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  1. Well I’ve a tab busy getting the garden beds organised, but I’ve managed to get a few hrs in the afternoon to do the aft mast for the HMS Aurora build. Unfortunately I had a few issues as the antenna fell apart just I was to about to glue it altogether & thence it’s a bit messy. The aft mast painted this afternoon and I probably won’t touch the again for a few days or sometime next as I’m getting my 1st jab tomorrow and I’m normally out bush this week as it’s my Comsuper Pension week today. https://flic.kr/p/2mbfGGw
  2. The correct pictures are uploaded & bit of a bugger with the English Football, was hoping they would win. Oh well better luck nexts time. The new manger must do right at last with this team unlike many others that have gone before.
  3. So sorry folks, I’ve uploaded the worry bloody photo’s tonight. I’ll fix this cock up tomorrow morning. Anyway go the Italians as disappears under smokescreen for the tradesmen entrance. Here’s a link to my Twitter page
  4. Well after 4 afternoons the fore mast is finally finished. Now I’m too bloody scared to touch it, let alone paint it now.
  5. A wee bit of an update at where I’m at with Aurora build. The Fore Mast is coming along quite nicely atm, the length is a tad too long, but since I got this far I can’t be stuff fixing it. And who’s going to know outside of the purist? Coming to a decision point, do I paint the mast & install it or do I go the whole hog & put the Radar Antenna, then paint & install? I really don’t want to push my luck atm.
  6. Started to build the two masts this afternoon & I decided not push it any further as they look almost prefect.
  7. Well this build is the next one on the list for completion. The forward funnel was glued and I did the measurements for the forward mast as the plastic one is way to soft. The gibberish on the paper are the measurements for the forward mast. That I will start to construct tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Finally finished this build this afternoon. Had a few issues with the top antenna, but that was it.
  9. Whoops sorry about that Alan, the Internet since the Darwin Lockdown has been like watching grass grow in the Nth’ern NT Dry Season bloody painful to say the least.
  10. Well I’m getting closer to finally finishing this build off, was hoping to have the decals on this afternoon. But it didn’t exactly go to plan as the rigging took most of the after to do and slowly put the various parts that fell off over the last few days back on etc.
  11. This is what I used for the rigging, I’ve tried some other stuff and I didn’t like. But I see others swear by it when the use it for their rigging.
  12. The aft mast was glued on this afternoon after the some additional rigging was attached courtesy of one of Norman Friedman books. The 1st of the antenna wires between the aft & the main mast was attached. But unfortunately a few parts were broken as well & lucky I’ve got some spares.
  13. Well not much to offer today, but 2hrs of work on the main mast incl rigging with a smashing headache at the end of it.
  14. HMS Hermes is almost finished apart from her Air Group, I’ve pull this wee L Class Destroyer out a couple of days ago. The main mast isn’t glued atm, as it’s not setting properly in it’s correct position. Yesterdays afternoon work, with gluing the railing. This afternoons work, until the main mast give me the shits. https://flic.kr/p/2m8SVG1
  15. Are doing old Faithful F421 on her final Operational Deployment during INTERFET 99-00? When she found 2 TNI Subs, 1st Sub when the NZBatt1 did their over the beach landing in Suai. Which was the 1st time the NZDF had conducted a over the beach landing since 3NZ Div (my NZ Great Uncle was on 3 NZDiv) in the Solly’s in WW2 and it showed as the NZBatt1 landing went tits up. Had the TNI decided to mark a bit of a stand, it could got a tad ugly for the Kiwis. The 2nd Sub find was just off Dili between Dili harbour & the big island I’ve forgot the name off atm, which really put the cat amongst the pigeons not only with us defending the main Airport. But the also INTERFET’s very vulnerable Sea Lanes of Communications between Dili & Darwin, to a point the old plans for the proposed RNZAF A4 deployment to Bacau Airport, for a possible P3 Orion deployment from NZ & Oz if the TNI Subs kept up its shenanigans. But old F421 was rather like old SGT Miller’s suitcase as the F421, had a few tricks without using lethal deadly force which they could’ve used under the INTERFET ROE.
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