more refined now than they were 5 years ago. Your engines look a decent fit- mine was horrible- I have to completely resculpt my attachment points to get it to look right.
  11. Stunning build you have there, sir.
  12. Seeing this is really making me want to finish the one I started approx 6 years ago and lies in a box in my room with just the cockpit painted. Great work.
  13. Fantastic looking Tornado, Dermot. Are you bringing it to D4 in September?
  14. Beautiful build. This kit is a pig to build, but really comes out nice if done right. You have done it right.
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