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  1. https://cdn01.hobbyphotohost.com/p?i=96d223f024304d1e4ecdf5929a551bec
  2. So I decided to run with Badder's idea and use Polyfilla
  3. smear it on plasticard then find something to make the impression of the wooden forms ?
  4. Just want to reccomend Wills Craftsmen kits . They contain material and templates to make the building on the box . However because it's not all pre cut out you can use it for scrstchbuilding and may be cheaper than buying materials separately
  5. one of the sheds is a shed the other is the oblong pillbox from the Airfix gun emplacement disguised as a shed
  6. Not decided on location . The Battery is based on a German one on the Atlantic Wall . So currently it is " somewhere in Europe " Will probably narrow it down as it progresses.
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