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  1. I have another question for my 2-pounder project, for those who may be able to help. I have the set of shells and spent casings from RB Models. I had intended to just use the spent casings, but the loaded shells themselves are so nicely-done it seems a shame to not use them as well. But my attempts to get a look at the colors of the shells (whether there were any steel bands on them, etc.) has turned up next to nothing. I tried a variety of Google queries but all I got were 17-pounder and 25-pounder examples. Any idea whether the rounds were just satin-ish black, or if there were any bands/stripes on them? Thanks in advance, Randy
  2. After my previous post last night, I looked a little deeper into my database (with a less-stringent query) and found that I have a second magazine issue with an article that I need for my 2-pounder project. Problem is, it's in a magazine I quit buying, and gave away all my issues a while back. And of course, now I need one particular issue... So, does anyone have the volume 7, issue 1 of Military Modelcraft International, by chance? I'm not sure exactly what month that is, since I stored vol/issue number in my DB instead of month/year. I *think* that it is either September or October of 2002. I only need the article on the build of the Sovereign 2000 kit of the Ordnance QF 2-pounder gun. Thanks for any aid on this. Pointers to the correct issue on eBay are fine, as well. If I knew the proper issue, I'd be looking for it there anyway... Randy
  3. Thanks for that! It turns out that my database DOES have a second entry in it for a magazine article about the Sovereign 2-pounder. Only it turns out to be a magazine that I got rid of some years back >_<. At least I now know what my second post here will be...
  4. (I guess this is as good of a choice for "first post" as any other idea I might have had...) Greetings all, I had thought I remembered seeing an article years ago where someone had built the Sovereign 2000 2-pounder gun in a Caunter scheme pattern. But I went through my database of references, and I only have one article of someone doing that kit; Steve Zaloga built it in a 2002 Military Modelling issue. And, alas, he did his in a straightforward desert tan scheme. Did I just imagine having seen this at all? None of my Google-fu has been able to turn up any photos of the gun in that scheme. I'd love to do it, for something kind of different than my usually artillery projects. But I prefer to feel at least a little certain that it's legitimate! Thanks in advance for any help/advice... -Randy
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