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  1. I have now completed the railings on both sides of this build and today I’ve filed and, sanded back the horrible seam line on both sides of the flight deck. The next plan of attack is to decide weather I shall remove one of traps and replace it with some black cotton , but need to find how thick the cable is if I’m going to go ahead with this little idea. I’ve still have some other stuff to do like fixing up the two forward pom-pom positions and rise the edge of the flight deck just a wee tad.
  2. I need help to work out what colour goes where, as the paint diagram shown is in different shades of blue.
  3. Cheers Beefy, I was swearing my head off like I was back on the parade ground as a DI, back in the days when you could before every little darling has become too PC and now can’t take a joke. its been an interesting and slow build so far and it’s going get more interesting if I can make it without tripping myself up in the process and not launching it across the man cave if I stuff up.
  4. Cheers Lads, I knew this place was a font of knowledge to the dark arts of model ship building. I’ve been using a stereoscope glass which I nicked from work many moons ago, which may indicate a possible 2 strand railing in one picture but the atm I’m starting to go cross eyed. To the point I’ve purchased another book on Lusty’s sister ship on Vicky and now looking at another book mentioned by Bulge, but book reviews aren’t flash especially after brought a C K Brown book of a series of 3 books which condensed the ships drawings so much that they are almost unreadable.
  5. Kia Ora Crisp, I’m wondering if would know the paint scheme for these wee boatie floatie thingy’s? As I’ve decided to up another notch in detail for wee Illustrious Class Carrier build since I now know what type railing was use around those wee boatie floatie thingy’s and pension (ComSuper) day today so I’m to Shapeways for a bit of a spend up for new boatie floatie thingy’s. Cheers, ExF.
  6. Ah ha, I’ve just found the pictures that I’m after for Illustrious Class build and they 3strand railings and the other problem I now have is that I’m running out of the 3 strand railings because of all the chopping I’m doing on the Illustrious build. Thank you for posting these pictures.
  7. I was hoping that a few Jackie’s (Navy Officers) from the FAA, while knocking back a few pink gins in wardroom discussing the merits of the angled landing deck idea while the a playing mess game of “Carrier Deck Landings” while bobbing about in their tin can etc. But a lass it’s all post war. Yes I’ve seen some pictures of Vicky during her rebuild post war, in one case almost down to the water line from memory and talk about some serious coin being tipped in Vicky when it might’ve wise to build a couple of new carriers instead I’ve thinking at buying David Hobbs, book on Vicky https://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Aircraft-Carrier-Victorious-David-Hobbs/9781526737342 but I’m not sure if it’s worth it? But in saying that I’m struggling to find some further information on the type of railings around the 4.5 guns, on the flight deck as I’ve noticed the edging is slightly rise in some places and there is some sort of railing around the small boat area, but detail isn’t clear when I enlarge the picture or photo.
  8. Hi Jeff, I’m more likely to stay with a straight deck as an angle deck involves a lot work, as I’m currently a one eyed pirate atm due to an injury from yesterday morning (yes I was wearing my ballistic eyewear glasses). Angled deck on a WW2 Carrier during the war does raise some interesting questions especially for those armoured carriers of the RN as they lacked numbers IRT to aircraft when you compare them to the US and IJN carriers. As you can increase the deck park for additional A/C and possible concurrent Air Ops aka recovery, launching and CAP duties when the bulk of the FAA fighters at one stage were short range Hurricanes and Spits. Might ask the Hood over at SecretProjects.com if the RN did consider angle deck for its wartime carriers as I don’t seem to have came across in reference in my library with D. K Brown or N Friedman books etc.
  9. The one fw’d were a real **** is a bit of an understatement and thankfully I have my shed plus man cave so I can swear to my heats content when I have a Houston moment. Which I had a few today during 2hrs on the build and it started to do my head in, but could’ve been the 38.7 degree heat with 50+ humidity at half one as well after 3hrs on the post hole auger this morning.
  10. Oh goodie, at least 20 ships in 1/700 for me buy, but a back log to build or waiting to be completed and that Oz DVA has cut my DVA by 25% because I come under the MRCA 2004act are both show stoppers atm as I will be denied any funding pathways from the Ministry of Finance/ Exchequer or Treasury. It kinder feels like being back at work with the firm, aka yes you can have but there is no funding in the budget as some one else needs the money and you lot are not a vote winner for punters on civie st.
  11. A wee bit of an update from my last post on this build. The port side railings have now been completed and you can from where I started from the pointy end of the ship it’s rough as guts, but improved is I better. The Starboarded side is almost complete and I’m in two minds weather to start the doing the jolly boats/ motor launches and add yet railings or start on the flight deck. Anyway speaking of railings and the flight deck. Does anyone know what type of railings was use around the jolly boats/ motor launches, was it the three to two strand railings? After finishing section of railings today, I was fluffing around with the idea of adding a 5 or 10 degree angle deck in its WW2 setup ? But that might upset the purists a tad. As the flight deck needs a fair bit of work done to it to bring it up to a reasonable standard.
  12. Hi Graham, The aftermarket parts I’m using for this build is a Illustrious Class Weapons set from 3D models, PE from Toms Model Works, Carly Floats from Shapeways where I get round to ordering them, but I’m unsure what Aircraft I will have atm and anyway that’s a bit further down the track. As this build so far reminds me of my uncle teaching me how to restore one his vintage BSA’s motorcycles with all the filing and sanding so far along with manufacturing parts for this build. I enjoyed building the Flyhawk kits, I also have the same issues as you with their PE and I do think Flyhawk’s PE brass is a little on the soft side as well.
  13. Hi Geoff, I’m in the same boat as it’s been a long break between innings since I was back in the Motherland and I was meant to be there last yr with my parents and mums brother if I hadn’t been medically discharged from the RAAF. Especially after Mum has discovered my great granny from NZ grandma side whose uncle was one Mr A Bevan (please note I would be hard press to vote Labour in UK, OZ or NZ atm) as I would’ve like to visit Wales and the Mildlands along with few detours. Yes Illustrious Class has some graceful and purposeful lines which did show its true colours at times during the war either the Med or later in the Pacific where any Yank Carrier took the same punishment would’ve been out of action for 3- 6 mths or more. My favourite Carrier of WW2 is the HMS Ark Royal from a technical and design POV and I would’ve like to have seen a few more built along with the first 4 Armoured Carriers of the Illustrious Class. But I do have a soft spot for Courageous-class aircraft carriers as well. Thanks for those kind words, I was keen to do some advanced modelling techniques and some experiments and model fitted the bill quite nicely.
  14. Yeah mate, it’s good to be back modelling again as it’s been one heck of a crazy dry/ fire season here in the Northern part of the NT and it got a wee bit to close for comfort one week at both of our properties as we both had a wind change at the right moment. The one out bush I rack up over 103hrs duty during the week driving the tanker as my usual truck was U/S at the time, anyway I’ll post some photos of that crazy week. I was a bit a piddle off of not ordering more paint especially 507c when I had the chance as I would prefer to finish off the existing builds and my other backup builds I didn’t have a razor saw as I have two DKM battlecruiser hulls ready to go. Especially after Jamie has shown the way to attach brass barrels which I was keen to tackle for this first half of the wet season.
  15. Sanded back the modelling bog around the stern on Saturday and it has come up not to bad I must say. But I still don’t think I’ve got the stern right going by a number of photos I’m using for reference. So close a enough is good for me with this build. Started to add the railings on Saturday afternoon, but I had to re-do the bow railings i did on Friday afternoon as I had installed them wrong as I had funny feeling at the time they were wrong and it was confirmed after I had stumbled across a website full of photos of RN/ Commonwealth Navy Ships. These railings sure were a right **** to install and out of the five I only got one right and that was the last one after a two hr battle. I installed two set of railings at the stern and one just behind the forward 4.5in guns on the port side with no problems.
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