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  1. First attempt with the AK putty went well... very light paste, goes down well I found, and the old nail polish remover trick works just as it does with the Tamiya stuff. Getting the intakes assembled was no small task, but I've got to say that once they're all built up they definitely look the part. Hopefully nothing goes wrong when I'm trying to mask them much later in the build.
  2. Starting the intakes this evening... I've only ever used putty a couple of times, never with much success. This AK tube is brand new though, previously I'd worked with Tamiya. We shall see if it goes any better. Still debating the paint scheme... (haven't made any irreversible cuts or holes yet). Originally I'd planned on this Victor being one of a few Falkland themed builds I'd eventually complete. Then I thought "do I really want two massive builds on my shelf, both with very similar colors?" A Victor and Vulcan, both in variations Dark Green and Sea
  3. Yeah the cut/don't cut instructions are reversed, right? Cut refers to 104, but 104 is raised and 105 is dropped.
  4. Pieced together the MLG before supper... moving onto Step 26, and it's time to decide: Flaps up, or down? (I'm also still debating whether or not I'll show the airbrakes deployed. It would be a shame to leave such a nicely crafted bit of Airfix's work all hidden, even though posing them open is more work, especially to mask/paint.) What would be a more typical state for a Victor on the apron? I will say that the instructions for the state of the flaps aren't entirely clear.
  5. Theoretically it will only be an issue when it's raining.
  6. I saw a Youtube vid of that technique just a week or two back... I will be trying it. I think it'll be effective delineating the steps, cockpit floor around the seats, etc. I'll brush some into the landing gear wells also and see how it flows there.
  7. I'll need to do something, yeah... the yellow in particular needs added depth. Also, after taking the photo and posting I see that I can add a lot more scuffing and scratching with the AK pencils. It looks great up close on the workbench, but at a "normal" viewing distance the effect isn't noticed.
  8. The paint job on the body looks fantastic. (One small note: I could be wrong, but it looks to me like your tires are mounted backwards... as in, the unidirectional tread is reversed.)
  9. Made just a bit of progress over the weekend. (Rivet counters avert your eyes now!) I decided to deviate just a bit from the instruction paint call-outs, and even from the references I'd found online. I painted some of the cockpit flooring grey instead of black, primarily because I want the (very) limited view of the cockpit to have some variation... otherwise looking in through the windscreen would just be two patches of yellow in a sea of flat black. I also tried using my AK weathering pencils for the first time, adding some aluminum scuffi
  10. I was having a hard time getting a clear image in my head what the colors should be, particularly for the aft part of the cockpit... and despite this being practically unviewable once the model goes together I wanted to get it all somewhat close back there. Finding image facing forward is relatively easy... aft, not so much. I did stumble across this though: Four British V-Bomber Cockpits Up For Sale All the color references I could need!
  11. Just got everything out of the box for the pre-wash... my usual little bin for soaking the plastic in dish soap would not fit but the four smallest sprues in this kit. "Honey, would you mind if I used the bath-tub for a bit?" I've got some masking and detail bits to paint on my other project, so while paint dries the Victor will be getting initial assemblies started.
  12. A few more details and a video viewable by people outside the UK: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40289/watch-this-cv-22-ospreys-rotor-downwash-absolutely-demolish-a-hospitals-helipad
  13. @Adam Poultney I don't know if the international shipping costs would kill the deal for you, but the shop I ordered mine from here in Canada (LINK) has the kit on sale at a 40% discount right now. The exchange rate puts it under £35. I didn't even really have any intent to buy the kit, but the deal was way too good to pass up.
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