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  1. I've seen lego used for reinforcing and things like blast pens Then faced with plasticard
  2. https://www.hattons.co.uk/7266/hornby_r660_elevated_sidewalls_1220mm_length_/stockdetail.aspx These might be handy as roof girders for hangars etc
  3. This is a good source for useful bits and pieces https://anyscalemodels.com/shop/wargames/vehicles-1-72-or-20mm.html Another useful site particularly for the blast pens http://www.amera.co.uk/ Plastruct and textured plasticard https://www.ema-models.co.uk/index.php/
  4. Has anyone got any photos of this Diorama . I went to RAF museum at Hendon to get some pics and apparently it has been disassembled Was hoping to use it for inspiration for airfield construction scene
  5. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/artilleriefahrprahm-typ-d3-b35225996e2c41258001ec464ae90ce4
  6. Mostly by truck then ? So big Motor Pool or Lorry Park , some kind of Motor Transport infrastructure .
  7. That's amazing @Mancunian airman What's the big wall in the centre . Some kind of firing range ?
  8. I didn't know that , but their old stuff is on ebay as I just bought some Didn't realise about the ambulance and the refueller Interesting
  9. I'd try the Dapol building range for affordable kit bash fodder for buildings also kits of railway engines and stock If it's a non functioning railway try spares and repairs lots on ebay for wagons Amera for things like dispersals and Blister hangar Get some concrete effect paint for runways etc. Got mine from our local B&Q I'd try Zvezda for reasonably priced Bofors Plastic soldier company for armour and CMP trucks Also Lledo diecast for RAF vehicles you can weather them , they have a few sets of three vehicles which are good value Also the various airfix sets Anyscalemodels for diorama accessories , workshops , sandbags etc I think fujimi so a checkpoint For details look at various model railway suppliers , dustbin, chimneys, post boxes etc , fencing etc.
  10. Very true , there are a couple that isnt an issue like the Italian armoured truck but I do like there diorama stuff
  11. New lease of life - Leaving Winter Quarters 1960 ish
  12. I found some concrete effect spray paint in my local DIY store which does the trick . I've been using thin plasticard sprayed with it then cut to shape to suggest the separate concrete blocks in a taxi way
  13. Here's something that might be handy https://anyscalemodels.com/shop/railways/laffly-w15-french-armoured-car.html The site has tons of other handy diorama stuff too
  14. Thank you , it was for a group build in 1 week for another site . I do like the style too shame Architects can't revive it nowadays
  15. My efforts at creating some Art Deco style buildings for the buses to hang around
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