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  1. Slowly got back into this today, as the monsoon is slowly returning. As I have been playing catch with gardening, mowing and put a pad down for our 35k lt water tank. Finally the some has arrived late last week. I’m using Sovereign Colourcoats yellow, than your standard flat , Matt yellows. As a couple of books I have got can’t make up their mind. It’s a more a pale or off yellow and give it this ship operated in Nth & Baltic Seas it would’ve probably stuck out like dogs balls? A little bit of touch up tomorrow and the guns are good to go. Almost fin
  2. Oh btw, just another plain old boring painting day this afternoon on the single 20mm guns and the ships small boats and I’ll have some pictures to tomorrow.
  3. Yes I’m very impressed with those Niko guns, but the Flyhawk ones look very nice as well and knowing Flyhawk plastic being so soft I’m poo-poo scared of breaking the twin 37mm gun barrels. But I will probably assemble one in due course, but the PE sets for the 37mm & 20mm guns are out of this world and you almost need a PhD in origami to assemble them as you with the ships catapult which I have to tackle sometime this week. I’m going for an all brass mast now, as I’ve given up. The Flyhawk Boffins must be using some sort of glue that is obviously banned in the West. As it does
  4. This afternoon I attached the 4 twin 37mm guns to the Ship. Finally finished the 4 single 20mm guns and sorted out the ships small boats. I decided not to do the PE on the small boats as I didn’t feel comfortable that I would do a good enough job for these wee boaties.
  5. Today I finished off painting the twin 37mm guns. Also started on the single 20mm guns and again they a from Niko. Tomorrow’s effort will trying to attach the shoulder supports, they very similar to those found on the 20mm Oerlikon gun.
  6. Well the wee aft mast is not working, so I would love to know what the heck the boffins at Flyhawk were using to assemble this mast? I’ve started on the 4 twin 37mm guns. I’m using twin 37mm guns from Niko as I thought it might be easier to do than the Flyhawk ones that come 3 pieces. Tomorrow I’ll start on the single 20mm canons A close up of the twin 37mm gun
  7. Today was checking up yesterday’s handy work. The mast that is attached to the rear most funnel the lower yardarms are not straight, so I’m hoping when I do the rigging it should twist straight into place? The fighting top mast are looking pretty good as well, but aft mast (in the middle) which is attached to the aft superstructure is being very problematic to a point of being a pain in the backside. Plastic mast with a piece of brass rod attached to the the plastic. Hmm obviously the boffins at Flyhawk got this to work during product testing? Might give it one more
  8. Mast day this afternoon, Been slowly building the masts for the Königsberg build. I still have the aft mast to finish and the top part of the fighting top on the forward mast. Most of the mast have been primed, so once the others are finish then I will start assembling then to the build.
  9. Not a lot done this afternoon, just a lot of boring painting and some preparation work for tomorrow which is also boring. Also I made another contribution to Jamie’s retirement fund aka Sovereign Colour Coats and to find out this morning I ordered the wrong paint even though I wrote it down. So I’ll blame my meds on this lol, rest a sure it won’t affect this build atm but it may with future DKM builds.
  10. Today was an effort to get things going this afternoon. Had to take a break after the 30mins to clear my mind, but anyway I got a few things. The upper bridge was glued this afternoon and it went to plan. As I was very concerned that the fragile plastic support legs to the rear of the upper bridge would snap off or break. The mast was only meant to be a test fit as I need to put in a ladder underneath the searchlight platform, but it wouldn’t come out so it’s now in place without any glue. Everything else that was fitted to the model like the twin 88’s, the forward fu
  11. Been working on the funnels and the main mast the afternoon. I didn’t use all the PE for the funnels as the actual plastic mould looks pretty good. Assembling the mast was interesting to say the last and I realised it have been a boo-boos after had primed the mast, but it’s nothing to major. Just the yardarms and some circle thingy.
  12. Yesterday’s painting went decidedly well, with some touch ups this afternoon which allowed for some assembly. Both forward & aft superstructure are on, with the 4 Torpedo tubes. In the process of doing the stairs for both lower & upper parts of the forward superstructure. Which should have in place tomorrow afternoon and possibly the main mast as well. The other for to morning afternoon is to start in finishing the funnels and some other deck parts.
  13. A slow day on a crappie Nth’ern NT Wet Season day that was equally frustrating, but in the end a rewardingly day. Assembling the PE was hell today, superglue didn’t want to play and when did it stuck to the wrong things, PE falling apart at the wrong time and breaking the odd part along the way or disappearing for a moment. Amongst all the chaos of modelling in 1/700, I managed to actually achieve today’s goals at where I wanted to be late this afternoon with all items in the photo primed. Oh Minus the funnels and whatever is on that fame going to tomorrow’s job if all
  14. Sorry would love to help out with this, but I haven’t brought this Flyhawk Kit atm, as the wife went bonkers at my current stash and unfinished ships due to a lack of correct paint.
  15. Slow work on the superstructure today as the upper bridge had been wee tag problematic as the PE was a tag to long and the supports for the upper bridge were very fragile which is nothing unusual with Flyhawk model. But extra care is required when separating them from the spure
  16. First of apologies for the a updates to this build as the modem blew up last Sunday during one of our famous Nth’ern NT electrical storms as the cricket aka 4th Test and Agnew bloopers was more important than the Modem. Anyway, the main & secondary guns have been primed , which I managed to start painting them today and I also knocked the paint can over during the process, but managed to save some paint as well. I didn’t put the brass barrels on the twin 88’s as I was starting to chance my arm with the 3 gun turrets, a bit too much.
  17. You probably could get from Shapeways? They are very cute turrets with the brass barrels and I’m looking forward to doing the twin 88’s mounts with brass barrels.
  18. Not much happen this afternoon, as I was more interested in the on the wireless of Ian Chappell’s yarns of his cricketing, Baseball days and his time playing cricket in the Lancashire league, West Indies, UK & the Subcontinent. Plus a bit on Coaching young cricketers as the wife’s nephew is playing District Rep cricket for his age group in Sydney atm. He’s very fast right arm swing bowler with a hint of being an all- rounder, which would make him a rare species in today’s modern game. Due to a rain delay at the 4th Test in Brisvegas, well actually it was one the Sth East Quee
  19. A little bit of painting this afternoon, but real treat was having a crack at assembly the first of of 3 turrets with brass barrels. I almost came Barry Cocker twice losing the barrel mounts to the carpet monster, which would’ve been a major show stopper if I lost those two wee mounts for the barrels. I’m surprised that Flyhawk have them separate so you can have either plastic or brass barrels?
  20. Had I nice wee email from AusPost say the paints should be here by the 27th of this mth, even then they can’t guarantee that either.
  21. Old Jerry, was restricted to the then Treaty of Versailles when the 2nd Batch of Light Cruisers was launched and thence the some the novelty features this class has. But I do like M Class Cruiser which was designed to replace these ones, plus it does look like the German Naval Architects actually did do a Lessons Learnt between this Class of Ships and the M Class (Must try & find an M Class in 1/700 now for a comparison).
  22. Did a we bit of painting to realise the Flyhawk has made a slight boo boo with its paint scheme for the decks on Königsberg. They have KM03 Dunkelgrau which is a Bonze/ Black Green when in fact it’s Dark Blue Grey and it should KM06 Dunkelgrau 2. Which only happened after I had put the 1st coat of KM03 on, but I fixed this with KM06 and I thinned it out to give the main & quarter deck a worn look to it.
  23. I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to start this lovely kit from Flyhawk DKM Königsberg a Light Cruiser. This is another outstanding product from Flyhawk and being a deluxe kit it comes a extensive PE set with a instructions all most bordering on War & Peace. Some of the PE I will give a wide berth as plastic stuff is to the high standard that you get with Flyhawk, with some PE I dive in and have a crack at. Hopefully this will keep me occupied until the black paint turns up. Just got to find a half decent plan of this class, so I can have a look at rigging set up.
  24. Well not a lot was achieved today with amazing finish to the 3rd here in Sydney with the Indians almost pulling off a win, if they didn’t lose those 2 early wickets late yesterday afternoon and a early one in the first session this morning. Also I had a nasty tropical storm roll through this afternoon which upset the kids, but you wouldn’t know about it. Anyway let’s get back to talking shop. I assembled the 4 twin 4” guns, but I forgot to primed them before I headed back to the house, whoops. Almost finished the aft turret, but I managed to lose 1 of the two bins as I was trying
  25. Cheers Arnold, Probably the only good thing a this tropical vector borne disease it slow leeches out of your system unlike the more common tropical vector borne like malaria or dengue which stays in your system and it’s likely to contribute to your cause of death down track. It’s been a slow build with this one like most of the ones during the 2020 and I made have to declare stumps on this yet again sometime this week if the paint on order doesn’t arrive. The guns are not to bad from Flyhawk, compared to some of the crap in 1/700, but they do lack a bit of
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