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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates, been a busy month and a holiday to attend. Pretty much every thing built now, just the lights to go on at the front. Some dry brush scratches around the edges, some more to do on the lower hull. Probably gloss coat next and then decals. A few errors, the desert color seemed to scratch easily after airbrushing and putting the turret on has scratched the hull. I rushed a few paint details when painting with a smaller brush and made a few errors.
  2. Thanks, luckily my last AFV didn't have any wheels lol. Well ok it had 2 at the back, Brush painted Airfix WWI Female Tank, that was my 3rd AFV complete.
  3. Bit of progress over the past few days. Decided to go with Desert Yellow, won't be too much weathering, mostly dust. Got the wheels together and a test fit on the hull. Also assembled the turret and drilled a hole in the exhaust. I then airbrush Vallejo Desert Yellow 90.977 over the hull, exhaust and turret. Still learning how to airbrush and get the right consistency of paint to thinner, Got the wheels painted with Vallejo Desert Yellow 70.977 and gave the guns a coat of Revell Anthrazit 36109
  4. Struggling to find good reference pictures of either the F or G version, but will probably just do a straight panzer grey or desert colour. I'm no expert in paint scheme's or markings, It'll probably be either panzer grey or north africa. Might actually go with this one again in the future just for practice.
  5. Glued some card on the inside to cover the holes where the switch and motor stuff used to go. Filled in the holes with some perfect plastic putty. And sanded them smooth. Put the hooks on, I know they have a name but my minds blank. Got the back onto the hull Next will be wheels.
  6. For some thing that was made in the 70's it holds up very well. I bought Revell's Admiral Hipper and instantly regretted it when I opened the box, awful awful kit, now I do my research when it comes to buying a kit. Not going to stress too much about it, I'm still learning and trying techniques out. Had this in my stash for many months and it's my first 1:35 scale, it's also going to be my first with an airbrush so it could go all wrong lol
  7. This is my first time showing a build here, but some thing I'm interested in doing more of. And to test the waters I've got a simple easy kit to start with, at least I hope it will be easy. It's going to be straight out of the box to keep it simple and will probably have mistakes as I know nothing about historical accuracy and the paint job will probably be all wrong lol. I don't plan on painting the crew for this build, but that may change later on. Pictures of the box, spures, decals, etc are behind the spoiler.
  8. I didn't even know there was a museum in Donny lol so thank you for that. Is there a website with information about the club? I'm actually just off Junction 31. Didn't realise there were any actually, do you have any information about The Sheffield Modellers Group?
  9. Hello all, Been stalking the forums for about 3 months and it's now time to say hello. I don't really remember making kits when I was young lad, although I have recollections of a Harrier, a Red Arrow and some kind of helicopter. Could be my mind playing tricks on me though. Fast forward to when I was about 24-25 and I bought what I think was Missouri(No idea what the make was), whilst on holiday in Spain, some months later I also purchased Revell's USS Wasp class. Never did complete either of those, both of which ended up in the bin half built. I'm now 40 and about 6 months
  10. Hi, I wonder if any one could help me locate where this glue(Huayunianji) has come from. About 6 plus months ago I stupidly threw away a couple of ship kits I had (one of them being the Revell Assault Wasp Class), thinking I would never get back into the hobby as my personal circumstances had changed quite a bit. And oh look I've got back into it . The other kit was a battle ship which I'm pretty sure was from WWII and I think was purchased whilst on holiday in Spain some where around 2001, however my memory is a little hazy and I could be wrong on that. I've I had to guess what
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