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  1. I’m bloody hopeless with my keyboard skills either with the laptop (the wife’s one as my crap itself) or using my iPad as I do these day since finished/ being medically discharged from the RAAF in Jul last yr.
  2. Kia ora Mike, Cheers for your comments mate, are you getting your paints from Glen at Creative Models?
  3. Yeah I’m busy as a one blind arm Baghdad paper hanger atm. I’ve got the sparkie back tomorrow to do a couple of security lights and after that a quick trip the big green shed (Bunnings) for some skirting broads and a drop saw so I can do the skirt broads before I had out to bush estate at Dundee Beach as I’ve been told I have a work out there to do. The wife has said I need to be back in town on Monday for cracker night when the NT goes nuts, bonkers, crazy or just plain stupid with crackers as it makes Guy Fawkes night in NZ looks very plain and boring. I probably won’t be back finishing any Models anytime soon atm.
  4. Yes Creative Models in Sydney are the only stockists in Australia. The paints are worth the price and I’ll put them up with Flyhawk’s Model Ships and the Resin Models by Atlantic Models. Heck even Sovereign Colourcoats website is full excellent research and even Jamie replying to questions to us folk here is wee gem which you can’t get anywhere else especially where I live in Australia. I’ve only got Alan Raven’s, David Hobb’s, Norman Friedman and Neil McCarts books and few other authors who do DKM books for reference and with such good service from Jamie and Colourcoats it’s a blessing for me especially if I’m back down the rabbit hole. Enough ranting from me and I’ve included the a link to Creative Models. https://www.creativemodels.com.au/shopmastery_menu1.php?cat1=SOVEREIGN+COLOUR+COATS
  5. I’m back in Darwin atm, but the last two weeks I’ve been a little busy catching up deferred maintenance around the house, as result all of my ships are stuck on the shipway for the time being. As I’m been fitting out the Tp SGT’s office inside my Tank Hanger, I’m finally glad it’s getting finished with power connected last week and the wife and I have laid the carpet down this weekend. The model of “HMS Aurora” prior to packing up at the hospital for the trip home. The current s**t fight atm as I’m unable to display my diecast collection of planes, tanks and Britain soldiers or watch the giggle box or do ang research for the next project etc.
  6. A few pictures of the “HMS Aurora” build with the second L Class in the background.
  7. Here some better photos of the “HMAS Vendetta” build before I hand her over the to Xavier Ward for safekeeping and display during Veterans Week etc.
  8. I probably do a few more before I head back to Darwin this coming Saturday.
  9. Cheers lad’s, it’s been an interesting build along the way and it’s given a few ideas for a couple whiff builds. But I would like to do another one with railings and the catwalk or pre 1970’s with all the trimmings.
  10. Well the “HMAS Vendetta” build is finally finished and I only lost decal, a very small Pennant number down around the stern. Dammed the convicts for adopting the US Navy pennant number system unlike the Kiwis who still used the proper numbering system aka the RN for Commonwealth Navies. Paints used were, Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (light Grey), Humbrol Acrylic Spray Grey 64 both were in a rattle can. Humbrol Emamel Matt Black, Matt White and Humbrol Acrylic 64 which I think I’ll throw out in the end. Sovereign Colourcoats RN16 (old stock). Aftermaket parts from Shapeways in form of the 4.5” turrets, the two twin 40mm Bofors and two single 40mm Bofors. Ladders were pinched from my two Flyhawk L Class Destroyer builds. A few little school boy errors during the build, but overall a very enjoyable build in the end. But the real joy of this build was having a few old boys from the pirates who served on one of the 4 Darings retelling a few dits, and during Vendetta’s time on the gun line during the Vietnam with USN and the technical side of the Darings in the RAN. Would like to have added railings and the catwalk between fw’d and aft superstructures. Here’s the history of the build for those who haven’t been following it.
  11. Well the “HMAS Vendetta” build is finally finished and I only lost decal, a very small Pennant number down around the stern. Dammed the convicts for adopting the US Navy pennant number system unlike the Kiwis who still used the proper numbering system aka the RN for Commonwealth Navies.
  12. About 2 furloughs to go now, just some touch up painting, glue B turret in place and decals which might be a challenge and again a first for me in this scale.
  13. Well I’m almost turning into the home straight with the “HMAS Vendetta” build. I’ve in counted a few problems with this build. 1, the tubs for the twin 40mm Bofors are small. I didn’t bring any extra tools or with me for this trip. 2, No brass for the catwalk between the Fw’d superstructure and aft superstructure. 3, I think the two motor launchers are a little bit over scale? 4, the mast is not straight due to the fw’d radar is not centred and this did give me a problems at assembling it. Over this build has been enjoyable, considering the instructions were a little on the basic side. I think if I’m back in Sydney next time I’ll try and pop down to her sister ship HMAS Vampire to do some measurements and take some photos for future reference.
  14. Well my Shapeways package turned up at the start of the week. The turrets for the twin 4.5” gun looked the part and as did the single 40mm Bofors. The twin 40mm Bofors were very fragile and were hard to get out if of the plastic case without damaging them, and I think out of the 12 I had? I had 3 undamaged which were reduced to 2 by the end of today.
  15. This afternoon I did a wee bit of work on the “HMS Aurora” build, doing mainly the bridge and a little bit the superstructure area where the would go. Anyway I might show you these to pictures, of just how Flyhawk Kits are the bee’s knees atm and just to prove they are human after all. The first pic is that, I decided to replace the plastic ladder with a PE, but wee gap where the PE ladder goes is just a tag wee small for it. So I had to enlarge it and I sort of got a little carried away, but anyway after a couple of attempts got the ladder in after I had glued the bridge to the tower thingy. As you can see in picture 2 just how smart that little brass ladder looks on the bridge and I’m thinking I’ll leave it unpainted for this build (give the defaulters or young YO’s something to polish) as it looks so cool and refreshing at the detail that Flyhawk is trying to achieve with its brand of model ships in 1/700.
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