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  1. Hi guys, my last project is F-104G Starfighter from Eduard limited edition. A very enjoyable work with no problems. I painted with my own blends of green and brown, mostly Tamiya and Gunze. Small details in cockpit with Vallejo. Eduard included a resin ejection seat, masks, PE parts and very good Cartograf decals (stencils prinded by Eduard). I added a pitot tube from Master. I made wash and weathering with artist oil paints.
  2. @twinpin, I always have a problem with light gull gray. The dedicated color of Gunze H315 is a bit too bright for me. Same with FS16440 from AK RC. After a few tries, I put the Tamiya XF-20 color first, and then the heavily diluted Tamiya XF-80 color. I also saw a few times that the color of Gunze H325 is quite interesting. I find it quite convincing and looking at the period photos the color is quite well reproduced. I think that in the future, for the same painting of USAF planes, I will use these colors.
  3. Hasegawa made the front canopy from two parts. The problem was that when you tried to glue them together, the canopy did not match the rest. In fact, the problem was very easy to fix, but the model was made for the client and the client wanted the canopy to be stuck like that.. I have to say that the cockpit was the biggest problem because it is very poor in details - especially the display (only decals). I managed to bring out small imitations of buttons using a dry brush, but I also managed to get a few Eduard photo etched parts,that diversified the cockpit.
  4. Hi, the first model completed in 2021. A well-known Prowler kit from Hasegawa. Old model, but easy to build. Main camouflage painted with Gunze and TAmiya paints. Moreover, AK RK, AK Xtreme meal, details painted with Vallejo paints. I added Aires ejection seat, the decals are Microscale.
  5. Thanks guys for positive reactions!
  6. Hi, I am presenting my last completed model. This is F-22 Raptor from Academy in 1/72 scale. Model painted with Tamiya, Gunze, AK Xtreme metalm MRP int paints and Vellejo and Model master with brush. A very enjoyable work, I didn't have much trouble.
  7. @Lightningboy2000, first, thank you for positive reaction. Canopy seam has been removed without issue. In addition, this element was still soaked with the AK Gauzy Agent. Too bad it is not possible to build with an open cockpit, because the details are very good. I was building this model for the second time so I knew what the problems were. I think the paint FS36118 from AK RC looks very good.
  8. Hi! A few days ago I finished the F-15E from the Academy. Easy construction, very good detail. I just changed the nozzles to Aires. Main color painted FS36118 from AK RC. I also used Tamiya, Gunze, Vallejo and AK Xtreme metal paints.
  9. Hi! Little fast project on the side. Completly no problem build - 100% OOB. Model was painted with AK RC, Tamiya and Gunze paints, small details with Vallejo and Model Master. Weathering I made with oil paints for artists.
  10. You're right, gray is too light, I think. I built the main layer of color with various shades of gray, and the last color was Gunze H305 (Hasegawa also gives this color in the instructions). I could use FS36118 from AK Real Colors, because it is darker than Gunze, or I can make my own color mix.
  11. You interested me in this fact. I didn't know about it and I didn't see such information anywhere.
  12. Hi. I present my completed last project. This is the well-known Hasegawa A-7D Corsair II kit. I enriched the kit with resin undercarriage covers from Quickboost, Aires resin ejection seat and set A Aircraft Weapons from Hasegawa. Model paintes mostly with Gunze and Tamiya paints, small details from Vellejo and Model Master. Weathering made with oil paints for artists.
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