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  1. The box art for the polish T55 is very African. Camo colour on tank looks Rhodesian. What painting guides are included with the kit?
  2. Great photos. I went for first time in a very long while a few months ago. An excellent museum to visit but I too missed out on the restoration hall. Plan to go again very soon.
  3. Excellent paint job. I have a Rooikat ready to go but my airbrush skills are not up to your standards. Very nice. I have also built the Takom Rhino but took the easy way out and painted it overall brown.
  4. It takes very little to convert the excellent Takom AML90 into an Eland 90 Mk5 (AML built under license in South Africa) as used in the Rhodesian War. The kit depicts and AML90 Mk7, basically the same as the Eland but the rear engine deck is very different on the Eland Mk5. The rear engine deck needs to be lifted by adding a strip of plastic card to make the engine bay deeper. Then louvred vents need to be added to top deck and rear. For the main body there are only minor other modifications needed. Including the addition of a jerry can and holder on side door (included in kit as it is used for the AML60) in place of spare wheel - not pictured. A second row of wheel nuts has been added to wheel rims and new tyres fitted. The tyres are Mirror Models Dunlop Trak Grip 10.5x16. Tread is correct but I am not sure about the size, they seem a little thin. Picture shows kit tyres next to Mirror Models tyres. Now for the turret. Supplied antenna mounts are not fitted and two new ones added to LHS front and RHS rear. Spare wheel is mounted on the turret roof so the air intake needs moving to front between the hatch covers and behind the new 30 cal mount. Coax mounted mg also needs to be changed to a 30 cal. Ammo box holder is also scratch built. So far so good. Now to painting.
  5. Hi Silenoz. No thread yet but I am keeping a record of build and will post shortly. I have had a long delay between starting and getting to the painting stage so have held off posting.
  6. Looks good. Will follow this with interest. I am in the process of converting this kit to a South African Eland 90 and have stalled. This will give me the kick I need to finish.
  7. A couple of nice looking vehicles there. Well done.
  8. A great job. Especially the cam net. Well done.
  9. Looks like a nice little kit. Looking forward to see the build.
  10. Thanks Wagtail. However I was one of the guys that fixed what you gunners broke. I was REME but spent all my time in serving with Arty regiments (LADs and Wksps). Will try to get some more photos up soon.
  11. Below some of the individual units. First the Indicator Azimuth and Range Next is the Wankel generator (unpainted) The antenna. The eletronics/generator tray. Coming all together now. And finally. Complete. Now to base it and then I will try to get some more photos showing the inside.
  12. Thanks Combat. I will have a look at igur later. In the meantime it looks like I have been able to embed pics from Flikr. Seems a bit cumbersome getting rid of extra code though. OK. So to the model. Pic below shows the inside of the 432, This was done frommemory so may not be absolutely correct. On RHS you can see the rack for spare electronic unit and generator (only electronic box fitted here. In front is the table hold the radar controllers ( Indicator Azimuth and Range) Rest of lower inside as per kit. Next is the radar mount and hydraulic rams; Legs are the levelling rams to level cymbeline. More to follow shortly.
  13. Bear with me on this. I am new to the forum and not absolutely sure how to post photos. I have taken a link from my Onedrive to see what will happen. I had wanted to build a Cymbeline Mk2 mounted on a 432 for sime time now based on one I worked on from 49 Regt RA based in Hohne in the late 70s. I Used the Accurate Armour 432 (Takom not available then) as the base. I also had some old photos of 432s on Hohne ranges for reference. Now to post and see if it works. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AruyPVncQ9SZh74tm3VeKwTjjpO_WQ
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