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  1. Like Kiwidave4, I don't like a Honda (Ducati/Norton man) and I don't like the contemporary styling. At least it doesn't have knobbly tyres! - BUT a beautiful model and fantastic photography. I'd love to see some close up detail shots. I've only ever made one 1/6th scale bike, the BMW R90S, an 18th birthday present in 1976!
  2. Glad you enjoyed the build. I'm a Ducati fan - I'm lucky to have 5 real ones of from new to 45 years old. Can I point out one thing? The clip-on handlebars are back to front, look at the angle on the box top. I hope they are not too solidly glued to rectify.
  3. The new book from Wingleader, "Supermarine Spitfire Mk I" in the Photo Archive series has a picture on page 28 of this Spit with the elevators horizontal. A pilot is in it, whether this makes a difference, I don't know.
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